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card review ElecMan: Fully Charged

Card Review
ElecMan: Fully Charged: click to enlarge
ElecMan: Fully Charged

Card text:

Whenever you play a BattleChip, you may place up to 2 cards from your discard pile in your power gauge.

  • Collector's Number: 1
  • Rarity: C
  • Card Type: NetNavi
  • Strength/Defense/Blast: 1/0/1
  • Emblem: Elec
[Ai] AirMan
[Ic] Iceman
[Me] MegaMan
[Ph] PharaohMan
[Pr] ProtoMan
[Sn] SnakeMan
B = Blue
G = Green
R = Red
Y = Yellow
ElecMan: Fully Charged
written by jayceraynav
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Elecman is not your standard net na vi. With a 1 Strength, 0 Defense, and 1 Blast, he fall short of most Navies in the game. He does, however, have a nice Power-up effect that does give him a nice attractiveness over other Navies. Elecman follows a yellow/green styles standards.

Basic Strategy:
Elecman runs basically off a multi blast recharge style with his cards. The mere fact that off a simple battle chip Elecman can be ready for most cards gives him a heavy advantage over other Navies, as well as blasting multiple times. Elecman can also recharge some energy very quickly through his cards, especially with count zap sitting behind him since count zap is basically a free drop, with a 5 destiny. Shocker can also add some serious damage and control for Elecman since he can blast from your opponent's gage. Simply, use Elecman to play big cards, multi blast, and draw and recharge with his green. However, the only problem I have with elecman is that, even if you use cards from later sets, all the recharge in the world can't save the 0DEF.

Advance Strategy:
Elecman could do wonders with Blue. Back many years ago, I ran blue in Elecman to avoid heavy damage by canceling blasts and battle-chips. This will help to prevent damage given by heavy hitters. All you can hope for by removing the green side is that you can draw your cancel cards quick enough to avoid the damage. Also thought about running elecman in a green/red deck to maintain his draw, recharge, along with red to defend himself and to modify his destiny as often as possible. If I had to take elecman mono, I would take him red for heavy defense to protect myself and modify the blast.

Final Thoughts:
Elecman is a very interesting na vi, with a difficult build. If he is done right, his ability can be very rewarding. If you want a deck building challenge, go elecman. My final out of 10, I will give him a 6. He's not terrible, but the difficult of that 0DEF will pose a problem.


Modified on February 2, 2013 01:15 am

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