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card review Giratina Lv.X (2009 Collector's Tins): Ghost types greatest

Card Review
Giratina Lv.X (2009 Collector`s Tins): click to enlarge
Giratina Lv.X (2009 Collector's Tins)

Card text:

Invisible Tentacles - Whenever your opponent's Pokemon tries to attack, your opponent discards 1 card from his or her hand. (If your opponent can?t discard 1 card, your opponent's Pokemon can't attack.) You can't use more than 1 Invisible Tentacles Poke-Body each turn. (Poke-BODY)

colorlesscolorlesspsychicpsychic Darkness Lost     
This attack does 30 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.) If any of your opponent's Pokemon would be Knocked Out by damage from this attack, put that Pokemon and all cards attached to it in the Lost Zone instead of discarding it.

  • Rarity: Promo
  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Dx2
  • Number: DP38
  • Subtype: Level Up Pok√©mon
  • Resistance: C-20
  • Hit Points: 130 HP
  • Retreat Cost: CCC
Energy Symbols:
C = Colorless = colorless energy
D = Darkness = dark energy
Fr = Fire = fire energy
Ft = Fighting = fighting energy
G = Grass = grass energy
L = Lightning = lightning energy
M = Metal = metal energy
P = Psychic = psychic energy
W = Water = water energy
Giratina Lv.X (2009 Collector's Tins)
Ghost types greatest

written by  Premium Member LV39
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General description:
Giratina Lv.x is an easy lvX to play to start out because it levels up from a basic pokemon. on top of that its poke-BODY makes your opponent to take a card from there hand and discard it when they attack, witch can cost an opponent time when building up the cards they need or take away cards they may possibly need in the future. and its 1 and only attack if used multiple times can be devastating to your opponent. 30 damage to each of your opponents pokemon, that can end the game quick. it gets around the cost of 4 energies by using its poke-BODY to slow your opponent down as well.

this cards main use is to overly slow your opponent down and once your ready, take out all there pokemon. it has decent amount of HP so it can sit there and take a few attacks while you charge it up, and if they do attack they lose cards for it, and you can also use its previous levels attacks as well so over all its a lose lose situation for your opponent.

Strategies and game play
it can be played late game when most pokemon have lots of damage counters on them witch can be very bad for your opponent because toughs damage counters will decrease the amount of time you have to use his attack, witch in the long run will end the game for your opponent.

Combos with other cards:
using cards that discard cards while giratina is making them discard cards is the main way to get the full effect out of Giratina. i use cards like Team Galactic's Mars to cost your opponent a card and give you 2 back. or you can use Cyrus's Initiative to take cards from there hand that they need and then slow them down by making them discard another card when they attack.And using Giratina Lv. 63 will allow you to make them discard cards with one attack thus helping his poke-BODY, or do ten damage to each of your opponents pokemon to get an early start on damage before you start to do 30 damage to all there pokemon.

Ways to counteract it:
Like any good card it has a few weaknesses like its large retreat cost, X2 damage too Dark types and its large amount of energy need to use its main attack.

1.Has good HP.
2.Slows your opponent down.
3.Has one devastating attack.
4.has a resistance to colorless pokemon.
5.and if combined with the right cards can be a game changer.

1.Slow when it comes to using its best attack.
2.has a large retreat cost.
3.X2 weakness too dark types.

It comes in a tin and from pokemon Platinum set.

Artwork and aesthetics:
It has cool art both in the tin and in the set. And its poke-BODY is called (invisible tentacles) and its wings are reaching toward you in the picture.

Overall rating:
My over all rateing is a 9 out of 10


Modified on June 8, 2014 06:08 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
zerodyme Premium Member
LV42 United States send message

Avatar for zerodyme
Member since
March 27, 2008
Subject:    Posted: May 21, 2010 08:53 am Reply with quote Report content icon

This is good. it lets the players know that late game, effects can rly hurt, like giratina's.
Back to top  

Avatar for redt
Subject:    Posted: June 3, 2010 07:15 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Good review. It'll send Alakazam users scrambling when it comes to the sheer amount of damage the benched Pokemon takes. Two or three hits with the attack can wipe out half the opponent's team, and prevent them from being reused (as they're sent to the Lost Zone if KOed)
The only known issue I'm aware of with the card of it's inability to harm the opponent's Active Pokemon
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big_brother Premium Member
LV39 United States send message

Avatar for big_brother
Member since
February 13, 2008
Subject:    Posted: June 3, 2010 07:33 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

ya, but it dose do a little damage to the active pokemon with darkness lost. it says it dose 30 damage to each of your opponents pokemon
Back to top Modified on August 2, 2010 08:50 am 
United States

Avatar for tennischamp54
Subject:    Posted: August 9, 2010 11:16 am Reply with quote Report content icon

lol i traded this card away becasue 30 was little and also i couldn't use it
(no giratina)
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United States

Avatar for exgassault
Subject:    Posted: August 18, 2010 05:34 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

i want this for my ghost deck. it could change my whole deck for the better
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