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Soul Calibur Battle Box

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Soul Calibur Battle Box: 44 cards
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2 **Siegfried** Character  Rare  search
24 **Sophitia** Character  Rare  search
1 *Siegfried* Character  Rare  search
23 *Sophitia* Character  Rare  search
29 Angel Punisher Attack  Uncommon  search
30 Angel's Flow Attack  Common  search
25 Angelic Grace Action  Common  search
37 Angelic Protection Foundation  Rare  search
7 Armor Breaker Attack  Uncommon  search
15 Armored Defense Foundation  Uncommon  search
31 Ascend Splash Attack  Uncommon  search
38 Athenian Style Foundation  Common  search
8 Backspin Slash Attack  Common  search
39 Baker's Daughter Foundation  Uncommon  search
9 Blaze Storm Attack  Uncommon  search
3 Chief Hold Action  Rare  search
40 Close Fighter Foundation  Rare  search
16 Controlled Rage Foundation  Rare  search
26 Divine Champion Action  Uncommon  search
17 Focus the Soul Foundation  Rare  search
18 Heavy Metal Foundation  Uncommon  search
41 Inspired Foundation  Uncommon  search
32 Iron Butterfly Attack  Uncommon  search
10 Maelstrom Attack  Common  search
19 Memory Regained Foundation  Common  search
33 Nasty Impale Attack  Uncommon  search
11 Nightmare Killer Attack  Rare  search
28 Omega Sword and Elk Shield Asset  Rare  search
42 Persistence Foundation  Common  search
6 Requiem Asset  Rare  search
27 Shield Bash Action  Uncommon  search
4 Shoulder Charge Action  Common  search
5 Side Hold Action  Rare  search
12 Slash Impact Attack  Common  search
34 Sophitia's Guardian's Judgement Attack  Rare  search
35 Spinning Hilt Attack  Common  search
13 Spinning Phantom Combo Attack  Rare  search
43 Troubled Orphan Foundation  Rare  search
20 Two-Handed Style Foundation  Common  search
21 Victorious Foundation  Rare  search
22 Weapon Training Foundation  Rare  search
36 Widow Maker Attack  Rare  search
14 Witch Hunt Attack  Rare  search
44 You're Not My Father Foundation  Rare  search

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