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card review Curmudgeon

Card Review
Curmudgeon: click to enlarge

Card text:

Master: archetype. Trifle.
Put this card on a vampire you control. During your prey's untap phase, you may choose a minion controlled by your prey. If that minion is blocked this turn, you may tap this card to move 1 blood from the blood bank to this vampire. A vampire can have only one archetype.

  • Number: 40
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Master
written by czamora
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[Republished with permission from Andrew 'Wes' Weston (]

Another reactive archetype, Curmudgeon seems at first to have limited usefulness. Presumably, if you are playing Curmudgeon, you will also have some capability of blocking. Since Curmudgeon specifies that the blocked vampire must belong to your prey, you are also either hoping to block that vampire yourself using Eagle's Sight or Falcon's Eye, etc or you are hoping some other Methuselah will be blocking them. In any case, that's a lot of ifs. Too many, for my taste.

However, while Curmudgeon only works on your prey's vampires, it should be noted that every game eventually ends up with two Methuselahs, and at that point your prey will also be your predator. So Curmudgeon makes a fairly good archetype in the endgame for most wall decks.

One advantage of Curmudgeon is that the vampire with the archetype on it need not be the blocking vampire.
This means that you could use some other vampire you control as the blocker and use the Curmudgeon vampire as a Blood Doll. So you could have Nadima with a Rebel archetype and Mirembe with a Curmudgeon and when Nadima blocks Gilbert Duane (that sneak-bleeding *beep* of a vampire), you can have both Nadima and Mirembe gain a blood. In fact, you could have one designated blocker and many other vampires, all Curmudgeons. That's a lot of blood gain.

It is possible that your prey will choose not to take any actions with the vampire that you name, but this can be used to your advantage. A prey that is not taking actions is probably also not ousting your grand-prey or blocking your actions.

Rating --> B


Modified on February 28, 2012 03:29 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for echiang
Subject: Re: Curmudgeon   Posted: November 29, 2010 11:20 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Another approach is to design your deck so as to force your prey to take actions.

Blood depletion decks can force your prey's empty minions to hunt (which you then block). In some cases, you might not even want to torpor that minion because as long as he's in a hunting loop, you can easily block him (and gain Curmudgeon blood).

Alternatively, you can play debilitating minion cards that may be burned as an action. Lunatic Eruption, Mark of Damnation, Mind of a Killer, Soul Painting, etc. can be used to manipulate which of your prey's minions are going to take actions.

Curmudgeon works best with superior AUS or SPI because Eagle Sight and Falcon's Eye lets you block (D) actions directed at other players.
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