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card review Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity: Flames of Passion, And Grace of Nature... Avatar Reviews Part 1

Card Review
Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity: click to enlarge
Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity

Card text:

(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.) Vortex Evolution - Put on one of your Fire Birds and one of your Earth Dragons. Triple Breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields). When this card would leave the battle zone, only the top card leaves the battle zone instead (Separate the other cards into 2 creatures).

  • Collector Number: 5
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Phoenix
  • Power: 13000
  • Cost: 4
  • Civilization: Fire/Nature
Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity
Flames of Passion, And Grace of Nature... Avatar Reviews Part 1

written by LV31
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Never Ending Unity

Konnichiwa, minna-san. How is everyone? Im back with a special Six Part Review that I was inspired to do since working on my Fanfiction: Duel Masters: Vortex Wars. Anyway, to introduce the First of the Series of reviews, let my characters Sarina and C.J. introduce our first Creature of the series…

"You may play Nature beautifully… however; I've seen this play plenty of times…" Sarina said as she held one of her broken shields. "Shield trigger: Natural Snare."

C.J. grew cold. "What?"

Natural snare took Fighter Dual Fang away, adding 2 more mana to him totaling 13.
"My turn…" She drew and set her mana. "Now then; It’s time to reveal my true power of my deck: With the Passion of Fire, and the Grace of Nature, Allow them to become Unified as one…"

She slid Dolzark on top of Cocco Lupia, shocking C.J.

"Vortex Evolution: Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity!" she slammed the card on the table.
Dolzark turned to Lupia, and Lupia turned to Dolzark. Lupia ignited it's body in flames and flew around Dolzark in a spiral of flames.

Suddenly a Wing shot out, being dark green with red armor. Then an identical one shot from the other side. A loud screech was made as two flaming blades materialized. A pair of talons grabbed onto them as the flame tornado extinguished, revealing the Soul Phoenix. It had four wings, the bigger ones based on leaves, while the smaller red ones were more armor-like. Most of its body excluding the talons and head resembled leaves as its headdress looked similar to an Aztec crown.

"The Fire Bird represents the Heart of the Phoenix, where the desire to form a bond with all Dragons exist; While the Earth Dragon Represents the Body, where its strength and might are shown. This creature shows the never ending unity between the Fire and Nature Civilizations; which is why it gained the title: Avatar of Unity."

Yep, starting it off is the Oh so loveable: Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity, the only one of the Avatar Creatures that has the rarity of Very Rare. In this review I’ll be covering as much as I can, when it comes to this Chick and all of her unique abilities.

The Baby of the Family

DM-12 Thrash of the Hybrid Megacreatures

Soul Phoenix and her family were released in the Final English duel masters set: DM-12 Thrash of the Hybrid Megacreatures. This set not only introduced the unique Vortex Evolution, but also more Wave Striker support, the Clone spells, and Rainbow Evolutions that could evolve from either of its races. But we’re not gonna focus on those so much as we are on the Vortex Evolutions the set has to offer. Sorry.

Soul Phoenix like I mentioned, is labeled with a Very Rare Rarity, noting that it doesn’t share the same rarity as her family does. Ironically enough the card that replaces it is:

Terradragon Arque Delcaerna, an Earth Dragon. Not only is it a Nature creature, but it’s also half of her Evolution, as it takes an Earth Dragon and a Fire Bird to summon Soul Phoenix. OK, Now its time to see what makes it so Unique of the five:

So it costs 4 mana, it’s a combination of the Fire and Nature Civilizations; she’s at 13000 power and is a Triple breaker. For 4 mana that’s not bad at all. But then she’s a Vortex Evolution; Typical.

For most veteran players, we all know how difficult it is to summon Vortex Evolution creatures, especially years ago when they first came out. The only challenge that I see is trying to keep the two base creatures on the field long enough to get the very card, which isn’t the easiest thing to do obviously. You’d probably need blockers, or heavy attackers that can kill of threats. Personally, I try to wait it out, considering the possibility of a shield trigger popping out and killing off one of the bases. Of course that’s never safe because you can always get hit by your opponent’s creatures directly. But Soul Phoenix only costs 4 mana so that’s a bit of a relief.

Gone but not Forgotten

Possibly one of the few unique things about these set of creatures are their abilities once they leave the Battle Zone. Whether they are returned to your hand, blasted to the grave, tangled up into mana, or converted into shields, their effects trigger. Soul Phoenix’s Leaving Ability:


Once she leaves, she reverts to her two base creatures. Whether or not she was tapped, will depend on how they are. If Soul Phoenix was destroyed by a creature or a spell, the top card leaves. If it was tapped, the two base creatures remain tap. If it was untapped, then they remain untapped.

Cross #1: Unity

KG: Unity Cross is Sarina’s Deck in my fanfic. In it, has your classics like Cocco Lupia, Dolzark, Super Terradragon Balis Gale, Pyro Fighter Magnus for offensive purposes, and Some Accelerators such as, Fifi, The Awakened Dragon Fairy, and Terradragon Dagradolgran. And powerful Cross gears such as Octillion Force, and Chain Helix. Below I’ll go more into detail with said cards, and some unique ones that’ll prove useful later on.

How to make a Soul Phoenix “Sing” for dummies
After summoning her and letting her loose, She’ll be singing your victory tune; in order to do that you’ll need the right tools.

I hope we can stay friends forever Mr. Regarion (Cocco Lupia)

Cocco Lupia; a Classic Basic Fire Bird bait, perfect for supporting your Earth Dragons, by reducing their cost by 2. Of course, in Soul Phoenix deck it’s necessary.

I hope that we stay friends as well, young Fire Bird...(Terradragon Regarion)

Terradragon Regarion's a classic Earth Dragon what can I say? With Cocco Lupia you'll have on your hands a 3 mana double Breaker that can hit 7000 power with it's Power Attacker. What's better? Earth Dragon=Other Half of Bait

You won’t like me when I’m Angry... ROAR!!!! (Fifi, The Awakened Dragon Fairy)

Fifi the Awakened Dragon Fairy is such a sweet heart. She has the Accelerator ability which is effects that triggers once said creature is crossed with a Gear. Once she gets a Gear onto her, she gains +3000 power and becomes an Earth Dragon. That’s pretty great considering that just her and Cocco Lupia could Vortex Evolve into Soul Phoenix.

I was Born from Nature, and then Reborn from Fire…Because of that I have enough sense from both to tell me that you’re my enemy… (Super Dragon Machine Dolzark)

Super Dragon Machine Dolzark Is one of my favorite Dragon creatures; Not only having races of both Armored and Earth Dragon, but he also has the ability to send any of your opponent’s 5000 power or less creatures to mana whenever ANY of your Dragons attack. So he not only serves as bait, but also a cleanup crew.

Fly like a Sword Butterfly, sting like a laser-shooting Fire Bird, OH YEAH! (Lupia Lapia)

I'd Figure that he can help with something. Lupia Lapia reduces the costs of dragons by 1, which helps support Cocco Lupia. Not only that, but once he's destroyed, you can swap him with a dragon in your mana zone. Which works if you couldn't summon that certain dragon back in the beginning, but now you can since you have enough mana.

I must protect the Princess with my life (Loppo Loppo)

Loppo Loppo is an excellent idea if you can’t depart from your Precious Phoenix just yet. Savers, which have the ability to take the fall for one of your creatures, granted it’s the corresponding race, can be sacrificed in place of your creature. The cure to Slayers and other Creature-destroying Tactics.

What every phoenix could ever dream of becoming (Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity)

Ultimate Galaxy Universe; The King of all Phoenixes. By evolving Soul Phoenix into UGU, you have access to an automatic game win in less 3 turns or less. Every time you attack, you can use it’s meteorburn, by sending the lowest card of the stack to the grave. If Soul Phoenix is the last to go and there nothing else there, Todomeda.

OK Then, So what about spells? a few come to mind pretty quickly as a matter of fact.

Shortcuts to get to the Bird of your Dreams

Hate to break it to you but... I'm on their side now; No hard feelings (Genius Janit of the Hidden Blade)

Miraculous Rebirth remains to be one of my all-time favorite Rainbow Spells. It destroys any one of your opponent's creatures with power 5000 or less. Afterwards, you search your deck for a creature with the same cost and you put that very creature into the Battle Zone. So if you can't get Soul Phoenix, even though you have the bait needed, use Miraculous Rebirth, to destroy one of your opponent's 4 cost creatures. Soul Phoenix "Becomes" the very creature that you destroyed.

Phoenixes never die; In their flames another is born. In this scenario, Your opponent's creatures don't really die; they're just Reborn into one of your creatures, which you have control over. Lovely isn't it?

Happy Thanksgiving

So now, Who want's Phoenix for Dinner? (Marsyas, Sun Elemental)

Lovely, a Creature that Wins all battles. One attack from this thing and Soul Phoenix is Gone. But Wait! Soul Phoenix devolves from it's two bases so we-

I can do this all day (Infinite Ingmar, Mobile Spirit)

Never Mind. With Fist of Forever, whenever a creature wins a battle, they untap, ready to attack again without no restrictions. Combine that with a creature that's either Higher than 13000 or something like Marsyas here, and Soul Phoenix is gonna end up on the table come dinner time.

The Most Powerful of the Five
Soul Phoenix has cost of 4 and a 13000 base power, which is great for any Vortex Evolution, nowadays. Triple Breaker is another good quality and the fact that it doesn't die right away: The two base creatures splitting up once Soul Phoenix Leaves.

And Yet possibly the most Inexperienced
Possibly the only noticeable disadvantage is what happens when it leaves. Yeah, you get your two creatures back, however, if Soul Phoenix was tapped when it left, they are too, leaving them to be targets for your enemy. She might need a little help in this department.

A Masterpiece

This is the original Artwork for Soul Phoenix... Awesome isn't it? A Giant Bird made up of trees and covered in armor and other ancient Fiona Woods Tribe stuff. Like i mentioned in my fanfic it does give that "Aztec Diety" Vibe to the creature.

Conclusion of Part 1
Well now, after a long 4 1/2 hours of doing this, with a few tech issues, im done with Part 1. Part 2 is gonna be on Wise Starnoid Avatar of Hope so look out for that. Once i post it, i'll leave a link for said review.

As for Soul Phoenix, I give it a 9.5/10; Overpowering cost-power ratio which is balanced out by the fact that it's a Vortex Evolution.

And just in case you wanted to see the conclusion of that duel from the quote...

Duel Masters Vortex Wars Chapter 4 There ya go. Thx for reading guys, comment, rate etc.

Link to the Fanfiction Duel Masters: Vortex Wars


Modified on August 25, 2014 02:07 pm

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Discussion about this Card Review
Add your comments
Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: September 2, 2011 06:33 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

you went for the most common use of soul phoenix and i can't blame you for that. But have you thought about spamming its last ability with things like Evo charger and timeless garden? (Ok, I understand that in your story, things like these are kinda far as they are produced in later sets), but hey, you can put big huge monsters into battle zone this way. Of course, you have to consult on others about this but if you let me have my way, I would do something like putting big creatures under it, then suicide by spell, bring out all the good stuff from under. Does it work with Evolutions though? If it does then:

is it possible to slide UGU and another phoenix under there to evolve UGU on it? I don't know.
Back to top  
LV31 United States send message

Avatar for shuriken6
Member since
July 1, 2010
Subject:    Posted: September 2, 2011 07:22 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from waileukwu:

you went for the most common use of soul phoenix and i can't blame you for that. But have you thought about spamming its last ability with things like Evo charger and timeless garden? (Ok, I understand that in your story, things like these are kinda far as they are produced in later sets), but hey, you can put big huge monsters into battle zone this way. Of course, you have to consult on others about this but if you let me have my way, I would do something like putting big creatures under it, then suicide by spell, bring out all the good stuff from under. Does it work with Evolutions though? If it does then:

is it possible to slide UGU and another phoenix under there to evolve UGU on it? I don't know.

lol Evo chargers is definitely a good point, never tested evo chargers on anything other than UGU; If i wasn't so mad that i had to rewrite the first half of the review i might've remembered that. And i like i assumed, you mentioned that i went for the most common points of Soul phoenix, i tried to expand on that but at the moment all i could find was savers; finding combos for this thing was probably the hardest thing about this review; i wonder how the next few will turn out
Back to top  

Avatar for hopeless
Subject:    Posted: August 27, 2013 06:24 am Reply with quote Report content icon

And what can we expect more from you, ITS JUST ANOTHER AWESOME REVIEW, though if you remove the tcg suggestions of all your reviews, if I can work for hours on it I can also make reviews like you (treat it as an open challenge XD) though nicely done bro, I just wanted to say that they should have treated nature/fire as the same as others, all others have super rare vortex evo representatives where Soul Phoenix should have being given with 14000 power, that would make it also a super rare (ignore my grammar, I've a very poor English).
Back to top  
LV29 Denmark send message

Avatar for evil_saint
Member since
June 22, 2013
Subject:    Posted: January 17, 2015 05:05 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Nice review, but im not sure i got the point of using rebirth... u cant use rebirth and take evos like soul phoenix from ur deck to the bz without putting it on any bait?!?!?! That card is pretty op allready...
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