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card review Conniver

Card Review
Conniver: click to enlarge

Card text:

Master: archetype.
Put this card on a vampire you control. If your prey loses pool when it is neither your turn nor your prey's turn, you may tap this card to move 1 blood from the blood bank to this vampire. A vampire can have only one archetype.

  • Number: 27
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Master
written by czamora
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[Republished with permission from Andrew 'Wes' Weston (]

This card isn't terrible, but it seems much more limited compared to the other archetypes we have to choose from. First of all, Conniver is only usable when another Methuselah is acting, so it effectively gives control of the blood gain to them. The card is reactive rather than proactive, which can make all the difference.

Granted, bleed bounce is fairly common, and the two most common bounce cards Telepathic Misdirection and Deflection both cost a blood. At best, you are breaking even, which is not bad, but also not terribly exciting.

What other conditions will make your prey lose pool on someone else's turn? Not many... Extra damage from some vote cards like Kine Resources Contested might be applied to your prey, but how often will this happen? And other Methuselahs will be much less likely to throw damage to your prey if they see Conniver on your vampire, which defeats the point.

Note that you will only be able to gain this blood once before your turn starts, because the card is tapped when used.

One way this card might be useful is as a bluff. Even if you don't have a Deflection in hand, leaving this conniving vampire untapped during your predator's turn will make him far less likely to bleed you.

Rating --> C+


Modified on February 28, 2012 03:26 am

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United States

Avatar for echiang
Subject: Re: Conniver   Posted: November 29, 2010 10:46 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Conniver is great for decks heavily using bleed bounce. You can do better than break even, if you have multiple Connivers (so a single successful Deflected bleed can get you a blood for *all* of your Connivers). It also has special uses with Madness Network, Enkil Cog, and/or Lutz.
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