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card review Aqua Hulcus

Card Review
Aqua Hulcus: click to enlarge
Aqua Hulcus

Card text:

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may draw a card.

Liquid People freely control liquid. For them, water is armor and shield.

  • Collector Number: 23
  • Rarity: Common
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Liquid People
  • Power: 2000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 3
  • Civilization: Water
  • Artist: Eiji Kaneda
Aqua Hulcus
written by alphadiosthe2nd
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Aqua Hulcus (08/11/200

Aqua Hulcus
Creature / Water / 3 / Liquid People / 2000
- When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may draw a card.
(Flavor: ) Liquid People freely control liquid. For them, water is armor and shield.
DM-01 23/110 (Common)

Overall Rating: 9.0/10.0

Draw a card. Go on, do it.

2000 power is alright for 3 mana. Even though you'll easily get rid of it with the combination of the Hammer, the Flame and the Volcano, it's still worth your mana as 2000 is SOLID power for 3 mana, especially when such a game-helping effect is in it. It's one of the largest staples, if you haven't realized. Anyway, the best things come in small packages, and if you think 2000 is small, then go ahead with it as well. (If you don't you'd probably have used it already...)

3-drops are plentiful these days. You can see that people dash for Stream, Hulcus, Pala Olesis, Bronze-Arm Tribe, Dimension Gate, Jil Warka, Angler Cluster, and many more cards that are extremely useful. In fact, correspondence to its power shows that 3 mana for 2000 is very plentiful in many cards, and their effects are not as important as this one. Now let's move on.

Drawing a card, or drawing cards in general for that matter, is almost insparable these days. To face a really aggressive deck without ending up topdecking will mean having lots of advantage, and hand advantage is essential. You get to replenish that missing card in your hand, and chances are late-game will bring you better add-on summonings like evolutions, or some well-deserved support.

It's of water, and it's effect is typical but rare. That's why it's useful. Furthermore, Liquid People have the most support in all Water, and with the release of Qurian, the Cyber Lord Hulcus, and Emperor Marco, the Cyber Lord that draws 3, together with lots of support, Hulcus becomes undeniably powerful, and is now restricted to one copy in Japan. See how this matters?

1x Cyber Brain
2x Super Divine Star Mercury Gigablizzard
2x Crystal Paladin
2x Crystal Lancer
2x Crystal Spinslicer
3x Maximum Defence
4x Aqua Guard
4x Aqua Hulcus
4x Aqua Surfer
4x Aqua Super Emeral
4x Aqua Strummer
4x Spiral Gate
4x Energy Stream

Aqua Hulcus, when used in a Liquid People heavy deck, will be good as it is not only a plain creature, but is highly supported as well. Also, if you want to have 8 Hulcus, just run Qurian as well, together with the mass draw evos like Marco. You can also enhance with Cyber Viruses, so you'll have 8 Guards, and also one more engine for drawing three cards, Astral Reef.

I think many might not know this, but Aqua Hulcus is probably the first card restricted not due to being broken, an overpowered finisher, part of a combo, or topples the metagame; in fact, it is probably the only card restricted for having a counterpart, and also for being a better race card out of all cards with same effect and similar ratio.

Some cards that work well with Aqua Hulcus:
Crystal Spinslicer - This creature is a fat blocker, gets rid of your early threats, or swings at shields. Totally affordable in conjunction with Crystal Spinslicer.
Aqua Guard - Defence at its best for a water deck. If you run Hulcus, then run it. It'll help you in sustaining your deck, and reusing your Hulcus with Spiral Gate.
Spiral Gate - Hulcus is draw staple. Gate is bounce staple.
Energy Stream - In case you don't get your Hulcus, or you need more possibilities in your decking.
Super Divine Star Mercury Gigablizzard - Pure defence, finisher, and obstructs your opponent. Also evo bait for UGU.

Rush - Early enough you'd topdeck if you play rush and you really rush to the fullest. As long as your Rush deck has Water and can accomodate 3-drops, then put it in.
Control - Control focusses on gaining advantage while killing off your opponent by disadvantaging him. Run it as long as your Control needs draw - which is virtually all the time.
Terminus - Keeps the game long enough, like a stall card. You can run this in stall too, as long as you know what you're using it for

From my experience, Aqua Hulcus serves a lot as a deckthinner, which helps you to get more out of your hand. Since search is usually overcosted, and takes up space, then draw would be better, as it does not take space (considering that it helps you get space), and rather, it can give you more cards then a search.

The Good: Staple. Drawing helps you in almost any way thinkable.
The Bad: Restricted, and may distract you from the real aim of your deck.
Artwork: 8/10
It's a weird specimen like thingy that represents Liquid People when you read the flavour text aloud as you look at it. It gives the weird feel.
Limited: 9/10
For this, I'll only say that Hulcus works well in almost any where, any time, any amount.
Constructed: 10/10
Careful deckbuilding will show you how Hulcus can not only be just a draw machine, but is highly supported!

Rating: 9.0/10.0

That's all for today.
Good luck.



Modified on November 14, 2013 12:45 pm

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