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card review Reform!: a fast way to regroup your units

Card Review
Reform!: click to enlarge

  • Number: 99
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Action
a fast way to regroup your units

written by trollen
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General description:
speak up your mind here about this card and how you like it or dislike it. Maybe dissect its parts and analyze each of its abilities and possibilities

how you would use this card, or how you expect other people to use it

Strategies and game play:
thi can help a lot to Orc army. You can allocate most of your units in the back and than just move them to the front not loosing turn.

Combos with other cards:
This unit has special abiliy: Combat Tactic: This unit gets +2 strenght. Only usable whan you have more ready units in your battle line than your enemy.
We can easyly imagine confused face of our enemy, when we play this card to make more units in our batle line han he has and than use this ability.

Your unit gets +1S for every ready unit in your battle line. Yep, same as above. Beneits comes just after you make a move

Your enemy gets +1 strenght for every ready unit in your reserve line. Reform your ranks so enemy dont get any points.

There are plenty of cards that give bonuses for units in reserves or battle line.

If you have more than one short-ranged unit, than now you can have those units in reserves. That would protect them from enemys attack. And in your's enemy turn, in fight you just play that card and move shooters to the front line so in your turn you can shoot him out.
Thast's pretty nasty.

Some units are worth a lot, but only when attacking. You can locate those units in reserves and move them forward when needed.

This also helps to start battle. (as you can put whole units in the rear line and just one or two in front. You'll collect a lot of tactic points in rear rank by doing so.) And then in the middle of a battle just regroup so your infantry would reach enemy units. That is a real adventage.

There's a good combo with this strategy card. Your reserves will be safe for very long time. As enemy kills or commit your all units from front rank, youcan still reform o make new ranks so your shooters / warmachines / support units are safe. I guess this would work well in empire or orks decks.

Ways to counteract it:
You can't really counter it. But sometimes this card can be just useless (if army don't need manouvers)

- You can protect your reserve line from enemy attacks by pushing fresh units to front line.
- Helps to have a first turn which is great.
- You can benefit from other cards like MULGUK'S SMASHAS
- You dont loose turn(s) to move your unit(s).
- Good die Roll: 4
- It costs just 1 tactic point

- Rare (not easy to find)
- Sometimes it's just useless.

I guess it has been printed in all languages that WarCry was printed. I's from starting deck.

Artwork and aesthetics:
I like the artwork. It ilustrates the abilities of the card. It shows people maching ahead. I'm using it in my Orc deck so I'd beter like it with some marching Orcs (but we all know that Orcs don't use much tactic - that probbably reason why there are hummies).

Overall rating:
I'm giving it 7/10 as i found it useful in my deck.


Modified on January 3, 2011 10:21 pm

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