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card review Inoichi Yamanaka

Card Review
Inoichi Yamanaka: click to enlarge
Inoichi Yamanaka

Card text:

Leaf | Jonin | Male
Valid: This Ninja gets +1/+1 when it is in the same Team as a "Jonin" Ninja with a "Shadow" Combat Attribute and another "Jonin" Ninja with a "Food" Combat Attribute.

"This reminds me of the good old days!"

  • Card Number: RARN-160
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Ninja
  • Symbol: Earth
  • Combat Attribute: Mind
  • Hand Cost: 0
  • Entrance Cost: 4
  • Healthy Stats: 4/3
  • Injured Stats: 0/3
Inoichi Yamanaka
written by LV46
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General description:
Very good card, great support

Use him in an Ino-Shika-Cho deck (which is the best choice) or use him just like everyone else uses Kurenai. For big support

Strategies and game play:
Take advantage of Mind Destruction Jutsu (which only he can use) and if you have it...altho, that's more strategy for the jutsu isn't it?

Combos with other cards:
Best with Choza and Shikaku to become a 15 with their great effects

Ways to counteract it:
Hurt him early and overwhelm his team later to finish him. Jutsus also work, of course but beware of Mind Transfer

Again, a 15 with his good buddies and the only one to keep some power when injured

He's a 0 when he's hurt

Glitter and wavy shiny like all non-supers

Artwork and aesthetics:
Great artwork as always

Overall rating:


Modified on March 21, 2007 05:04 am

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Author Message
United States

Avatar for knox_ninja
Subject:    Posted: March 26, 2007 07:01 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Overall rating:

Im gonna say a 9/10 because of 4/3 0/3, always having 3 support
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