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card review Might of Oaks: great card!!

Card Review
Might of Oaks: click to enlarge
Might of Oaks

Card text:

Target creature gets +7/+7 until end of turn.
Suddenly, she couldn't see the acorns for the trees.

  • Number: 106
  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Instant
  • Mana cost: 3G
  • Color: Green
  • Artist: Ron Spencer
Might of Oaks
great card!!

written by athenasparadise
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General description:
This card has tons of uses... It's very versatile. Giving a creature +7/+7 until end of turn for only 4 mana is very good... Especially for Green, which is based on growth, mana speed, and power...
In any growth, power house deck... Great for any green deck based on attack (also a great back up plan...)

Strategies and game play:
Plop Might of Oaks on a Troll Ascetic, which cant be targeted by your opponents and regenerates at the same time for 2 mana, and your opponents have to sit there helpless as you destroy their life points... It's probably one of the most gratifying experiences for Magic: the Gathering players everywhere... If you havent tried it, you're missing out... *grins evilly*

Combos with other cards:
Spellbinder is fun, Panoptic Mirror is very fun to use, and anything where you can play a card for free w/o paying mana cost...

Ways to counteract it:
Unsummons, burn the creature targeted, kill the creature targeted, tap the creature... Counterspell is the best and most effective way, though... Too powerfull not to draw out a counterspell... Great card for drawing counterspells and the like from a player playing mono blue decks... Anything that kills or targets the creature before the Might hits it...

Undercost, Huge power and toughness increase quickly, instant speed, huge powerup

only that it costs 4 mana... It would be broken if it only cost 2...

available in foil from many sets, reprinted multiple times, great card

Artwork and aesthetics:
definitely... The saying on the 9th edition card is hilarious... "Guess where I'm gonna plant this!" lol

Overall rating:


Modified on September 13, 2014 08:13 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for sindbad7cs
Subject:    Posted: February 23, 2006 02:43 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Ah, I just used this on someone in the last week! Great pump-up card!

Once you've stomped on someone's head for all the damage, I recommend Fling 'ing it at them. If you don't recall Fling, it allows you to sacrifice the creature and have it do damage equal to that creature's power.

Of course, Fling is red, so ya need the right deck or color. But we all know green/red decks are serious fun too. Fires of Yavimaya, and all...
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Avatar for lord_dragon
Subject:    Posted: January 3, 2012 06:30 am Reply with quote Report content icon

ALthough it's a great card, I don't use it very often. I guess it's the mana cost.
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