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card review Empoleon Lv.X: The Emperor of them ALL

Card Review
Empoleon Lv.X: click to enlarge
Empoleon Lv.X

Card text:

Supreme Command - Once during your turn (before your attack), you may choose up to 2 cards from your opponent's hand without looking and put them face down next to the Defending Pokemon. (These cards are not in play or in your opponent's hand.) At the end of your opponent's next turn, return those cards to your opponent's hand. This power can't be used if Empoleon is affected by a Special Condition. (Poke-BODY)

waterwaterwater Hydro Impact - Choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 80 damage to that Pokemon.     Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.
Empoleon can't attack during your next turn.

  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Type: Water
  • Weakness: L+30
  • Number: 120
  • Subtype: Level Up Pok√©mon
  • Hit Points: 140 HP
  • Retreat Cost: CC
Energy Symbols:
C = Colorless = colorless energy
D = Darkness = dark energy
Fr = Fire = fire energy
Ft = Fighting = fighting energy
G = Grass = grass energy
L = Lightning = lightning energy
M = Metal = metal energy
P = Psychic = psychic energy
W = Water = water energy
Empoleon Lv.X
The Emperor of them ALL

written by dudeman1993
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General description:
Empoleon Level X can be a powerhouse if used correctly, I've seen many use it as a weapon that can Knock Out many Pokemon before their fully evolved form hits the field...and some that did not. I will show you how you SHOULD use Empoleon Level X, and will go through every aspect of the card.

HP: 140 Good! If you use Buffer Piece from Dragon Frontiers, you can survive a Giga Impact from Electivire with discard. But considering only a 10 HP plus, not much difference.

Type: Water Water is going to popular out there...and so is Infernape and Magmortar! This penguin cools 'em off, and finishes off with his Hydro Impact or Aqua Jet from Empoleon. (Not Lv.X) Electivire PWNs, but with Glacia's Stadium, not too bad. I really don't have much to say here.

Poke-Power: Supreme Command YES! YES!! The greatest Power out there that is a superb combo with Team Galactic's Wager and Ambipom MT! I hope you're good at Rock-Paper-Scissors, so with the 3 card draw, Supreme Command, they only have 1 card!! Awesome Power. This is the greatness of Empoleon Lv.X.

Attack: Hydro Impact Meh. Good sniping for 80, but you have to wait a turn to attack again. During this time, you might want to retreat, and hit with another Pokemon, but not great. BUT. Mantine from Mysterious Treasures allows you to deduct 2 Energy from Retreat Cost from Water Pokemon if Mantine is evolved. This allows you to switch to a Benched Empoleon or Empoleon Level X and you can STILL snipe!!

Weakness: Lightning +30 Electivire hurts...a lot. Then again, Glacia's Stadium of Power Keepers saves the day!

Resistance: None.

Retreat Cost: 2 Energy Not bad. It needs 3 for Hydro Impact, and it can Retreat with still an Energy on him. Mantine again!!

Empoleon Level X has many combinations, Lucario from Diamond and Pearl lets you hit the Bench fast, and Empoleon Level X or Empoleon finishes them off. Ambipom and empoleon Level X are used together for hand disruption. Team Galactic's Wager makes you play Rock-Paper-Scissors, and if you win, your opponent draws up to 3 cards. Use Supreme Command, they're left with only one card. Ambipom's second attack does 80 damage for 2 Energy! But, if they discard 2 cards from their hand, it drops to 10...but they only have one remember? Quick 80 damage!

Strategies and game play:
Empoleon Level X is actually played when you need a quick 80 to the Bench and Empoleon's Aqua Jet doesn't do enough. Empoleon Level X has a great strategy though, if you play 2 and a Mantine with Mantyke under it. This is what it should look like if you have both of your Empoleon Level X's out:

1.)Use Supreme Command with both Empoleon Level X's.
2.)Use Hydro Impact with your Active Empoleon Level X.
3.)Next turn use Supreme Command again.
4.)Retreat to other Empoleon Level X.
5.)Use Hydro Impact!

Combos with other cards:
I explained the combos in the Uses section, check it out!

Ways to counteract it:
Cessation Crystal of Crystal Guardians knocks Empoleon Level X's Poke-Power out, so if you wanna get rid of that, use it. Lightning type Pokemon such as Raichu from Mysterious Treasures and Electivire from Secret Wonders and Diamond and Pearl are going to give the penguin a run for his money!

Hydro Impact can be awesome if used correctly, using it in succesion with one Empoleon Level X doesn't make it too great. Supreme Command gets rid of your opponent's hand, giving him/her less choices.

The Weakness is the big thing, and having to Level it up when Empoleon is active can be a problem too.

The only other Empoleon Level X appears in the Holiday Tin. It has the exact same attacks and Poke-Power than the one in the Diamond and Pearl booster packs.

Artwork and aesthetics:
The artwork is PHENOMENAL!! Shizurow did a wonderful job with the effects of Empoleon swinging its fin to the front, and the trident beak is just great. 9/10.

Overall rating:
Empoleon Level X is great, just combo it up with a good Pokemon and it should work out for you. 7/10.


Modified on November 6, 2010 08:08 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for coldkohmew
Subject:    Posted: November 6, 2010 08:08 am Reply with quote Report content icon

good to clear your opponent hand and KO his pokemon!!!
or KO 2 or more of them!
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