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Quest for Power

Quest for Power: 161 cards
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QFPM-233 100 Times Greater Power Mission  Super Rare  search
QFPM-216 Admonition Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-218 Aerial Dynamic Marking Jutsu  Common  search
QFPN-242 Akamaru Ninja  Common  search
QFPM-US026 Anbu Days Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPN-249 Aoi Rokusho Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-214 Application of the First Stage Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPN-C013 Asuma Sarutobi & Kurenai Yuhi Ninja  Rare  search
QFPJ-226 Black Seal Jutsu  Common  search
QFPJ-215 Blade of the Thunder God Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPM-225 Blind Corner Mission  Common  search
QFPJ-213 Booby Trap Jutsu  Common  search
QFPC-030 Boss Jirocho Client  Common  search
QFPM-221 Bossy Attitude Mission  Common  search
QFPM-US031 Bravado Mission  Common  search
QFPJ-US034 Butterfly Bullet Bomb Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPJ-211 Chidori Jutsu  Super Rare  search
QFPJ-US022 Chidori Jutsu  STSR  search
QFPN-228 Choji Akimichi Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-239 Choji Akimichi Ninja  Rare  search
QFPM-US021 Combination Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-US031 Combined Transformation Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPM-220 Dedication Ceremony Mission  Common  search
QFPM-219 Desperate Persuasion Mission  Common  search
QFPM-223 Determination to Avenge Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-US036 Digital Shrapnel Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPM-US022 Disappointment Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-220 Earth Style Barrier: Earth Dome Prison Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPJ-221 Earth Style: Ball of Graves Jutsu  Common  search
QFPJ-US025 Earth Style: Dark Swamp Jutsu  Common  search
QFPJ-222 Earth Style: Terra Shield Jutsu  Common  search
QFPM-228 Emergency Mission  Common  search
QFPJ-US038 Extraordinary Power Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPJ-212 Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPJ-US041 Flying Swallow Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPM-US035 Forbidden Word Mission  Common  search
QFPJ-225 Four Black Mists Formation Jutsu  Super Rare  search
QFPC-031 Fukusuke Hikyakuya Client  Common  search
QFPN-287 Gaara of the Desert Ninja  Rare  search
QFPN-US044 Gaara of the Desert Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-US043 Gaara of the Desert (Possessed Mode) Ninja  Rare  search
QFPM-227 Game Mission  Common  search
QFPJ-US032 Genjutsu: Infinite Darkness Jutsu Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPN-243 Genma Shiranui Ninja  Common  search
QFPJ-231 Gentle Fist Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPJ-US026 Guillotine Sword Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPN-C007 Haku Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-US042 High Speed Move Taijutsu Jutsu  Common  search
QFPN-230 Hinata Hyuga Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-248 Idate Morino Ninja  Common  search
QFPM-US034 Incarnation of The Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPN-US053 Ino Yamanaka Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-US050 Inochi Yamanaka & Ino Yamanaka Ninja  Rare  search
QFPJ-US043 Instant Killing Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPM-213 Intruder Mission  Common  search
QFPM-US038 Irresistible! Mission  Common  search
QFPN-C008 Itachi Uchiha Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-US045 Itachi Uchiha Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-245 Iwashi Tatami Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-US046 Jiraiya Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-C014 Jiraiya & Tsunade Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-251 Jirobo Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-229 Kakashi Hatake Ninja  Rare  search
QFPN-C006 Kakashi Hatake Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-C012 Kakashi Hatake & Iruka Umino Ninja  Rare  search
QFPM-210 Kakashi Sensei's True Face? Mission  Common  search
QFPN-241 Kiba Inuzuka Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-226 Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-250 Kidomaru Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-254 Kimimaro Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-US047 Konohamaru Ninja  Common  search
QFPM-US030 Leaf Squad Organized! Mission  Rare  search
QFPM-214 Lifelong Promise Mission  Common  search
QFPM-224 Mind Awakening Pill Mission  Rare  search
QFPM-222 My Rule Mission  Common  search
QFPN-224 Naruto Uzumaki Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-235 Naruto Uzumaki Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-284 Naruto Uzumaki Ninja  Rare  search
QFPN-C001 Naruto Uzumaki Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-C009 Naruto Uzumaki & Gamabunta Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-233 Naruto Uzumaki & Konohamaru Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-231 Neji Hyuga Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-240 Neji Hyuga Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-C011 Neji Hyuga & TenTen Ninja  Rare  search
QFPJ-US027 Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: Man Beast Clone Jutsu  Common  search
QFPJ-US044 Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPJ-223 Ninja Art: Spiral Spider Web Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPJ-224 Ninja Art: Sticky Spider Thread Jutsu  Common  search
QFPM-235 Optimum Formation Mission  Starter  search
QFPN-US048 Pakkun Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-C015 Pakkun & Tonton Ninja  Common  search
QFPJ-229 Partial Expansion Justu Jutsu  Common  search
QFPJ-227 Perimeter Barrier Jutsu  Common  search
QFPM-226 Power of the Curse Mark Mission  Rare  search
QFPM-US037 Pretty Please! Mission  Common  search
QFPM-US024 Punishment Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPM-US025 Pursuit Mission  Rare  search
QFPM-US039 Raid of Akatsuki Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPN-244 Raido Namiashi Ninja  Common  search
QFPJ-210 Rasengan Jutsu  Super Rare  search
QFPJ-US021 Rasengan Jutsu  STSR  search
QFPJ-US037 Rasengan Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPM-212 Release from the Nightmare Mission  Rare  search
QFPJ-US035 Release of Chakra Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-US033 Research Jutsu  Common  search
QFPM-209 Reunion with the Former Teacher Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPN-C005 Rock Lee Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-252 Sakon Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-237 Sakura Haruno Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-285 Sakura Haruno Ninja  Rare  search
QFPN-C003 Sakura Haruno Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-US054 Sakura Haruno Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPM-234 Sasuke Retrieval Team Mission  Rare  search
QFPN-225 Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPN-236 Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Rare  search
QFPN-C002 Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-C010 Sasuke Uchiha & Sakura Haruno Ninja  Rare  search
QFPJ-US024 Secret Wood Style Jutsu: Deep Forest Creation Jutsu  Rare  search
QFPM-US036 Shadow of The Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit Mission  Rare  search
QFPN-227 Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Rare  search
QFPN-232 Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-238 Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Rare  search
QFPN-286 Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Rare  search
QFPN-C004 Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-234 Shikamaru Nara & Choji Akimichi Ninja  Rare  search
QFPM-232 Shikamaru's Analysis Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPN-246 Shizune Ninja  Common  search
QFPM-US028 Solitude and Thirst Mission  Rare  search
QFPJ-228 Spiky Human Boulder Jutsu  Common  search
QFPM-218 Strength of Jutsu Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-217 String Manipulation Jutsu Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPM-229 Sudden Encounter Mission  Rare  search
QFPM-US027 Sudden Eruption Mission  Rare  search
QFPJ-US040 Summoning Jutsu: Blade Dance Jutsu  Common  search
QFPJ-230 Super Expansion Jutsu Jutsu  Super Rare  search
QFPM-217 Supreme Order Mission  Common  search
QFPM-211 Surprise Mission  Starter  search
QFPM-US033 Take it again! Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPN-253 Tayuya Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-US052 Temari Ninja  Common  search
QFPN-US051 Tenten Ninja  Common  search
QFPM-US032 The 9th Match Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPN-247 The Fifth Hokage Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-US041 The First Hokage Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPN-US042 The Second Hokage Ninja  Super Rare  search
QFPM-US029 The Sound Ninja Five Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPM-230 The Triad Colored Pills Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPM-215 The Will of Fire Mission  Common  search
QFPM-US023 Tiny Reinforcer Mission  Common  search
QFPJ-216 Toothpick Jutsu  Common  search
QFPM-231 True Worth of the Gentle Fist Mission  Common  search
QFPN-US049 Tsunade Ninja  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-219 Tunneling Fang Jutsu  Common  search
QFPM-208 Unpredicted Clue Mission  Rare  search
QFPJ-US028 Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu Jutsu  Common  search
QFPJ-US023 Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-US030 Wind Style: Air Bullets Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-US029 Wind Style: Infinite Sand Storm Devastation Jutsu  Uncommon  search
QFPJ-US039 Wound Healing Jutsu  Common  search
QFPM-US040 Youthful Appearance Mission  Uncommon  search
QFPN-C016 Zabuza Momochi & Haku Ninja  Rare  search
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