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card review Black Ganveet, Legion of Demise: Despair, Ye Ants, for You Will Burn

Card Review
Black Ganveet, Legion of Demise: click to enlarge
Black Ganveet, Legion of Demise

Card text:

* When this creature attacks, each player discards their hand.

* No Choice (If any player has no cards in their hand, this creature gains the following file:Nochoice.gif ability.)

file:Nochoice.gif This creature gets +5000 power.

* Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)

file:bloodysoul.gif Bloody Soul

  • Collector Number: 12
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Demon Command
  • Power: 7000+
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Darkness
  • Artist: Toshiaki Takayama
Black Ganveet, Legion of Demise
Despair, Ye Ants, for You Will Burn

written by waileukwu
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I. General description:
Duel Masters had never been as disturbed as the psychics came into play, and since dm-36, more and more mechanism had been added to the game, many of them opening up new options of plays and strategies, or otherwise strengthening the advantages of each civilisations.
Darkness had long been the civilisation that specialises in breaking the opponent through destruction of the three zones of duel master - hand, shield, and battle zone. From discards to destroy, darkness reigns, but only this civilisation can discard ever so easily.
In DM-37, a creature by the name of Black Ganveet, Legion of Demise came into sight of the general public. Being a rare, it quickly populate itself in decks that would do nicely with discards. Yes, indeed.

First we must take a look at what it can do. So, here you go:

Black Ganveet, Legion of Demise
7/Darkness/Demon Command

* When this creature attacks, each player discards their hand.
* No Choice (If any player has no cards in their hand, this creature gains the following ability.)

This creature gets +5000 power.

* Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)

Bloody Soul

II. Uses:

First, let us go through its ability thoroughly before we jump to conclusion about how wicked its effect is.

When this creature attacks, each player discards their hand.

Huh? What the heck? Discard...each player's hands? That means...discarding my own hand? Heck no!

Ok, I am sure a few of ye who playeth the game of Duel Meisters have experienceth this very "concern". Now I am here to tell you, fear not, though it might be bad for you, it will be worse for your foe. And woe to them. It discards 'everything'. This is a goodness regarding the numbered and unnumbered. Bad thing is, you can't chose, nor would fate chose for you. The good thing is, there is no need of choosing. Not even Invincible Technology can make a hand that Ganveet can't discard. If you love Lost Soul, this effect is definitely made for you.

That also means, if you attack with Ganveet last after a round of shield breaking, the hand gained is gone with the wind. Because it is an effect that takes place before the actual attack goes through, you have no worry of shield triggers or ninja strikes because the result is the same: cards will be discarded.

No Choice-This creature gets +5000 power.

No Choice. Now onto its No Choice ability. Yes, No Choice is new to DM, introduced exactly on DM-37. As explained, it happens when any Players (note: ANY) have no hand, it will get +5000 power. So yes, 7000+5000=12000. The moment it attacks, you can expect it to have 12000 power. That's a lot. For a non-evolution darkness creature at 7 cost without extreme flaws. You can see it as a kind of 'power attack +5000' that carries through to your opponent's turn. Very very sweet. Usually you would have no cards in hand as well then, so Ganveet keeps the +5000 stat, perhaps losing it only when a few of your shields are broken.

Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)

Tripler Breakers. Yes, we all love T. B. 7 cost triple breaking is great, especially for darkness creatures who always lack pure power. Blowing up three shields in attack is always fun to see, especially when the effect of Ganveet comes before the breaking of the shields, thus can discard the hands before all the shield triggers comes to play. Hey, you are giving 3 cards back to your opponent for discarding his/her hand. Nothing better as a taunt

Bloody Soul

Bloody Soul. Right, one of the new features introduced since DM-36. Bloody Soul seems to be attached Darkness Civilization creatures that have really powerful effects. There will be some comboes regarding the Souls, but Bloody Soul do not get much, so well, nothing significant.

In conclusion, yes, its extremely twisted abilities made it so popular, so popular that Kokujo uses it in the anime, so popular that it got itself a beautiful psychic version.

III. Strategies and game play:
Ganveet is simple. Attack. Wipe out hand. Break shields.

Ok, nevermind, not good enough? The first thing to Ganveet is to summon it. As will be mentioned, with the coming DM-36 and those after it, the addition of a few cards made the summoning process much smoother.
The second thing is to make Ganveet attack at the right moment. If you want great hand control, don't just attack with it first before anything else. Have your creatures break shields, then blow them all into grave with a single attack. If you have important cards in hand, and opponent don't have cards, don't be in a rush. Usually, you can afford to wait.
The third is populating the grave. There are many cards that allows you to take certain cards into hand. Sometimes you want to put these cards into grave for whatever reason like using inferno sign to revive them or use Soul Recall effects of some cards. Attacking with Ganveet gives you an alternative for such.

IV. Combos with other cards:
Will be divided into three parts, summoning, graving, pure fun.

Summoning Ganveet, as it is a 7 cost pure darkness creature, can be a difficulty especially against rush. As it is a demon command, there are classic ways to pump such a creature out, or there are newer methods:
-Maxval (or other cost reducers)-deduct 1 cost for darkness creatures
-Emergency Typhoon (or other self discards) X inferno sign (or other revivers like inferno gate, babelgenius)-easily done by fifth turn
-Faerie Gift (for any higher cost creatures with destructive abilities)-can be a good choice
-Faerie Life (or any other mana rushing cards)-mana is good for all purpose, the more the merrier
-Soulswap (or Crest of Mother) X Mystic Treasure Chest (or cards that put creatures into mana)-more mana, easily done by turn five
-Transmorgrify (or Orochi) X Palpi (or top deck arrangers)-can literally pull this off at turn 4
-Bell Hell de Gaul-risky, usually doesn't work, but one way nonetheless
-Dark Strike- Introduced in DM-36, this creatures is made for the likes of ganveet. 7 cost, demon command, big, evil, and blood thirsty. And how hard it is to suicide a 1000 creature? More importantly, you have one less hand card (assuming you put Ganveet into Batlezone from hand by the effect of Dark Strike)
-Graving X Ballom Monarch-win a battle, put it into Battlezone. Another Demon Command, another possible source of victory (a 12000 powered creature as well)
-Asliger: Introduced in DM-38, this creature made angels and demons as quick as dragons. 2 cost reduction? Gosh, that meant you can simply summon Ganveet from hand by turn 5 without all the trickery that comes before it like the other methods.
-Cyber G. Hogan X Palpi (or other deck arrangers or Jaws Pirate/Tempest Baby) -the mother of all chains. It's 8 cost will put Ganveet into battlezone with no trouble

Graving, a term I kinda made up, but makes sense. It is the act of increasing the efficiency of the utilization of your graveyard. Ganveet discards your hand as well. That's excellent for graving. Now bellow are good cards that can make the graving worth it. Of course, this also means that you have a substantial amount of hand to discard.
-Shrine of Rebirth (or any other spells/creatures that puts cards grave into mana)-great way to build up manazone, esepecially if Ganveet is summoned early, and destroyed your hand
-Inferno Sign (or revivers)- bring back mighty creatures
-Hades- directly summon creatures from grave
-Death March (or any grave evolutions)- need creatures, a lot of them
-Beginning Romanoff (galaxy grave vortex or something like that)- need even more creatures
-Yata Izuna (reviving evolutions)- need evolutions in grave
-Sir Virginia (reviving evolutions)- same as above
-Dulanzames (or any spells/creatures that picks stuff up from grave)- brings cards back to hand, while opponent are left with nearly none. Mean, just mean.
-Grudge Gathering- well, you will have a lot of graved cards
-Hannibal (or the many other Soul Recallers)- need even more cards in graveyard.
-Ballom Monarch (or any other good revivers)- bring back even more brothers of darkness
-No Choice Buddies (not a lot, but there are a few)- Well, guaranteed someone will have no hand
-Psychic Ganveet- makes sure the opponent will be top decking. Vastly increases chance of Psychic Ganveet awakening
-Grateful Life, the Earth Breaker- King of DM-39 new creatures, put any number of cards in your grave to the mana zone when it leaves.
-Grateful Dead, Lord of Demons- Queen...i mean Drag Queen of DM-39, put any number of cards in your grave to hand. Destroy hands, then evolve, then get all the creatures back and smile while your opponent struggles.

Having fun, is just for kicks. Ganveet's ability is very destructive to anyone not prepared, and with these combos, it is even better.
-Divine Riptide X attacking with Ganveet- both players return mana to hand then discards them. What greater method are there to make everyone suffer?
-Mykee's Pliers- speed attacking dark creatures. Who doesn't love them?
-Whirlwind Tailspin- more speed attacking dark creature. Actually good combo.
-Necrodragon Daft Head- They draw more, you discard more.
-Hydro Commune- return a lot of creatures to hand, then discard them all (might actually summon a few first since hydro cost only 3). Same effect as Crimson Commnune
-Miraculous Plague- Wait, did you just return 2 cards to hand? No, discard those as well.
-All Demon Command supports- Ganveet is not as good of a soloist as it might seem. It is like the spear head of a spear, thus needing the wooden staff to support it and make it effective. Deadly effective at that.
-They Who Owned Shield Triggers- Queen Alcadeis, Alcadeis, That Banned Totem, Alphadios, and others. You do know the others. Especially that Beast Folk/Dark Lord awesomeness. Really. If you don't know...please research them. They are good for your health and your future decks. Basically these makes the other person keep more cards in their hand. Then boom comes Ganveet and its whips of mass destruction. Yeah, they would wanna cry.
-XENOM- what's better than another creatures that discards cards when attacking? This baby triple breaks, and discards with its break bonus. Attack with XENOM, then attack with Ganveet. Which one will they block?
-Ganveet X Ganveet- Can you imagine discarding hand, breaking shields, then discarding the shields they just got? O-O-O-Oouch!

V. What it counters:
Pure absolute discarding is just evil. It will mess up a lot of things, especially these:

-Amadeus- great powerful triple breaking zombie dragon, but hey, unless the deck has no replica, how many times does a hand have to be discarded to make it un-summonable?
-Ninjas- don't even think about keeping them hiding in your hand. They will never be safe from the evil clutches of Ganveet.
-Water decks- they draw, you discard. Twilight Sigma? Great, let's see what else can it summon after returning all cybers to hand. Probably the same creatures just yet.
-Crystal Memory, Dimension Gate- They find a creature or card and put it into their hand. Next thing they know, it is in the grave (though beware of the discarding creatures mentioned bellow)

VI. Ways to counteract it:

Killing it:
Ganveet has no protection against spells, so please pound on it as hard as you can before it attacks. Of course, Shield Triggers can be a problem for Ganveet since it is a triple breaker, but the thing is, it has done its job (Heaven's Gate is owned. Super Spark does nothing. Light Shield Triggers cry...wait, other then the almight Memories of the Planetary Dragon). So kill first, talk later.
-Killing spells like Terror Pit. Poison for poison, darkness spells are the best. Note that Grudge Gathering is actually pretty good against Ganveet. After all, it would have discarded a few cards wouldn't it? 7 cards in grave is really nothing for a raging Ganveet.
-Break their shields before attacking Ganveet can save you time and effort (to break No Choice). 7000 is really something but not much.

Make the best out of it:
Ganveet's non-discrimination can make it really sad
-Baiken (and all these creatures that can be summoned if discarded not on their turns)- you can say 'please unleash your whips of love on me, Ganveet', and watch as Ganveet stays paralyzed.
-spend all your cards by putting them into the mana, battlezone or grave. The only thing left for Ganveet is to triple break. But wait, if they have a lot of cards in hand, suddenly Ganveet might not be worth it for the attack.
-use their graveyard as well. Dias Z is the lucky creature. Carribean Moon smiles (dark decks has dark spells. No, really.)

Just don't use these (applicable to both sides):
-Hellgate Moon- just beware that opponent put creatures back into battle zone as well. So for both sides, please weigh the consequences (usually more bad then good) before summoning this creature
-Invincible Technology- you draw, you discard. Unless you are desperate for a good grave, not really recommended.
-End the World- Why use this? You have only 3 cards left, and Ganveet discards cards in your hand. Unless you have Soul Recall or something that works before Ganveet attacks.

VII. Strengths/Pros:
Insane ability. Discard everything is awesome if you want to mess your opponent's play. You also get cards for it.

Its No Choice is also very sweet, 12000 power? Worth it.

Triple Breaker. Heck yes.

Bloody Soul. The effectiveness of this Soul is still under research, sorry for not much information here.

Demon Command? Awesome!

7 cost? Very decent

Best of all, it looks great.

VIII. Weaknesses/Cons:
Insane ability. Discarding your own hand is painful, and is restrictive. Sometimes your oponent has no hand, and you don't want to discard yours either. So you can't attack with Ganveet.

Easily manipulated. It could be the demise for yourself if the other has a lot Baiken waiting to punish you.

Triple Breaker means it will give opponent 3 cards if it broke its maximum amount of shields, meaning even if it took away their hand, 3 cards is given back. If opponent spams shield plus, can be very dangerous.

Easily killed by spells.

7 cost. In normal games, not many cards will be left in the opponent's hands by then.

IX. Variations/Artwork/Aesthetics:
dm-37: The standard one, riding on a skeletal horse of death (as shown at the very beginning), behind it is a flaming battle field. It is like the Horseman of the Revelations, coming to start and end all wars. Toshiaki is one of the best DM artists!

dm-37 V.C.: This one has a little addition to it, with more blue fire irradiating from the four extensions of blades from is precious weaponry (is that a scythe?). Available in mosaic foil.

promo P43/Y9: the version shown here, very wicked sick with even more blue flames, a skeletal horse that evolved into an armored skeletal ram, actually in the Super Rare foil, leaping out of the frame, probably into war. This makes Ganveet looks like the master of death, with its red robe flowing like a stream of blood, its weapons clawed and threatening to steal the lives of all that cross path with it...yeah. You get my point.

dmc-68: Ganveet descending into battle, looking murderous. Nice pot shot

promo P80/Y9: Ganveet leaping in a killing strike.

promo P88/Y9: Ganveet: Who is that retard that dares to face me?

DM-39 as Psychic Ganveet:
side a: side b:

Sexy Ganveet of the night morphs into a very unsential knight of death...with many heads. No, I am not explaining what Psychic Ganveet does here.

Note: all the above are in Japanese. Those who play English, Chinese, Korean version would have to wait (perhaps forever)

X. Overall rating:
From its popularity, ubiquity, ability, and 'amazingility', I must give it a 10, but due to its double edge blade effect and its cost, I must deduct at least 2 points from it, resulting in an shaky 8.

Finally, a blown up 1.5 times promo version of Black Ganveet real life:

XI. Sample decks:

coming soon, sorry....


Modified on November 7, 2012 03:02 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject: finally done T_T   Posted: April 16, 2011 12:40 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

ok, people, rate it, comment on it, give it to me what i deserve

and by the way, need some more comboes on bloody soul. Is there any major ones?
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Avatar for dasshubham
Subject:    Posted: May 23, 2011 08:07 am Reply with quote Report content icon

well i have a combo which you might like and it's simple Magical king of endless puppets+Black ganveet's effect when it attacks so the no.of cards both players lose the user of black ganveet gets to draw that many cards muhahahaha! a trick for you a treat for me!
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Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: June 5, 2011 06:53 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Haha, that's true, thanks for the suggestion. Death Puppet is always a good supporter for dark race
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Avatar for huisheng
Subject: suggestion for combo   Posted: December 24, 2011 03:54 am Reply with quote Report content icon

death monarch x black ganveet x death cruzer (or anything else that you can think of to kill death monarch) okay heres the deal after black ganveet discards all those demon commands from your hand into the graveyard you can summon death cruzer which effectively wipes out your whole batttlezone but you can summon your non-evo demon commands back with death monarch's effect (yes including black ganveet) so now you will have a whole army of demon commands in the battlezone ready to kill some ants yea!
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Avatar for sekai
Subject:    Posted: January 24, 2012 08:33 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Ganveet not used much in my country, but all that can be said is said in the above. Ganveet is also great against N World decks, to destroy a hand after being drawn. Let down is that it's cost too much for an ability that harms yourself when it does damage to your opponent. Psychic version is much better in that sense, rather expendable.
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LV31 United States send message

Avatar for shuriken6
Member since
July 1, 2010
Subject: *Crosses Fingers*   Posted: February 11, 2012 03:47 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Maybe this will finally win review of the week this week (if it does then it's about time...)
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LV12 Yugoslavia send message

Avatar for ibuki01
Member since
December 17, 2014
Subject:    Posted: January 8, 2015 09:22 am Reply with quote Report content icon

even "5" is not enough for this review
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