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card review The Warg-king

Card Review
The Warg-king: click to enlarge
The Warg-king

Card text:

Unique. Playable at any tapped or untapped Ruins & Lairs [R] with a Wolf automatic-attack. Tap to cancel a Wolf or Animal attack. +2 to any influence attempt by a character in his company against a Wolf faction.
"...and sat in a great circle in the glade; and in the middle of the circle was a great grey wolf."-Hob

  • Card Number: LE062
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Resource Ally
  • Alignment: Minion
  • Artist: Michael Apice
The Warg-king
written by LV42
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MELE has now been around for more than a month, and so far Ringwraith players are having difficulties matching the speed of their Wizard-playing opponents. Since MELE is now officially tournament legal, it will be a nice challenge to put together a really fast MELE deck, and blow the Istari back to where they belong. Staying close to the safety of Mordor won't get you anywhere, but up in Dragon Country and west of het Misty Mountains a mass of MP's awaits the call of the Great Cyclops. If you decide to try your luck in the west, traveling in the company of His Canine Majesty The Warg-King can be very advantageous.

Just the simple fact that it is a 2 MP ally makes The Warg-king a good card. The only ally in MELE that is worth more can hardly be called an ally ("Hi, I'm Shelob, but you can call me Miss Backfire"), Blackbole and Stinker are the only other two-pointers. His special abilities make The Warg-king a great card, and the best of all allies.

First of all, he is playable at any R&L with a Wolf automatic attack. Currently there are four of those: Isengard, The White Towers, Ost-in-Edhil and Ettenmoors. With the release of Against the Shadow in August Weathertop will probably be added to that list (unless ICE decides to change the auto-attack there, but why should they?). You would probably want the King to be around when you visit the Ettenmoors (the reason behind that later in the program), which leaves three sites to petition The Warg-king. If you draw him early, you can play him at Isengard on your way to the west. For effective 'site-economy', play a major item first, and then the Warg-king.

Orientation of the site doesn't bother His Majesty like it does your average helmet or shield (Well, he IS a king, he can make his own rules). When in play, he really starts to rule. He can tap to cancel an attack by Wolves or Animals. With the release of MELE, Wolf/Spider/Animal hazard strategies have risen from obscurity, mainly due to the fact that they kill first and ask questions later in Shadowlands (although the two big hitters of this strategy were both hurt by the detainment-rule). Together with Drakes they are the only creatures left with any real impact in the regions around Mordor, so chances are you will encounter them sooner or later. And if not, he can still be used to cancel Wolf auto-attacks. Like the one at the Ettenmoors, an utterly useless site until a month ago. Now it's got an army of allies playable there (one Troll and a maximum of seven Wolfs and Wargs), and some factions, including a Wolf faction. Of course you could go to the moors, face the two auto-attacks, try to influence the Misty Mountain Wargs and then play The Warg-king, but why bother. If you're traveling with him already, cope with the troll attack, and let the king talk to his folk. They won't attack you AND will be more willing to listen to your local diplomat, heck, one or two War-wargs might even decide to join your company.

Beside the Misty Mountain Wargs there are two more Wolf factions, the Wargs of the Forochel at Lossadan Cairn and the White Mountain Wolves at Stone-circle. Having the Warg-king around seriously increases your chance of successfully influencing them. You'll need this kind of enhancement in Muster-less Middle-Earth.

So, if you'ld like to give Wizards players a piece of their own, pack this Wolf-theme, some more of the big factions in the west (Dunlendings, Hillmen, Ice-Orcs), a greater item from The Stones, some rings and major items from other places around, maybe the Palantir of Elostirion, and if you feel like it some slash 'n burn at Bag End, and with a bit of luck (and skill), you'll get a big pat on the head from The Dark Lord himself.

Fram Frumgarson

Original card review taken from :
With the authorization of the webmaster.

The reviewing team consisted of Gwaihir (Chris Farrell), Gimli (Nathan Bruinooge), Ohtar (Charles E. Bouldin, Esq.), Radagast (James Kight), Joshua B. Grace (Beorn), Martijn Steultjens (Fram Frumgarson), Jason Klank (Saruman) and Jeffery Dobberpuhl (Wormtongue)


Modified on July 15, 2011 08:24 am

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Author Message
LV63 United States send message

Avatar for duff6551
Member since
November 15, 2002
Subject:    Posted: July 15, 2011 08:24 am Reply with quote Report content icon

thought the line "he is a king" pretty much summed up this card nicely - well described -
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