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POP Series 3

List of the 17 cards in the expansion POP Series 3
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1 Blastoise Water  Rare  search / buy
7 Combusken Fire  Uncommon  search / buy
12 Ditto Psychic  Common  search / buy
8 Donphan Fighting  Uncommon  search / buy
13 Eevee Colorless  Common  search / buy
2 Flareon Fire  Rare  search / buy
9 Forretress Grass  Uncommon  search / buy
10 High Pressure System Trainer  Uncommon  search / buy
17 Ho-oh ex Fire  Ultra Rare  search / buy
14 Ivysaur Grass  Common  search / buy
3 Jolteon Lightning  Rare  search / buy
11 Low Pressure System Trainer  Uncommon  search / buy
15 Marshtomp Fighting  Common  search / buy
4 Minun Lightning  Rare  search / buy
16 Pichu Bros. Lightning  Common  search / buy
5 Plusle Lightning  Rare  search / buy
6 Vaporeon Water  Rare  search / buy
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