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card review Aqua Belala (#84): Know what's coming.

Card Review
Aqua Belala (#84): click to enlarge
Aqua Belala (#84)

Card text:

Whenever you put another creature into the battle zone, you may look at the top card of either player's deck. Then, you may put that card on the bottom of that player's deck.

  • Collector Number: 84
  • Rarity: Common
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Liquid People
  • Power: 1000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 2
  • Civilization: Water
  • Artist: Atsushi Kawasaki
Aqua Belala (#84)
Know what's coming.

written by LV34
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Liquid People are the race that has been with us from the very beginning of the game. I don't think I have to mention the great Aqua Hulcus or Aqua Surfer. In Base Set, beside Hulcus and some other Liquids there was also tiny Aqua Vehicle, with weak 2/1000 and no effect. Poor fellow, isn't it? So why was he present in many decks based on we-all-know-what race? The answer is simple: There was absolutely nothing better, and since having a T2 drop in swarms is rather important, people were forced to use him.

If 2/1000 LP is acceptable even without any effect, what would happen if we actually added not bad ability to it? Let's see...

Aqua Belala

Players were introduced to Belala in set number 28, Battle Galaxy, which is one of the coolest, but that's not important. It's rarity common so it's pretty easy to pull it out. The fact that there're 120 cards in the set, instead of usual 60 makes it harder, but it's still very highly possible to get at least one copy of Belala.

As I said in the beginning, even the 'shell' (whole card without the rules text) of it is worth considering when it comes to swarm decks based on Liquids. It's much cheaper than most of the popular Liquids that were mentioned at the beginning of the review, so it's perfect bait for evolution. And hell, is there any Duel Masters player who doesn't know about the “Crystals”? Powerful Lancer which strikes perfectly and cannot be stopped, and Paladin which gives new meaning to the word “Pierce”. There's also Jouster, Splinslicer, Zweilancer, Axe... And each of them is worth using in duel. Liquid People are truly great.

On the other hand, they're not the most flexible water race anymore. Sure, they're getting some support in most of the new realeses, but they are in the shadow of Cyber Lords. Ever since the restriction of Hulcus and set number 27, in which Qurian was introduced, they lost the throne on which they were sitting for a long time. And it definitely doesn't look like they're going to retrieve it.

Oh well, even if Liquids aren't that cool anymore, I believe that Belala was never very fond of its family, and preferred to be in different social circles, in which it's able to use its full potential. Belala has a great effect that if used wisely, can turn out to be extremely helpful.

Whenever you put something to the Battle Zone (meaning it doesn't have to be normal summoning, as it still works if the creature was put in play by an effect of Heaven's Gate for example) you can look at the card on the top of the deck of one player that you choose. That's not all, if you don't like it, you can remove it from the game for a very long time by placing it at the bottom of that deck. Sometimes that 'very long time' means even 'till the end of the duel'.

I believe that everyone already understands, that even Belala alone, without any special additions (which I'll discuss shortly) can be very dangerous. We are getting information about opponent that even he doesn't know. Sometimes we still have time (well, mana is more appropriate word here) to already prepare for that. And if we don't, we simply counter it before it reaches the hand of our opponent. Powerful, and evil in some way, isn't it?

Belala can also be deadly dangerousfor creatures that are already in play. Ever heard of card “Corile”? I'm sure you have. Of course, it can greatly slow down the opponent (Especially when he doesn't have anything in his hand) just by putting some random creature on the top of the deck. But sometimes you just postpone the moment when something will get you sooner or later, for example when you use Corile on Bolmeteus Steel Dragon or some other big bad creature. You're really annoyed then, and thinking “Gosh, if it were some normal removal and not Corile...”. Well, Belala is here to save you. When it's present in the Battle Zone, Corile turns from a great slow-downer to the most powerful removal in the entire game. It doesn't simply destroy the creature, nor it sends him to mana zone. It's placing it in the bottom of the deck, making it almost impossible to retrieve it, since searchers are not that popular nowadays. Wicked.
Belala can also work with many other creatures, such as Kaiser Wing Dragon and Pulpy Goobie. It's really worth trying.
I think that the only drawback of its effect is that it doesn't work on both players.

Summarizing, Aqua Belala is a creature that's really cheap and has a great effect. Shame it's not Cyber Lord, but Liquid People are still not bad. Note... I think I will give it 7/10.

Aqua Belala by Qbius


Modified on July 25, 2010 01:46 am

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