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card review Sword from Mikken's Forge

Card Review
Sword from Mikken's Forge

  • Number: 3
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Attachment
  • House: Stark
Sword from Mikken's Forge
written by stegofreak
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General Description

Sword from Mikken's Forge is an interesting card to have. It is a relatively cheap card to play (especially if the player is using House Stark). As an attachment is opens up interesting possibilities for turning the tide of a battle.
An interesting aspect of this card is its Response feature. This could be used to ensure that you're never without firepower when you need it most.

In the Game

Sword from Mikken's Forge brings an extra aspect to the game. If attached to Catelyn Stark (U 6) (total cost of combining cards 4 gold) it effectively gives you another Eddard Stark (U 7) (gold cost = 4). This drastically improves your attacking capabilities, giving you a card of attack strength 3.
If used in conjunction with Catelyn Stark or another Stark Character card and Castle Walls (C 16) it drastically increases your chances of successfully defending.

Combating Sword from Mikken's Forge

Ideally to combat Sword from Mikken's Forge you would be looking for a card to increase the overall military strength of your army (eg. Equipping a House Lannister card with Dragonbone Hilt Dagger (C 24)). Alternatively using a plot card like Filthy Accusations (U 224) or Surrounded by Cowards (R 235) can remove the card to which Sword from Mikken's Forge from the path of your attack, allowing you to deal a blow to your opponent.


The artwork on the card is simple, yet it depicts exactly what the name of the card suggests. The image displayed (art by John Goodenough) shows a sword being forged (at, we assume, Mikken's Forge). It symbolizes the extra 'sworn sword' you will have to attack or defend.


Cost: 9/10 - If played by House Stark Sword from Mikken's Forge has a low cost of 1 gold and is excellent value if used wisely.
Effects: 7/10 - The only thing this card lacks in effect is that it doesn't strengthen the card to which it is attached, however if used wisely in conjunction with other cards it becomes a battle winner.
Artwork: 8/10 - Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Availability: 9/10 - As a common card it is easy to get your hands on Sword from Mikken's Forge, however this card is not really of much use in large quantities.

Overall:8/10 - Sword form Mikken's Forge though effectively useless alone is a real battle swinger. If used correctly it can save your battle.


Modified on October 19, 2011 09:12 am

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Author Message
United States

Avatar for cptdoob
Subject:    Posted: February 2, 2008 12:27 am Reply with quote Report content icon

not the best I have seen .
No pic to short not enough detail.
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