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card review Sasuke Uchiha: An In-Depth Strategy Review

Card Review
Sasuke Uchiha: click to enlarge
Sasuke Uchiha

Card text:

Sound | Rogue Ninja | Male | Sharingan Eye | Growth
When this Ninja is sent out to Battle, you can give 1 Damage to 1 of your other Ninjas. In that case, select and give 1 Damage to 1 of your opponent's Ninjas with equal to or lower printed Entrance cost than that Ninja's.

"I don't know…such guy."

  • Card Number: FRN-548
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Ninja
  • Symbol: Water
  • Combat Attribute: Genjutsu/Weapon
  • Hand Cost: 0
  • Entrance Cost: 4
  • Healthy Stats: 6/2
  • Injured Stats: 2/0
Sasuke Uchiha
An In-Depth Strategy Review

written by LV48
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General description:
I have seen that alot of people misunderstand how to properly use the combos with this card. This review is ment mainly to eliminate any confusion reguading the injuring and healing of ninjas in combination with Sasuke's effect.

Sasuke is quickly becoming a heavy hitter in the casual play scene, now that he has become legal for organized play he seems to be a staple in every tournament deck, at at least 1 copy per deck. An amazing effect that allows you to ping your opponent's ninjas on the attack or block and can do so without having to weaken his own team power, this makes him superior in most ways to Gaara (Tragic Name).

Strategies, game play and combos with other cards:
First I feel I need to point out a fact about the battle phase that most players ignore. That is that teams are sent out one at a time and and then blocked one at a time. That is to say I send out Team 1, then team 2, team 3, then team 4+ if allowed by card effects. My opponent then chooses to block or not, again sending out their team 1 to block, then team 2 to block, team 3, then 4+, up to the same number of teams that the opponent sent out. That being said here are step by step guides of how to use Sasuke's ability with various ninjas:

1) Ino Yamanaka [GET WELL SOON GIFT] (FRN-553):
There are 2 ways to combo Sasuke's effect with Ino;
The first is to have Ino in a seprate team with another 1-2 ninjas where the team is strong enough to attack that turn. First send out Sasuke and injure 1 of the Ninjas in Ino's team. Then send out Ino's team, healing the Ninja Sasuke injured.
The other is to have Sasuke, an injured Ninja and Ino in a Team. Send out Sasuke, use Ino's effect in chain to sasuke's, Healing the ninja and then Injuring it again(this works well with OC/TBM Naruto). Note: You cannot send out Sasuke, Ino and a healthy Ninja and do this since Ino's effect must be applicable when it is put on the chain, or in other words if there are no injured ninjas in the team when she is sent out her affect cannot be used.

2) Zabuza Momochi [BOTTOMLESS POWER] (AWN-445)
There is only one way to use this card with Sasuke properly. He must be in a team other than Sasuke's. Like with Ino, you attack first with Sasuke, injuring Zabuza, you then attack with Zabuza, which changes him to healthy status. This combo will not work if Zabuza is in the same team as Sasuke since by the time Zabuza becomes Injured the timing for activating his optional sent out to attack effect has passed, as his effect can only be activated when he is sent out to attack injured status, since he was healthy when he was sent out it cannot be used. Also, Zabuza's effect changes him to healthy status, this is not the same as healing him, and as such will not allow you to use cards that activate when you heal a ninja such as Futaba (RARC-019).

3) Sakura Haruno [FIRST AID TREATMENT] (FRN-579)
This is the only card that can be placed in the same team as Sasuke and another healthy ninja and still allow you to use sasuke's effect on a ninja in his own team and allow it to be healthy before you are blocked. When you send out a team with Sasuke and Sakura, Sasuke can give 1 damage to Sakura or another ninja in the team, Sakura can then negate the Damage Sasuke did by you paying 2 chakra. Sasuke's 1 damage to your opponent's ninja still goes though since his effect was not negated, only the damage from it, and as such it is considered to have resolved properly. Note however, that Sakura's effect can only be used once per turn.
Due to Current rulings, Sasuke's second half of his effect fails if the first point of damage is negated. Therefore, this combo will not work.

4) Haido (Transformed) [HEALING POWER BY THE STONE] (LOLN-us100), Temujin [HEALING POWER BY THE STONE] (LOLN-us099) & Nerugui (LOLC-036)
All of these cards allow you to heal the Ninja, or in the case of Nerugui the Ninja he is attached to, by discarding a card from your hand of the appropriate element during the exchange of jutsu. The advantage to Haido and Temujin are that their effects may be used as many times as you like during the exchange of jutsu. However, since the card discarded must be either Earth (Haido) or Fire (Temujin) this combo is restructed to decks that have enough of that element to use the effect. Nerugui you can discard either Fire or Earth but his effect may only be used once per turn.

These first 2 ninjas have no combat or support, however when they are sent out to Attack (Mitate) or Block (Iyashi), they allow you to heal 1 Ninja at the end of the Turn. This allows you to injure a stand by ninja and still heal it later. The trade off of course is that they add no power to Sasuke's team. The Fifth Hokage allows you to heal a ninja at the end of each of your turns and on top of that she's valid so she can heal herself, but the trade off is if you have any injured ninja when she is sent out to Attack you must pay 1 Wind chakra to send her out.

6)Tsunade [MEDICAL EXPERT] (TCN-321)
Somewhat like Ino, when Tsunade is sent out to attack you can discard 1 Wind chakra to heal an Injured Ninja in her team, other than herself. As such she needs to be in a 2nd attacking team sent out after sasuke or used in combo with the previously mentioned OC/TBF Naruto heal/injure combo.

There are other Ninjas that can combo well with Sasuke, however these examples should give players a good understanding of how to combo him. Besides, I cant give away every combo.

Ways to counteract it:
Curse Sealing (LOLM-us109) Fire Permanent (3) mission that negates the effect of the targeted Ninja, would be far more useful were it a counter mission.

Temptation (BODM-us044) Earth Permanent (2) misison that negates the effects of all in play "Male" Ninjas, only a good counter in a Kunoichi Deck.

Arbitration (ANCM-386) Wind Counter Mission that sends one of your opponent's ninjas to their chakra area at the cost of sending one of your own to yours with equal or higher entrance cost, combos well with Sasoris that have Ambush.

Misunderstanding (FRM-440) Wind Counter Mission that is nearly identical to Arbitration except the Ninja you send is from your hand not your field, useful in keeping field presence.

Caged Bird (RARM-150) Earth Counter Permanent (2) Mission that prevents the attached ninja from being sent out to battle, thus preventing Sasuke from using his effect.

Shikamaru Nara [FORMATION] (ERN-us014) His effect will negate the opposing head ninjas effect, if you attack with him and they block with Sasuke as the head ninja his effect is negated, your oppponent will likely only fall for this once if at all.

Naruto Uzumaki [OVERFLOWING CHAKRA] (LOLN-us122), Sasuke Uchiha [OVERFLOWING CHAKRA] (LOLN-us123), Kimimaro [OVERFLOWING CHAKRA] (LOLN-us124), & Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode) [TAILED BEAST MODE] (FRN-522) These Ninjas are unaffected by anything your opponent throws at them, but to use them you basically need to build the deck around them.

End of the Demon (COSM-052) Water Mission that will kill Sasuke at the cost of one of your in play Chunin or higher rank ninjas.

Healing & Preventing Damage > Ino, Sakura, Tsunade and the like work for both players.

Poison Coins > A ninja with a Poison coin cannot be sent out to battle, this is really only an option for puppet decks though.

Removal Jutsu > 8 Trigrams Divination Seal Spell Formula, Giant Vortex Jutsu, Mangekyo Sharingan, Liquid Bullets, Air Bullets, Wind Style: Great Breakthorough, the list goes on and almost every deck has at least one type or another. Remember that just injuring Sasuke with all the healing in the deck is not enough, you must kill him. It may cost you a Jonin in the block to pull it off but it is usually worth it.

Lastly, Naruto vs. Sasuke (PR-018 ) and Kunoichi Battle (CUSM-109) Sasuke is neither a Genin nor a Female, as such both these are great counters to him. However to be most effective both require the deck be baised around them.

A 6/2 on turn 4 is a good, if slightly overstat ninja.
Able to damage your oppoent's Ninjas each time he is sent out.
Sharingan Eye characteristic.
Genjutsu/Weapon combat attribute strenghens both those deck themes.
Combo's well with several ninjas.
No hand cost so it is playable in any deck.
Has Growth.

His ability is not Valid.
Bad Injured stats (2/0).
Can only damage opponent's ninjas of the same or lower entrance cost as the Ninja of yours that he damaged.

This card is a Super Rare in Series 13 Fateful Reunion, this is currently the only version of this card. The card is being reprinted with Super Deformed, aka Chibi artwork, this card will be given away as a participation promo at the 2009 Sannin Tournament.

Artwork and aesthetics:
Fits the cards effect. The "I'm going to get you" look that the effect implies. Although his effect name and quote seem to have lost something in the translation. One would think it should of been [COLD HEARTED] or [COOL HEADED].

Overall rating:
9.25/10 Nearly perfect, be greatful he doesn't say "Valid: This card is unaffected by your opponent's effects."


Modified on November 22, 2013 08:39 pm

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for exodiasezwhat
Subject:    Posted: June 1, 2009 11:43 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Wow, extremely detailed and excellent ideas on some great combos!
Back to top  
United States

Avatar for cjm7324
Subject:    Posted: July 26, 2009 10:46 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

You never cease to amaze me Chibi. This review shows honest thought, and consideration, and contains several good ideas. You just forgot one thing. Under Cons, put the fact that he has no rank and can get h4x pwnd because of it.
Back to top  
United States

Avatar for byakugan_ninja
Subject:    Posted: September 19, 2009 06:13 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

I feel like this should be review of the week in tco
Naruto already has deck and dream card of the week
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United States

Avatar for theinfamouscrow
Subject:    Posted: September 26, 2009 06:31 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Word to the bird cousin, Sasuke be cold as ice...

Best believe dat homey HA-HA!!!
Back to top  
United States

Avatar for mega
Subject:    Posted: September 30, 2009 01:58 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Sakura [First Aid Treatment] won't work with this Sasuke.

The reason is, since the damage is negated, it will not move onto the "In that case" effect, because damage was never received/given to your ninja.

Thus, you've wasted 2 Chakra and both of your ninjas effects for the turn because of a misplay.

Nice try though
Back to top  
LV48 United States send message

Avatar for chibionineko
Member since
September 5, 2007
Subject:    Posted: October 6, 2009 11:18 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from mega:

Sakura [First Aid Treatment] won't work with this Sasuke.

The reason is, since the damage is negated, it will not move onto the "In that case" effect, because damage was never received/given to your ninja.

Thus, you've wasted 2 Chakra and both of your ninjas effects for the turn because of a misplay.

Nice try though

If you noticed that one is in red and has a bolded comment that it doesn't work.
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