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card review Bolshack Yamato Dragon

Card Review
Bolshack Yamato Dragon: click to enlarge
Bolshack Yamato Dragon

Card text:

Speed Attacker
When this creature attacks, it gets +1000 power for each fire card in your graveyard.
Double Breaker
When you would destroy 1 of your opponent's creatures with 6000 power or less by the effect of "Bolmeteus Musha Dragon", instead destroy one of your opponent's creatures with 12000 power or less.

  • Collector Number: S2
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Armored Dragon
  • Power: 6000+
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: Ryoya Yuki
Bolshack Yamato Dragon
written by alphadiosthe2nd
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Bolshack Yamato Dragon

Bolshack Yamato Dragon
Creature / Fire / 6 / Armored Dragon / 6000+
- Speed attacker (This creature doesn't get summoning sickness.)
- Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)
- While attacking, this creature gets +1000 power for each fire card in your graveyard.
- Whenever you would destroy one of your opponent's creatures with 6000 power or less by the effect of Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon, destroy one of your opponent's creatures with 12000 power or less instead.
DM-26 S2/S5 (Super Rare)

Bolshack Dragon gets a new look...

Of course, 6000 power is perfect for 6 mana, although it's not your usual ratio. Also, with the power bonus the Bolshack Dragon had, it stands an excellent chance in surviving most creatures. However, be on the lookout for Apocalypse Vise and your other usual firekill and unconditional kill spells like Terror Pit, they hit it hard. Well, let's go on.

Same as the original dragon. Six mana is neither too high nor too low, and it's usually the climax of the game. Therefore, Bolshack Yamato Dragon comes in at the perfect time when you'll need it. Being a solid fat attacker with excellent combo effects and a cost you can afford to pack 4 into your deck for, this creature would easily become a staple for any deck which needs all the traits of the Yamato Dragon. However, six mana is a cost which you may decide against running the Yamato Dragon in favour of some other more useful card at that time, say a Miraculous Meltdown. Well, the key to using any card with such a cost problem is to weigh out your needs carefully. Now for the effect.

Double breaker and the power bonus are a classic effect which already was too good to miss in the days of Bolshack Dragon. However, Yamato brings us haste with Speed Attacker, and you could give a miss to Twin-Cannon Skyterror if you can't bring it out and have this guy instead. For one mana less, you actually get effects along that line together with additional effects. As for the last line, or the most unique effect of all times, the Yamato Dragon essentially marked the start of a reigning era for the Samurai Dragon. With such card-specific support, the latter is bound to become more powerful than ever in the near future. As it goes, destroying a creature with 6000 power or less with the sacrifice of a shield is Volcanic Arrows' job. But has anyone seen killing off a creature with twelve thousand power or less before? Almost anyone can be hit. That's powerful, undoubtedly. Now for its race and civilization.

Fire specializes in fire (limited but massive) kill, speed attacking, support, as well as high powered finishers. The Yamato Dragon packs all of them into one. You support your Samurai Dragon and give its firekill an upgrade, you get to attack on summon, the power bonus gives it a nice classic touch to finishers, and the fact that its race Armored Dragon has one of the most supports in the game marks the fact that facing a deck based on the Yamato Dragon would be a hard time. Essentially, itself and the Samurai Dragon already have card-specific support, so it'll be easier to build a deck around it. However, drifting away to themes like Samurai may be common due to the fact that the two Dragons are usually associated with the Samurai race, as was imminently shown in the theme deck Battle of Yamato Soul. So much for the pep talk, now let's look at an example deck for this card. Seems familiar? Think again. The experts at card creation always have the last laugh. Take that, TakaraTomy, and give us our endless supply of cards to duel with.

1x Bolmeteus Kensei Dragon
1x Infinity Hidden Blade Dragon
1x Dragon Blade Yamato Spirit
1x Zakupitchi, Winged Dragon Admiral
1x Super Dragon Machine Dolzark
2x Bolshack Yamato Dragon
2x Hell's Scrapper
2x Bolggenpac, Armed Dragon
3x Geo Goctra, Armed Dragon
3x Wind Blade Kamikaze Spirit
3x Thunder Blade Bushido Spirit
3x Terradragon Balgazarmas
3x Loquat Retainers, the Wandering Travelers
4x Shishio, Armed Swordsman
4x Bronze-Arm Tribe

Bolshack Yamato Dragon works well with excessive support creatures; race-specific, card-specific and general unspecific support cards. It also works well in a deck full of Speed Attackers, and if possible mana acceleration would give it a steroid boost. Not to forget the Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon, for support of course, either.

Shobu Kirifuda crowned the Bolshack Dragon. Since then it has evolved, and now it's one of his father's trump cards.

Some cards that work well with Bolshack Yamato Dragon:
Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon - Like duh. Fourth line explains it all.
Ultimate Dragon - You may not believe it, but the two form a perfect combination. You get two double breakers with similar potential power levels, as well with the fact that it can get bigger.
Perfect Earth, Planetary Dragon - A shield zone full of triggers is always a pleasant thing.
Magmadragon Jagalzor - A field full of other speed attackers is also a pleasant thing.
Pyrofighter Magnus - A speed attacker in early game is also, once again, a pleasant thing.
Dragon Blade Yamato Blade - Don't know why, but the namesake itself expresses how the two make a good synergy. Samurais are cheap, and are good matches with the Yamato Dragon as they normally have potentially damaging effects.

Also, try these deck types.
Dragon - Works well in a conventional support Dragon deck.
Phoenix - A good bait to combine with Supernova Apollonus Dragerion.
Bolmeteus Samurai - The king of firekill combo.
Control - A good engine for disrupting the opponent.
Terminus - You can revolve around this creature singlehandedly to win the game.

From experience, its Speed Attacker ability works the best for me. I personally am not a big fan of Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon, so normally this is simply a finisher for me. The added support doesn't harm at all, though.

The Good: Fire's advantages all coupled in one single creature.
The Bad: If not used in combo, this card can turn out to be another Bolshack without summoning sickness only.
Artwork: 10/10
Again, its wings remind me a bit of Ultimate Dragon, while its body reminds me of Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon. And whatever it was holding reminds me of Bolmeteus Steel Dragon.

Limited: 7.5/10
Read: Even without support, it's a good finisher with the right abilities to come with it.
Constructed: 9.5/10
Read: Bolshack Yamato Dragon, like any Dragon and any card with supporting abilities, work well in constructed with whatever cards directed to it.

Rating: 8.5/10.0

That's all for today.
Good luck.



Modified on August 29, 2011 10:52 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for djcard
Subject: wow   Posted: August 1, 2010 04:08 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

I'm a huge fire civilization dragon's fan!!! This card review is very informative and fun to read, thanx for making it, could you tell me how to get this card though?
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Avatar for alphadiosthe2nd
Subject:    Posted: August 7, 2010 04:51 am Reply with quote Report content icon

It's in DM-26. I have one copy of it, so if you're interested I MAY engage in a trade for it, except that I'm currently using it as my trump in one of my main decks.
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