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card review Dragunity Legionnaire: Monsters' Nightmare

Card Review
Dragunity Legionnaire: click to enlarge
Dragunity Legionnaire

Card text:

When this card is Normal Summoned, you can select 1 Level 3 or lower "Dragunity" Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard and equip it to this card treated as an Equip Card. By sending 1 "Dragunity" card in your Spell and Trap Card Zone to the Graveyard, destroy 1 face-up monster your opponent controls.

  • Number: SD19-JP005
  • Rarity: Common
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect
  • Monster Type: Winged Beast
  • Attack Points: 1200
  • Defense Points: 800
  • Level / Rank: 3
  • Attribute: Wind
  • Password: 54578613
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
Dragunity Legionnaire
Monsters' Nightmare

written by negrolum
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General description:
Good days everybody!!. Today I'll speak about a card called "Dragunity Legionnaire". I decided to do this review because of its excellent effect, and I've found lots of combos we can do with it.

This card has several uses, but only in a Dragunity Deck we can release its true ability. So, despite of being useless in the majority of decks, we can use it also in a Lightsworn or in a Dragon deck, but its effect is never activated. The most important use of this card: Equip a Dragunity Monster to send it to the graveyard, and destroy 1 monster on the opponent's field.

Strategies and game play:
Strategy: Have a good swarm, with Phalanx's effect
Game Play: Equip a monster to destroy several cards on the field, or do a Synchro Summon quickly.

Combos with other cards:
We have lots of combos we can perform with Legionnaire's effect, shared with other cards we usually use. A list of combos we can do with Legionnaire:

Dragunity Legionnaire + Foolish Burial: Activate Foolish Burial, sending a "Dragunity" Dragon-Type monster from the deck to the graveyard. Then, Normal Summon Dragunity Legionnaire, activating its effect, equipping a Dragunity Monster from the graveyard.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragon Canyon: Dragon Canyon is the most important card in a Dragunity Deck. Activate its effect, sending a Dragunity Monster from your deck to the graveyard, or add Legionnaire from your deck, to normal summon it and equip a Dragunity monster from your graveyard.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Icarus Attack: Due to Legionnaire's Type of monster, we can tribute it to destroy 2 cards on the field.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Rising Air Current: Since Legionnaire is a Wind Monster, its attack will increase in 500, but its defense will decrease in 400.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Future Fusion: Future Fusion, another card we MUST have in our Dragunity Deck. We send all the Dragunity Monsters we want. Then, we normal summon Legion nair to equip a Dragunity from the graveyard.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragon Control Technique: Legionnaire's attack increase in 500 if we have it with 1 Dragunity Monster equipped to it.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Phalanx: We need to have Dragunity Phalanx in our graveyard. Normal Summoning Legionnaire, and activating its effect, we can choose to Special Summon Phalanx to Synchro Summon, or activate Legionnaire's effect, destroying a monster in your opponent's side of the field.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Pilum: Same combo as Phalanx's combo, except we equip Pilum, and we can attack directly, but our damage is halved.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Brandistock: Normal Summon Legionnaire, effect, we equip Brandistock from the graveyard, and now we can attack twice during each Battle Phase.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Corsesca: When we destroy a monster with Corsesca, equipped to Legionnaire, we can add a Dragunity Monster with the same Type and Attribute as the equipped monster from your deck to your hand.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Flying Kamakiri # 1 + Compulsory Evacuation Device: Due to the negative effect Legionnaire has, we can special summon it, with the effect of kamakiri, and return it to our hand to normal summon it later. So, Legionnaire's effect will activate.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Aklys: One of the most effective combos with Legionnaire: Due to Legionnaire's special ability, we send Aklys to the graveyard to destroy 1 monster on the field. Then, the effect of Aklys activates, destroying an additional card.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Aklys + Mist Valley Falcon: Same as before, we destroy 2 cards on the field activating Legionnaire effect, tributing Aklys. While Mist Valley Falcon attacks, we return Legionnaire to our hand, waiting for repeat the same combo, destroying 2 cards on the opponent's field every turn.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Knight - Gadearg: With Gadearg's effect, we add Legionnaire to our hand, and send 1 "Dragunity" Dragon-Type Monster from your hand.

Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg: Removing Legionnaire from your graveyard, Gae Bulg's attack will increase up to 3200.

Ways to counteract it:

Trap Hole
Divine Wrath
Solemn Judgment
Forced Back
Saber Hole
Mirror Force
Torrential Tribute
Dimensional Prison, Karma Cut
Sakuretsu Armor, Widespread Ruin
Smashing Ground, Fissure, Dark Hole, Dark Core

Its 1200 atk
Its great special ability, equipping and destroying monsters
Its a Winged-Beast Type Monster
We can perform Synchro Summons quickly

Its poor defense of 800
Its a Wind Monster
Needs to be Normal Summon to activate its effect
Its a Level 3 Monster

This card has been released only in these packs, which all of them are OCG:

Duel Terminal - Dragunity of the Hurricane
Structure Deck 19: Dragunity Drive

Artwork and aesthetics:
Its artwork is really nice, I like it very much. It has 2 green winds, a gold and silver "armor", and it has an emerald, if I'm not wrong, in the middle of its clothes.

Overall rating:
I'll put this card a 9, because of its brilliant effect and its worthy Atk and Def.

To end this review, I hope you read the whole review, and, if you want, vote for it. Not be unfair and vote properly.


Modified on December 23, 2011 01:12 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for gaspar
Subject:    Posted: September 6, 2010 09:10 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Hmph. I read this somewhere else in Spanish. I don't need to read it again in English, got it?!
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Avatar for negrolum
Subject:    Posted: September 25, 2010 07:49 am Reply with quote Report content icon

So many people vote with a 1 just for lower my punctuation. Spend your time in more important things ok?
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