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card review Pandora's Whisper

Card Review
Pandora`s Whisper: click to enlarge
Pandora's Whisper

Card text:

+1 stealth action. Do not replace until your untap phase.
[nec] Move a library card from your ash heap to your hand. Discard afterward.
[myt] Every other Methuselah may draw two cards from his or her library. You draw five cards from your library. Discard afterward.
[MYT] As above, but you may place any of the cards you discard on the top of your library instead of in your ash heap.

  • Number: 282
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Action
  • Disciplines: Mytherceria/Necromancy
  • Artist: Becky Jollensten
Pandora's Whisper
written by xyphus
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Republished from the Official VEKN Giovanni Newsletter, February 2006.

What? Mytherceria? Yes, folks; it seems that our clan has found some
weird vampires around, and was shocked to discover that some not only
display some knowledge of Necromancy, but also *master* the arts - even
better than some modern *cuginos*. What a shame... So to avoid rumors
spreading around on how the necromantic powers are not that exclusive
anymore, uncle Auggie suggested allying with these fae-like types. Not
that we've never dealt with them before; ask Bartholomew where he
learned his own prowess with the arts...

The crux of the matter is that Kyasid like Pherydima had showed us a
power they recently developed, based on the call for the old pagan
deity Pandora, that lets them tap into a mystical source of knowledge
none of us can. It is even powerful enough to spread around a little
extra of that mystical knowledge to anyone also; in its inferior form
it lets us, "poor Necromancers", access information long dead and gone
if we just concentrate a little bit more.

Mind you, we are already used to such dealings with the ashes, but this
power has some uses still. Let's think about it... The ages-old
Whispers from the Dead requires a little blood, not to mention Superior
ability to be performed with less risk of raising our enemies'
attention; most of us are knowledgeable in the ways of secretly
Summoning Souls, but this also requires advanced prowess, and we can't
immediately use the information retrieved; the anarchs had developed a
stealthy way to Gear Up their efforts even with a rudimentary ability
with the necromantic arts, but not all of us are willing to join their
movement, and that power also requires some blood. This Pandora's
Whisper trick seems to emulate the anarchs' discovery without the blood
expenditure drawback, though it requires some commitment on our
resources at hand. It's a fair trade in some situations, I believe. And
I'm told that the Mytherceria-based version of this power also allows
for a quicker access to other rituals, so why not try it?


Modified on February 28, 2012 03:30 am

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