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card review Garkago Dragon: THE ULTIMATE CARD

Card Review
Garkago Dragon: click to enlarge
Garkago Dragon

Card text:

Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)
This creature gets +1000 power for each other fire creature you have in the battle zone.
This creature can attack untapped creatures.
The more you quiver, the more it smiles.

  • Collector Number: S4
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Armored Dragon
  • Power: 6000+
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: Nottsuo
Garkago Dragon

written by masterofdark
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I love this card and that is why I am doing this review. Even though it is an old card, it has its uses. Since the new Japanese cards have spoiled the whole way of playing duel masters after introducing such powerful creatures, this card competes at that high level.

I would use this card as a card eliminator. TEAming it up with other creatures this can evolve into a powerful monster that can attack untapped creatures. First lets look at this card. It is a double breaker, which is OK. Next the ultimate ability, THis creature gets +1000 for each fire creature in the battle zone. ANd then its ability to attack untapped.

I play with this card by playing with a cheap fire deck. At seven mana if u have played right, u would have at least 3-5 creatures. Which means this guy will be about as powerful as 10000 to 12000. if you throw some fire birds in like coco lupia, all dragons cost 2 less, toto pipichi, all dragons have speed attacker, and kip chipoto, when a dragon would be destroyed , destroy this instead. WIth all these cards, u call off a super powerful creature, who is a double breaker, and can instantly destroy creatures with high powers, including ones like ballom, alquides, etc. I would compare this card to a destruction spell u can cast over and over, that has the ability to break shields.

Some other combos might include burning power with this card to instantly destroy 8000+. Have some creatures out that give dragons more power and speed attacker. And you will find lots of those for armored dragons. If you play right, you might be able clear up powerful creatures.

THis card is like any other. Death smoke !!!!!! to prevent that we keep toto pipichi, all dragons have speed attackers so it always stays tapped. terror pit THAT IS NO BIG DEAL if you have kip chipoto, destroy this card instead. and to make sure the cost is always low summon a couple of coco lupias. A card like spiral gate can delay but NOT STOP.

OK now the pros. U know what, the whole card is useful. Cause believe me this card can reach some power. In fact ive gotten this card to 15000+ quite a few times. And it can attack untapped, so who wants bazagazeal dragon. NOBODY

THe only thing about thus card that is that it costs a high 7 mana and is not speed attacker. BUT THAT IS easily countered by the ever awesome coco lupia and toto pipichi.

NO variations !!!!!!!
The artwork is very awesome. A dragon with scales and ablade on each hand and a ferocious expression on his face. And no they don't relate to the abilities.

Overall I would rate it 10/10 It is a awesome all in one card with a good picture PLease rate it and put comments and i would BE HAppy to answer all questions

I actually made a deck with this card. Type MASTEROFDARK IN THE AUTHOR SECTION of decks and click on the one that has the name GARKAGO OWNS.


Modified on November 14, 2013 12:40 pm

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for blademaster14
Subject: Garkago dragon   Posted: August 24, 2010 07:41 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

He's a good card, a step up from Bolshack Dragon, because of the fact that he doesn't have to wait for them to be tapped to kill stuff easily. He would make a great card for any dragon deck, and at the same time give the deck a retro feel.
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Avatar for straightedgef
Subject:    Posted: June 24, 2013 07:47 am Reply with quote Report content icon

You could have added Fist of forever+ Garkago in the combo section. That's a really powerful combination, allows you to destroy any number of weak creatures.
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