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Urza's Saga

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Urza's Saga: 351 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
1 Absolute Grace Enchantment  search
2 Absolute Law Enchantment  search
229 Abundance Enchantment  search
115 Abyssal Horror Creature  search
58 Academy Researchers Creature  search
172 Acidic Soil Sorcery  search
230 Acridian Creature  search
231 Albino Troll Creature  search
232 Anaconda Creature  search
3 Angelic Chorus Enchantment  search
4 Angelic Page Creature  search
59 Annul Instant  search
173 Antagonism Enchantment  search
174 Arc Lightning Sorcery  search
60 Arcane Laboratory Enchantment  search
233 Argothian Elder Creature  search
234 Argothian Enchantress Creature  search
235 Argothian Swine Creature  search
236 Argothian Wurm Creature  search
61 Attunement Enchantment  search
62 Back to Basics Enchantment  search
286 Barrin's Codex Artifact  search
63 Barrin, Master Wizard Legendary Creature  search
175 Bedlam Enchantment  search
116 Befoul Sorcery  search
117 Bereavement Enchantment  search
237 Blanchwood Armor Enchantment  search
238 Blanchwood Treefolk Creature  search
319 Blasted Landscape Land  search
118 Blood Vassal Creature  search
119 Bog Raiders Creature  search
176 Brand Instant  search
177 Bravado Enchantment  search
120 Breach Instant  search
5 Brilliant Halo Enchantment  search
239 Bull Hippo Creature  search
178 Bulwark Enchantment  search
121 Cackling Fiend Creature  search
240 Carpet of Flowers Enchantment  search
122 Carrion Beetles Creature  search
64 Catalog Instant  search
6 Catastrophe Sorcery  search
287 Cathodion Artifact Creature  search
241 Cave Tiger Creature  search
242 Child of Gaea Creature  search
288 Chimeric Staff Artifact  search
243 Citanul Centaurs Creature  search
289 Citanul Flute Artifact  search
244 Citanul Hierophants Creature  search
290 Claws of Gix Artifact  search
7 Clear Instant  search
65 Cloak of Mists Enchantment  search
66 Confiscate Enchantment  search
8 Congregate Instant  search
123 Contamination Enchantment  search
291 Copper Gnomes Artifact Creature  search
67 Coral Merfolk Creature  search
124 Corrupt Sorcery  search
245 Cradle Guard Creature  search
179 Crater Hellion Creature  search
125 Crazed Skirge Creature  search
246 Crosswinds Enchantment  search
292 Crystal Chimes Artifact  search
68 Curfew Instant  search
126 Dark Hatchling Creature  search
127 Dark Ritual Instant  search
128 Darkest Hour Enchantment  search
9 Defensive Formation Enchantment  search
129 Despondency Enchantment  search
180 Destructive Urge Enchantment  search
130 Diabolic Servitude Enchantment  search
10 Disciple of Grace Creature  search
11 Disciple of Law Creature  search
131 Discordant Dirge Enchantment  search
12 Disenchant Instant  search
181 Disorder Sorcery  search
69 Disruptive Student Creature  search
70 Douse Enchantment  search
293 Dragon Blood Artifact  search
71 Drifting Djinn Creature  search
320 Drifting Meadow Land  search
182 Dromosaur Creature  search
132 Duress Sorcery  search
133 Eastern Paladin Creature  search
183 Electryte Creature  search
13 Elite Archers Creature  search
247 Elvish Herder Creature  search
248 Elvish Lyrist Creature  search
72 Enchantment Alteration Instant  search
249 Endless Wurm Creature  search
294 Endoskeleton Artifact  search
73 Energy Field Enchantment  search
74 Exhaustion Sorcery  search
134 Exhume Sorcery  search
250 Exploration Enchantment  search
135 Expunge Instant  search
14 Faith Healer Creature  search
184 Falter Instant  search
185 Fault Line Instant  search
251 Fecundity Enchantment  search
252 Fertile Ground Enchantment  search
186 Fiery Mantle Enchantment  search
187 Fire Ants Creature  search
136 Flesh Reaver Creature  search
295 Fluctuator Artifact  search
75 Fog Bank Creature  search
347 Forest Basic Land  search
348 Forest Basic Land  search
349 Forest Basic Land  search
350 Forest Basic Land  search
253 Fortitude Enchantment  search
254 Gaea's Bounty Sorcery  search
321 Gaea's Cradle Legendary Land  search
255 Gaea's Embrace Enchantment  search
188 Gamble Sorcery  search
76 Gilded Drake Creature  search
15 Glorious Anthem Enchantment  search
189 Goblin Cadets Creature  search
190 Goblin Lackey Creature  search
191 Goblin Matron Creature  search
192 Goblin Offensive Sorcery  search
193 Goblin Patrol Creature  search
194 Goblin Raider Creature  search
195 Goblin Spelunkers Creature  search
196 Goblin War Buggy Creature  search
256 Gorilla Warrior Creature  search
296 Grafted Skullcap Artifact  search
77 Great Whale Creature  search
257 Greater Good Enchantment  search
258 Greener Pastures Enchantment  search
197 Guma Creature  search
259 Hawkeater Moth Creature  search
198 Headlong Rush Instant  search
16 Healing Salve Instant  search
199 Heat Ray Instant  search
17 Herald of Serra Creature  search
78 Hermetic Study Enchantment  search
79 Hibernation Instant  search
260 Hidden Ancients Enchantment  search
261 Hidden Guerrillas Enchantment  search
262 Hidden Herd Enchantment  search
263 Hidden Predators Enchantment  search
264 Hidden Spider Enchantment  search
265 Hidden Stag Enchantment  search
137 Hollow Dogs Creature  search
297 Hopping Automaton Artifact Creature  search
80 Horseshoe Crab Creature  search
18 Humble Instant  search
266 Hush Sorcery  search
138 Ill-Gotten Gains Sorcery  search
81 Imaginary Pet Creature  search
19 Intrepid Hero Creature  search
335 Island Basic Land  search
336 Island Basic Land  search
337 Island Basic Land  search
338 Island Basic Land  search
200 Jagged Lightning Sorcery  search
298 Karn, Silver Golem Legendary Artifact Creature  search
82 Launch Enchantment  search
201 Lay Waste Sorcery  search
299 Lifeline Artifact  search
202 Lightning Dragon Creature  search
202* Lightning Dragon [Urza's Saga Pre-Release] Creature  search
83 Lilting Refrain Enchantment  search
84 Lingering Mirage Enchantment  search
139 Looming Shade Creature  search
300 Lotus Blossom Artifact  search
267 Lull Instant  search
140 Lurking Evil Enchantment  search
141 Mana Leech Creature  search
203 Meltdown Sorcery  search
301 Metrognome Artifact  search
268 Midsummer Revel Enchantment  search
302 Mishra's Helix Artifact  search
303 Mobile Fort Artifact Creature  search
20 Monk Idealist Creature  search
21 Monk Realist Creature  search
85 Morphling Creature  search
343 Mountain Basic Land  search
344 Mountain Basic Land  search
345 Mountain Basic Land  search
346 Mountain Basic Land  search
142 No Rest for the Wicked Enchantment  search
304 Noetic Scales Artifact  search
204 Okk Creature  search
22 Opal Acrolith Enchantment  search
23 Opal Archangel Enchantment  search
24 Opal Caryatid Enchantment  search
25 Opal Gargoyle Enchantment  search
26 Opal Titan Enchantment  search
143 Oppression Enchantment  search
144 Order of Yawgmoth Creature  search
205 Outmaneuver Instant  search
27 Pacifism Enchantment  search
145 Parasitic Bond Enchantment  search
28 Pariah Enchantment  search
29 Path of Peace Sorcery  search
30 Pegasus Charger Creature  search
86 Pendrell Drake Creature  search
87 Pendrell Flux Enchantment  search
88 Peregrine Drake Creature  search
146 Persecute Sorcery  search
147 Pestilence Enchantment  search
305 Phyrexian Colossus Artifact Creature  search
148 Phyrexian Ghoul Creature  search
306 Phyrexian Processor Artifact  search
322 Phyrexian Tower Legendary Land  search
307 Pit Trap Artifact  search
331 Plains Basic Land  search
332 Plains Basic Land  search
333 Plains Basic Land  search
334 Plains Basic Land  search
31 Planar Birth Sorcery  search
149 Planar Void Enchantment  search
323 Polluted Mire Land  search
269 Pouncing Jaguar Creature  search
89 Power Sink Instant  search
90 Power Taint Enchantment  search
32 Presence of the Master Enchantment  search
150 Priest of Gix Creature  search
270 Priest of Titania Creature  search
308 Purging Scythe Artifact  search
151 Rain of Filth Instant  search
206 Rain of Salt Sorcery  search
152 Ravenous Skirge Creature  search
207 Raze Sorcery  search
91 Recantation Enchantment  search
153 Reclusive Wight Creature  search
33 Redeem Instant  search
208 Reflexes Enchantment  search
271 Rejuvenate Sorcery  search
34 Remembrance Enchantment  search
324 Remote Isle Land  search
154 Reprocess Sorcery  search
92 Rescind Instant  search
272 Retaliation Enchantment  search
209 Retromancer Creature  search
93 Rewind Instant  search
210 Rumbling Crescendo Enchantment  search
35 Rune of Protection: Artifacts Enchantment  search
36 Rune of Protection: Black Enchantment  search
37 Rune of Protection: Blue Enchantment  search
38 Rune of Protection: Green Enchantment  search
39 Rune of Protection: Lands Enchantment  search
40 Rune of Protection: Red Enchantment  search
41 Rune of Protection: White Enchantment  search
42 Sanctum Custodian Creature  search
43 Sanctum Guardian Creature  search
94 Sandbar Merfolk Creature  search
95 Sandbar Serpent Creature  search
155 Sanguine Guard Creature  search
211 Scald Enchantment  search
212 Scoria Wurm Creature  search
213 Scrap Instant  search
44 Seasoned Marshal Creature  search
45 Serra Avatar Creature  search
46 Serra Zealot Creature  search
47 Serra's Embrace Enchantment  search
48 Serra's Hymn Enchantment  search
49 Serra's Liturgy Enchantment  search
325 Serra's Sanctum Legendary Land  search
50 Shimmering Barrier Creature  search
216 Shiv's Embrace Enchantment  search
326 Shivan Gorge Legendary Land  search
214 Shivan Hellkite Creature  search
215 Shivan Raptor Creature  search
96 Show and Tell Sorcery  search
217 Shower of Sparks Instant  search
156 Sicken Enchantment  search
51 Silent Attendant Creature  search
157 Skirge Familiar Creature  search
158 Skittering Skirge Creature  search
159 Sleeper Agent Creature  search
327 Slippery Karst Land  search
309 Smokestack Artifact  search
328 Smoldering Crater Land  search
218 Sneak Attack Enchantment  search
97 Somnophore Creature  search
52 Songstitcher Creature  search
53 Soul Sculptor Creature  search
160 Spined Fluke Creature  search
98 Spire Owl Creature  search
273 Sporogenesis Enchantment  search
274 Spreading Algae Enchantment  search
219 Steam Blast Sorcery  search
99 Stern Proctor Creature  search
100 Stroke of Genius Instant  search
220 Sulfuric Vapors Enchantment  search
101 Sunder Instant  search
339 Swamp Basic Land  search
340 Swamp Basic Land  search
341 Swamp Basic Land  search
342 Swamp Basic Land  search
275 Symbiosis Instant  search
161 Tainted AEther Enchantment  search
102 Telepathy Enchantment  search
310 Temporal Aperture Artifact  search
329 Thran Quarry Land  search
311 Thran Turbine Artifact  search
221 Thundering Giant Creature  search
103 Time Spiral Sorcery  search
276 Titania's Boon Sorcery  search
277 Titania's Chosen Creature  search
330 Tolarian Academy Legendary Land  search
104 Tolarian Winds Instant  search
222 Torch Song Enchantment  search
278 Treefolk Seedlings Creature  search
279 Treetop Rangers Creature  search
105 Turnabout Instant  search
312 Umbilicus Artifact  search
162 Unnerve Sorcery  search
163 Unworthy Dead Creature  search
313 Urza's Armor Artifact  search
164 Vampiric Embrace Enchantment  search
165 Vebulid Creature  search
106 Veil of Birds Enchantment  search
107 Veiled Apparition Enchantment  search
108 Veiled Crocodile Enchantment  search
109 Veiled Sentry Enchantment  search
110 Veiled Serpent Enchantment  search
280 Venomous Fangs Enchantment  search
281 Vernal Bloom Enchantment  search
223 Viashino Outrider Creature  search
224 Viashino Runner Creature  search
225 Viashino Sandswimmer Creature  search
226 Viashino Weaponsmith Creature  search
166 Victimize Sorcery  search
167 Vile Requiem Enchantment  search
54 Voice of Grace Creature  search
55 Voice of Law Creature  search
314 Voltaic Key Artifact  search
227 Vug Lizard Creature  search
315 Wall of Junk Artifact Creature  search
282 War Dance Enchantment  search
56 Waylay Instant  search
168 Western Paladin Creature  search
316 Whetstone Artifact  search
283 Whirlwind Sorcery  search
284 Wild Dogs Creature  search
228 Wildfire Sorcery  search
111 Windfall Sorcery  search
285 Winding Wurm Creature  search
317 Wirecat Artifact Creature  search
169 Witch Engine Creature  search
112 Wizard Mentor Creature  search
318 Worn Powerstone Artifact  search
57 Worship Enchantment  search
170 Yawgmoth's Edict Enchantment  search
171 Yawgmoth's Will Sorcery  search
113 Zephid Creature  search
114 Zephid's Embrace Enchantment  search
Total price for whole set:

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