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card review Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia: Your number 1 finisher!

Card Review
Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia: click to enlarge
Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

Card text:

This card is put into the mana zone tapped.
Evolution: Put on one of your multicolored creatures.
Your opponent can't cast spells other than multicolored spells.
Double Breaker

  • Collector Number: 5
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Lost Crusader/Angel Command
  • Power: 9000
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Light/Darkness
  • Artist: Shukei
Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia
Your number 1 finisher!

written by LV33
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General overview

Introduced in the Shadowclash of Blinding Night Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits was like an earthquake to the metagame. Considering that most of the (youngest) players back then were watching the Anime fanatically, it's not so hard to deduce that Alcadeias became the centre of attention for quite a long time since DM-4, with a lot of fans and many foes as well.
His popularity was getting lower and lower as the time was passing by though... Did Shokagukan forget about Alcadeias after that? Are you kidding? It would be an enormous waste, wouldn't it? There are a lot of other... "Versions" of our Lord of Spirits.

I won't talk about Alphadios here, not only I dislike that card very much, there are already a lot of other Card Reviews(Well, at least one) concentrating strictly on it. What I want to discuss is first Alcadeias' little sister(...Probably?) - Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia.

In order to win in Duel Masters you must break all of your opponent's shields and then attack him successfully once again. Still, there are some decks that don't aim for the fastest possible attack, but are rather taking advantage of their opponent slowly, and then crush him when he's as weak as a fly. But we have to remember that deck just can't be good in everything, so even if Control decks are great when it comes to weaken opponent, their attack force is very poor.

Well - That's what one would probably think. If all slots are already taken by destroyers, discarders or drawers, there's a very small space left for attackers. Even when we use controlling creatures, like Jenny, they're still very weak and rather useless. But! There is a solution to this problem, and that is what we call a Finisher.

Instead of sending a lot of small creatures which attack continuously, Controls use one big beast that doesn't leave the opponent chance to counterattack. When we're finally attacking, there are two things that can stop us, Shield Triggers and cards that are able to destroy our creatures. Finisher is something that can withstand both.

One of the most popular is Bolmeteus, Steel Dragon. This guy isn't only nullifying the Shield Trigger ability - Opponent's not getting the cards from his shield zone to his hand. Considering that we left him on top decking (Meaning, he has no cards in his hand and his only chance are cards he gets from the top of his deck), the probability of him getting his Terror Pit is very, very low, so our Bolmeteus can wipe him out in few turns.

Queen Alcadeias, the card I want to discuss, is another perfect example of Finisher. Creatures with Shield Trigger aren't really that popular, creatures that can destroy Queen are even less, not even mentioning multi-colored spells that are serious matter to her!
As we can see, getting rid of female Holy Gaia is a pain in the butt, and in most of situations the only chance to win is to attack the opponent before he will.

Summoning Queen

When we have Queen Alcadeias in our Battle Zone we're already in the great advantage. The main problem is to summon her, which can be sometimes pretty difficult. She's an evolution creature, which makes putting her into the play a hard job. What's strange, she doesn't evolve from a certain race, she must be summoned on top of a creature with 2 or more civilizations, meaning Multi-colored creatures.
Is it to her advantage, or maybe her another drawback? Something in the middle I guess. Multis are often annoying with their entering the mana tapped, but then there are a lot of them, so finding some decent creatures isn't hard. Of course I will now recommend some.

Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Death Knight is probably the best one when it comes to being base creature of Queen Alcadeias, not only he has the same civilizations, in Controls we use a lot of spells, so he will likely come into play for free.

Bega, Decaying Vizier is another great chap, again with the Light and Darkness, and quite good effect. He also enters play just 1 turn before Queen!

These two are pretty universal, so almost any deck with Queen can welcome them, but we still need more multis. What else could do? Any multi with civilizations we have in our deck with a decent effect, and is cheaper than Queen itself.

"With a Little Help from My Friends"

What things can help Queen Alcadeias? First of all, when we play using Control Deck, we must know that Rushes are serious matter. But, if we're also using Queen in it, it means that we have light in our deck, which has a lot of great blockers. Murmur, Apostle of the Formation, Pala Olesis, Morning Guardian or even La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian can easily wipe out any faster deck.
That also provides decent defence against aggros, what about combo decks and other controls? Then discard is our main weapon, and what we choose is only our choice. The bigger the better, since we want to completely wash up opponent of his hand. I would highly recommend Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet for its accuracy, Bega mentioned before, and Lost Soul, which will completely smash our enemy.
Remember that opponent likely won't be able to use his Shield Triggers at all, so when you have your Queen on Battle Zone, attack with all you've got, including small fries like Jenny or Bega!

That's all

Summa summarum, Queen is a great evolution which used wisely can win a lot of matches. One just must remember how to fight against various types of decks, and then everything will be easy.
Grade? I would give her a very strong 10 if she wasn't an evolution, which is her biggest drawback. Considering that, I give her 8.5/10



Modified on January 18, 2012 07:41 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject: excellente   Posted: February 22, 2010 11:14 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Great job, thorough analysis, unbias scoring (I would have given her a 9.5 with no reason at all), and the bits and pieces of which base creature can she evolve is quite interesting and useful.

Keep up the good work!

p.s. plan on doing a review of her brother ?
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LV33 Poland send message

Avatar for qbius
Member since
November 11, 2009
Subject:    Posted: February 22, 2010 05:56 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

p.s. plan on doing a review of her brother ?

Not really, since I rather dislike him.
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Avatar for nerafim
Subject:    Posted: February 25, 2010 04:54 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Yeah, it was a pretty alright review, and it's good that it got CotW since it seems to live up to the CotW's around here rather nicely.

I noticed you talked a lot about basic stuff though, such as finishers and some control basics and what not. I guess that is advised for the general audience around here I reckon.

But I am sort of a more critical nature so I got to say that some stuff don't really sound that right.

For one, Alcadeias was never any "earthquake". It's just a gimmick, fanboyism card and that was what his presence was in the game mostly. Especially at the time that he came he was unbelievably hard to use, and especially in English, due to the lack of REAL baits as well as Corile.

Queen Alcadeias is pretty cool though, but like someone I know would say, it's not a really big deal, because DM is quite frankly more of a creature game. For a serious metagame there are plenty of threats from creatures and less of a need to stop Spells. If anything, Queen Alca is one of those cards that are here to ensure that.

The bait issue is also not really a problem. Especially for a control deck that already has multiple Civs, it is much better and easier to have creature civ matter for bait as opposed to making a race backbone which could often interfere.
Bait situations might have been harder before but really, I think you are complaining for no reason. Why would you NEED anything more than Bega and especially Bloody Shadow? That's more than enough especially because a free bait is the best bait.

But you could have also mentioned Breiga. That's still important to Queen in general and since before Bloody came.

And I also disagree that being an Evo is a disadvantage. Not at all, especially not recently since we have Sanctuary. If anything it's even better due to the speed. And you also have plenty of means to protect and save Queen from removal or selection now too.

If there is anything weak about it, it's her power really.

Anyway I guess Queen is one of those cards that works better against people on TCO, but then again the same can be said of other ones. Especially if you won't follow the deck limit, then it may questionably be part of imbalance(same as everything else).

Either way, good article. This reminds me I have some CotW's that I can post here. Heh...
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United States

Avatar for howl
Subject:    Posted: February 26, 2010 10:02 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

i miss this game soo much i never got to play when the tourneys were running and all the good stuff. right now the hardest thing i think is getting ur hands on some.
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