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The Truest Test

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The Truest Test: 158 cards
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195 A Legion of One Action  Fixed  search
15 Akegarasu Personality  Uncommon  search
27 Akodo Shinichi Personality  Uncommon  search
80 Allegations Action  Uncommon  search
5 Anvil of Despair (Experienced) Holding  Rare  search
666 Arrival of the Phoenix Event  Promotional  search
39 Asako Masamichi Personality  Common  search
81 Assigning Blame Action  Rare  search
82 Astonishing Resilience Action  Rare  search
126 Bakemono Warpack Follower  Common  search
51 Bayushi Kosaku Personality  Common  search
52 Bayushi Tomo Personality  Common  search
83 Beginning Arbitration Action  Common  search
84 Berserker's Charge Action  Uncommon  search
85 Blunting the Charge Action  Common  search
136 Brand of Cowardice Item  Common  search
6 Castle Moat Holding  Uncommon  search
1 Ceremony of Planting Event  Uncommon  search
59 Chuda Chiaki Personality  Uncommon  search
60 Chuda Eiichi Personality  Uncommon  search
86 Clan Heirloom Action  Common  search
87 Courage in Death Action  Rare  search
127 Cowardly Rabble Follower  Common  search
88 Cursed Gift Action  Uncommon  search
45 Da'ne'tch Personality  Uncommon  search
16 Daidoji Gempachi Personality  Rare  search
17 Daidoji Murasaki Personality  Common  search
61 Daigotsu Hidetsugu Personality  Uncommon  search
62 Daigotsu Iemitsu Personality  Common  search
63 Daigotsu Yajinden (Experienced 2) Personality  Fixed  search
691 Danjuro's Legion Follower  Promotional  search
89 Dark Inheritance Action  Uncommon  search
2 Dawn of the Spider Event  Uncommon  search
90 Death after Life Action  Rare  search
91 Death Poem Action  Common  search
92 Denounced on Stage Action  Uncommon  search
93 Desperate Gambit Action  Uncommon  search
128 Devoted Yojimbo Follower  Uncommon  search
18 Doji Hitomaro Personality  Common  search
94 Double Bind Action  Common  search
147 Earthen Guardians Spell  Uncommon  search
95 Echoes of Disgrace Action  Rare  search
74 Etsushi Personality  Rare  search
96 Failure of Courage Action  Common  search
97 Fight Another Day Action  Rare  search
98 Find a Way Through It Action  Common  search
99 For the Fallen Action  Rare  search
7 Forgotten Battleground Holding  Common  search
148 Funeral Rites Spell  Common  search
21 Fusami Personality  Rare  search
129 Gate Guardsman Follower  Uncommon  search
100 Gift of the Lady Action  Common  search
101 Glory in Death Action  Rare  search
64 Goju Zeshin Personality  Uncommon  search
137 Gumbai-Uchiwa Item  Common  search
78 Hashi no Oni Region  Rare  search
9 Hida Kozan Personality  Uncommon  search
10 Hida Masatari Personality  Uncommon  search
11 Hida Otoya Personality  Rare  search
12 Hida Tsuburu Personality  Common  search
13 Hiruma Shotoku Personality  Common  search
102 Honor in Death Action  Rare  search
103 Honorable Rebirth Action  Rare  search
104 Hope from Death Action  Rare  search
68 Horiuchi Rikako Personality  Rare  search
46 I-m'jek Personality  Common  search
28 Ikoma Noda Personality  Common  search
29 Ikoma Uchito Personality  Rare  search
149 Inferno's Tooth Spell  Common  search
142 Inspire Courage Action  Common  search
143 Inspire Excellence Action  Rare  search
144 Inspire Fear Action  Common  search
145 Inspire Obedience Action  Uncommon  search
146 Inspire Reverence Action  Uncommon  search
138 Iron Tetsubo Item  Common  search
40 Isawa Chinatsu Personality  Common  search
41 Isawa Sawao (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
42 Isawa Tokiko Personality  Uncommon  search
47 K'mee (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
139 K'mee's Jingasa Item  Uncommon  search
19 Kakita Komachi Personality  Uncommon  search
548 Kan'ok'tichek (Experienced 3) Personality  Rare  search
105 Kanshi Action  Uncommon  search
75 Kazumasa Personality  Rare  search
106 Kharma in Death Action  Rare  search
22 Kitsuki Berii Personality  Common  search
65 Kokujin Buncho Personality  Common  search
49 Krn'n Personality  Common  search
14 Kuni Ochiyo Personality  Rare  search
107 Let Them Fight Their Dead Action  Rare  search
8 Lion Advisor Holding  Rare  search
140 Lion Mempo Item  Rare  search
108 Loyalty, Unto Death Action  Rare  search
43 Masakazu Personality  Rare  search
66 Master Saleh Personality  Common  search
30 Matsu Fumiyo Personality  Rare  search
31 Matsu Ouka Personality  Common  search
32 Matsu Shoken Personality  Uncommon  search
109 Merciless Death Action  Rare  search
23 Mirumoto Jairuzu Personality  Uncommon  search
24 Mirumoto Kei (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
33 Moshi Kiyomori Personality  Uncommon  search
34 Moshi Minami Personality  Uncommon  search
69 Moto Jin-sahn Personality  Fixed  search
70 Moto Yong-tai Personality  Uncommon  search
20 Naoharu Personality  Rare  search
3 Naseru's Funeral Event  Rare  search
57 Picker of Bones Personality  Common  search
110 Prepared Defense Action  Uncommon  search
111 Preparing Stockpiles Action  Common  search
112 Profit from Death Action  Rare  search
150 Purity in Death Spell  Rare  search
113 Reclamation Action  Uncommon  search
114 Redeployment Action  Uncommon  search
115 Requisitioned Troops Action  Common  search
130 Ronin Scout Follower  Uncommon  search
116 Sake House Brawl Action  Common  search
550 Samarhad Personality  Uncommon  search
4 Second Doom of the Dark Lord Event  Rare  search
117 Shameful Tactics Action  Uncommon  search
118 Share the Blame Action  Common  search
44 Shiba Sotatsu Personality  Uncommon  search
153 Shiro Usagi Stronghold  Rare  search
53 Shosuro Jimen Personality  Rare  search
54 Shosuro Maru (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
55 Shosuro Masanori Personality  Uncommon  search
56 Soshi Korenaga Personality  Uncommon  search
141 Soul Jar Item  Rare  search
131 Spider Heavy Regulars Follower  Common  search
151 Summon Maseru no Oni Spell  Rare  search
119 Summoned to Justice Action  Uncommon  search
558 Tadaka no Oni Personality  Rare  search
120 Tales of Battle Action  Rare  search
152 Tempered Resurrection Spell  Uncommon  search
154 Tetsu Kama Mura Stronghold  Fixed  search
132 The Desiccated Follower  Common  search
156 The Khan's Shining Horde Stronghold  Fixed  search
121 The Price of Weakness Action  Uncommon  search
67 The Quelsaurth Personality  Rare  search
155 The Spider's Lair Stronghold  Fixed  search
25 Togashi Kisu Personality  Common  search
26 Togashi Wirro Personality  Uncommon  search
133 Traveling Magistrate Follower  Uncommon  search
122 Triumph of Courage Action  Common  search
123 True Artistry Action  Uncommon  search
134 Tsukai-sagasu Follower  Rare  search
35 Tsuruchi Ki Personality  Common  search
76 Ujina Saionji Personality  Common  search
571 Unicorn Wardogs Personality  Uncommon  search
77 Usagi Heiji Personality  Common  search
72 Utaku Fujiko Personality  Common  search
73 Utaku Remi Personality  Common  search
124 Vengeful Shadows Action  Uncommon  search
135 Wandering Sohei Follower  Uncommon  search
125 We Join the Ancestors Action  Rare  search
36 Yoritomo Harada Personality  Common  search
37 Yoritomo Kurei Personality  Rare  search
38 Yoritomo Sachina Personality  Rare  search

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