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card review News of Doom

Card Review
News of Doom: click to enlarge
News of Doom

Card text:

Unique. Each player makes a roll (draws a #) for each faction he has in play. Discard any faction if the result is 2 or 3, or it its result plus the player's unused general influence is less than 10. Remove News of Doom from the game.
"...they hid themselves in fear and would not come forth until the day was up..."-LotRV

  • Card Number: LE324
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Hazard Event
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Artist: Eric David Anderson
News of Doom
written by LV42
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There are few cars in MECCG tahr are so powerful that they remove themselves from the game after use to preserve game balance: Favor of the Valar, Dark Tryst, and the most powerful card in the entire game, News of Doom.

The MOST Powerful?! Yes. Without a doubt, News of Doom is the most powerful and most easily abused card in the game, regardless of persuasion (hero, minion or White Hand.) Consider the following scenario.

Your opponent has six high marshalling point factions, a few greater and major items, and one ally. You have several stored palantiri, a couple of greater items, four allies and no factions. If you opponent calls the Free Council, you stand to lose the game becasue your opponent has factions and you don't. His faction marshalling points wil double if you don't get at least one faction in play. However, you are unconcerned. Why? It gets ugly from here on out, so be forewarned.

Your opponent has Beorn under his wizard's direct influence. You have in your hand either general influence or direct influence hosing cards. In this example, you have Rebel-talk, News of Doom and Sudden Call. Beorn has a mind of seven (7) and your opponent's general influence is 14. A wicked grin steals over your face.

First, you play Rebel-talk on Beorn. The effect of Rebel-talk is unstoppable: the damage is done upon resolution even should your opponent play Marvels Told to remove Rebel-talk. Beorn is forced into general influence. This consumes all of your opponent's general influence (really 21, but a player's GI cannot be reduced below zero), robbing your opponent of GI to prevent the next card from being effective. Next, you drop News of Doom on the table. Fear and panic wells up in your opponent's heart, as he realizes the implications; essentially, he must roll a ten or greater for each faction to keep them in play. He has a 17% chance of keeping a faction in play, including the risk of rolling a two or a three. With six factions in play, this means he is likely to have only one (1) left after all the dice rolls have happened. At an average of three marshalling points per faction, he will probably lose fifteen points from a simple two card combo.

Note the double-edged sword effect of this card: you too must roll if you have factions. You must be prepared for playing News of Doom at the beginning of your turn. In otherwords, don't lob this card into play unthinkingly. Try to move all your characters around such that you have seven general influence free to protect yourself from your own hazard. Of course, no matter how much general influence one has, each faction is discarded on a roll of two or three. That is unavoidable, but only has an eight percent (8%) chance of happening (your odds should be even better, as I seem to roll snake-eyes and threes far more frequently than probability would imply, meaning that you must get the balancing higher rolls to keep the bell curve in good shape. I suppose I should buy different dice.)

Note that News of Doom is very flexible; it does not care how you tossed a monkey wrench into your opponent's general influce. Pick your anti-influence weapon of choice. General influence hosers include Stormcrow, Rebel-talk, So You've Come Back. Direct influence hosers include Stormcrow and Shut Your Mouth.

If you stack your hazards right, you can sway the game in your favor with this one card more easily than with any other card in the game. This card is most likely to appear in top calibre tournament decks, so be prepared for its effects.

In summary, by playing this card you can count on at worst 3 chances in 36 and at best an 83% chance of discarding each faction. Of course, should your opponent help you out by playing with few GI or by upping his or her characters' mind (Palm to Palm, etc.), don't look a gift horse in the mouth.


Original card review taken from :
With the authorization of the webmaster.

The reviewing team consisted of Gwaihir (Chris Farrell), Gimli (Nathan Bruinooge), Ohtar (Charles E. Bouldin, Esq.), Radagast (James Kight), Joshua B. Grace (Beorn), Martijn Steultjens (Fram Frumgarson), Jason Klank (Saruman) and Jeffery Dobberpuhl (Wormtongue)


Modified on December 23, 2011 01:04 pm

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Author Message
LV63 United States send message

Avatar for duff6551
Member since
November 15, 2002
Subject:    Posted: December 23, 2011 01:04 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

a great review for what appears to be a very powerful card - pros and cons are nicely portrayed - leaving even the weakest player much wiser for reading
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