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card review Wonderful Days: Indeed.

Card Review
Wonderful Days: click to enlarge
Wonderful Days

Card text:

Effect: Only Teams that include both "Male" and "Female" can be sent out to Attack.


  • Card Number: ANCM-394
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Card Type: Mission
  • Symbol: Wind / Fire
  • Hand Cost: 1
  • Entrance Cost: 3
Wonderful Days

written by byakugan_ninja
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General description:
Its a card I personally love for its effect, it has saved me from many games and I like to take advantage of its effect as much as possible.

I haven't seen much play of this card, but not everyone runs lots of female ninjas other than a few staples. I have also seen that many people misunderstand this card's effect.
The card says "Only Teams that include both "Male" and "Female" can be sent out to ATTACK". NOT battle. Meaning teams of only Male, or only Female can block.

My favorite Use for this card is the fact that it makes Naruto vs Sasuke completely useless(Unless they happen to run genin platoons with both genders, which is very rare).
Since Naruto vs Sasuke states that genin must be sent out to battle by themselves, but with the effect of Wonderful Days. They cannot attack.

Strategies and game play:
The best way to take advantage of this card would be while deck building. Try to have a decent balance between male and female ninjas so you will most likely have both ninjas in each team. If not, on your strongest team.

And whats better than having a ninja with both genders on its characteristics? And what has both genders? ...No its not haku Platoons, i.e. Shikamaru & Temari, Temari & Kankuro, Jiraiya & Tsunade and others. They can attack by themselves or can work as an extra of either gender.

Combos with other cards:
My favorite combo with this card is Sasori (Puppet Mode), [Cold Headed] Sasuke Uchiha and [Establishment of The Medicine] Fifth Hokage. Have Sasuke and Sasori in the same team as any other female. Once upon attacking, ping your the fifth hokage and one of their female ninjas, thus receiving a poison coin from sasori. Not many players have a decent amount of female ninjas in their decks (as I stated before). So it can become a player's worst nightmare.
(Reason I use "Female" ninjas for the following combos is because male ninjas are played the most, other than Female ninja decks.)

Arbitration/Misunderstanding: Get rid of their female ninjas, preventing your opponent from being able to attack.

Caged Bird: Stall their Female Ninjas for 2 turns.

Baki [Cleaning Up]: When this guy attacks, and remains in your village at the end of your turn, your opponent must discard one of their in-play ninjas. They will have a hard decision, to discard one of their females, or one of their good male ninjas. So its either they attack, or keep field presence.

Kakashi Hatake & Might Guy [Wipe Out Attack]: If you manage to put this squad in play, you can get rid of X number of ninjas with 1 or less entrance cost. X being equal to how many chakra you'd like to pay. Most females being ran in decks being staples, would most likely be Temari [Wind Scythe], Sakura Haruno [A Double Personality], Ino Yamanaka [Get Well Soon Gift] have 1 or less entrance cost. This is a good late game strategy if you manage to last that long.

Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode): Wiping out the villages of pesky Staple ninjas with 1 or less entrance cost (Including those already mentioned female staple ninjas) then Use 2k Barrage to get rid of any other higher entrance cost female. Shizune, Tsunade etc.

Buying Time: If your opponent runs low amounts of female ninjas. You don't have to worry a lot about blocking. Buying Time will reduce the amount of rewards they can get.

Ways to counteract it:
-Good Ol' Hayate.
-Catch-Out (if played after turn 3)
-Getting rid of its holder's female Ninjas.
-By throwing the card into the fire

It has two Symbols. Fire and Wind.
1 entrance cost, as most missions do.
Turn 3.
And can stall games for a long time.
Stops NvS right on its tracks.
Can stop your opponent from attacking with those huge puppet teams. Or stall them until you can complete your combo(s).
Not having enough of either Gender in play when this mission is in play. Must run 3 copies in deck to work successfully even with good draw power. In case of it being removed from play.

Uncommon non-foil
Uncommon foil.

Artwork and aesthetics:
I like the artwork, its pretty cute. Tsunade and her deceased Boyfriend Dan. I would have personally preferred something more romantic . But it still makes sense to the card's effect and name.

Overall rating:
I give the card a 9/10. But only if you base a deck around it.
In other deck types. 4/10
Side deck. 5/10.

I wrote the review because as some of you have seen when playing against me, the deck that uses this mission bases around it very well.


Modified on July 21, 2009 08:46 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
LV47 United States send message

Avatar for chibionineko
Member since
September 5, 2007
Subject:    Posted: July 26, 2009 03:47 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

My favorite Ninja with it is actually Konohamaru Ninja Squad. Male and Female, 2 support in injured, and has Mental Power 1. And, if you use the one from TC then while it's healthy missions can't be negated, aka they can't hayate the wonderful days when you play it.
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United States

Avatar for byakugan_ninja
Subject:    Posted: July 26, 2009 06:36 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from chibionineko:

My favorite Ninja with it is actually Konohamaru Ninja Squad. Male and Female, 2 support in injured, and has Mental Power 1. And, if you use the one from TC then while it's healthy missions can't be negated, aka they can't hayate the wonderful days when you play it.

I thought about adding that card to the deck I have Wonderful Days in... just cant find what to take out for it, I need a lot of the ninjas I have.
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