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card review The Wall

Card Review
The Wall: click to enlarge
The Wall

Card text:

Challenges: Put 1 Night's Watch character into play from your hand, knelt as a defender, during any challenge declared against you. (Limit once per challenge.) Return that character to your hand at the end of the phase if it is still in play.

  • Number: 114
  • Rarity: F
  • Type: Location
  • House: Neutral
  • STR: 0
  • Claim Value: 0
  • Gold Cost: 4
  • Traits: The North.
  • Income/Initiative: 0
The Wall
written by thedamphair
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General description:
The Wall is an invaluable tool for players using a Night's Watch deck. It allows you to put one Night's Watch character into play as a knelt defender during any challenge against you. This can be done without kneeling The Wall and can be used once per challenge. The character you use from your hand returns to your hand at the end of the phase if it hasn't been discarded or killed.

Use it every chance you get! Especially if you have a heavy hitter like Defenders of the North or Ranging Party in your hand. It's also nice to put the screws to an attacker who plans on winning an unopposed Intrigue challenge against you because you have no Intrigue showing (Night's Watch decks are usually light on the Intrigue). When this happens, play Janos Slynt or Young Ranger from your hand to turn the tide.

Strategies and game play:
When your spread is character light (due to lost battles or low gold) and your hand is character heavy is when this card really shines. An attacker might think you're a sitting duck, but The Wall lets you bring the strength out of your hand and into play. It basically allows you to have an extra character without the drain on your gold. Also, successfully defended military challenges using The Wall can help keep your characters on the board and out of the dead pile.

Combos with other cards:
Use The Wall with any Night's Watch character, based on the type of challenge and how much strength you need to successfully defend.

Ways to counteract it:
Some attachments (like Frozen Solid) will keep The Wall out of play.

Artwork and aesthetics:
Beautiful card. It shows The Wall looming over the landscape with a gathering storm darkening the sky. Very bleak. Looks like a black metal album cover, maybe something from Immortal...

Overall rating:
A good solid eight out of ten.


Modified on November 6, 2013 10:17 am

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