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card review Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope: Shining Light, and Soothing Waves... Avatar Reviews Part 2

Card Review
Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope: click to enlarge
Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope

Card text:

(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.) Vortex Evolution - Put on one of your Light Bringers and one of your Cyber Lords. Whenever this creature attacks or leaves the battle zone, add the card on top of your deck to your shields face-down. Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields).

  • Collector Number: S2
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Starnoid
  • Power: 9000
  • Cost: 5
  • Civilization: Light/Water
Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope
Shining Light, and Soothing Waves... Avatar Reviews Part 2

written by LV32
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Before moving on. If so, then continue...

Glimmer of Hope

Hey Guys, it's that time again; So like i said i was gonna start part 2 with the Wise Starnoid review. With that said, I'm gonna let Wyatt and Dylan introduce the Said guest of honor...

Dylan didn’t bother to add skydiver, sending the multi-colored card to mana. “I end my turn.”

“Again?” Wyatt asked. “Why are you ending your turn so much?” he added mana.

“Because I wanna prove my hypothesis is all.” Dylan replied. “And by the looks of it, unless it’s not in your hand there’s nothing holding you back are there?”

Wyatt smirked. “Got that right…” Wyatt tapped five mana and slid Malta and the cross gears attached to it onto Corile.

“With the Shining Light, and the Soothing Currents, Allow these two to bring Hope upon us: Vortex Evolution: Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope!”

Malta’s rings aligned themselves around Corile as they covered him in a bright blue and yellow light. Once it cleared, Corile was replaced by a Silver humanoid, resembling a young prince; It had dark blue and white eyes, and two horns that sent energy to the floating orb on it’s head.

Malta’s body split in half, each half glowing a yellow or blue color respectively. They fused with his arms, creating gauntlets, the Yellow side attaching to his right arm, creating a Trident-like energy weapon, while the Blue Side attached to his left, making a Harpoon-like Energy weapon.

He looked at his opponents and smirked.

“The Light Bringer represents the Heart of the Starnoid, which serves as the light that will guide the world out of the darkness. The Cyber Lord represents his body, which enforces the Hope that they can achieve. Because of this, Wise Starnoid is known as the Avatar of Hope, demonstrating the bond that the Water and Light Civilizations have as they strive to achieve peace within the Creature World, giving hope to those who look forward to a peaceful future…”

“So I was right then; You did have an Avatar creature…” Dylan said. “This just got fun.”

Yeah, Now we're up to Part 2 of my Special Six Part Review. Wise Starnoid Is the "Kid Brainiac" of the Five Avatars, and according to my imagination, he's slightly older than Soul Phoenix, but is younger than the rest of the members.

In my fanfic, Sarina (Soul Phoenix User) and Wyatt (Wise Starnoid User) have a sibling rivalry relationship, With Wyatt being the Smart Aleck 12 year old brainiac, and Sarina being the rebellious 15 year old with a passion for dueling. And if i honestly had to guess tcg-story wise, i'd assume that the Wise Starnoid is much older compared to the others, due to the fact that Cyber Lords live for years on end, while at the same time maintain their baby-like forms. Anyway moving on, I'm gonna go into detail on his abilities and his useage in the modern day TCG and how it can benefit you guys.

A 4ft tall Defensive Machine.

Wise Starnoid is the Water/Light Avatar Creature of the DM-12: Thrash of the Hybrid Megacreatures, which i explained in the last review, focused heavily on the Vortex Evolution Mechanic, which was the main hype of the set. The TCG ended with a big bang through the release of them. Moving on, I also mentioned that their unique abilities that they gain when they leave the Battle Zone. And this week's special ability is... *Drum Roll*

Shield Generation

On top of that, He can activate this ability when he attacks too. So Everytime he attacks, or leaves the Battle Zone, a new shield is added to your shield zone, to rebuild your defenses. By using this ability with a Shield Trigger Based deck, and you're definitely representing the Water and Light Civilizations.

OK now, so with his unique ability aside for the time being, lets look at his stats; He costs 5 mana, 2x Breaker and has 9000 power. Oh and he's of course a Vortex Evolution of Light Bringers and Cyber Lords.

Water and Light together are known better for their defensive Capabilities rather than offensive, which explains why Wise Starnoid is, stat-wise, the 2nd weakest of the five. (Cruel Naga is 6 cost 9000 power, while Starnoid is 5 costing)

However 9000 power isn't a joke. We may see that as pretty common in the 2011 Dueling World, but it's still something that we shouldn't take lightly.

Cross #2: Hope
KG: Hope Cross is Wyatt's deck, focused on the defenses of Cyber Lords and Light Bringers, through Tapping (Cubela, Kolon, etc.), Shield Swapping (Emeral) Bouncing (Corile, Pakurio, etc.) and so on. It's very defensive with a hidden offensive motive to it.

This offensive capability is supported by Invisible Suit, and Submarine Labor Cross Gears, Making the creatures unblockable (Invis suit), and Allowing you to take your pick of four cards from the top of your deck (Sub. Labor)

Starnoid's Playmates
Wise Starnoid has not lost it's usefulness by far. Currently there are plenty of creatures that can support him, Such as:

Hey, Wanna trade? I'll give you a Super awesome Shield Trigger card for one of your cards. Please?((Emeral)

Emeral, Very useful card, and is something i'd definitely expect in decks focusing on Cyber Lords and Shields. Being limited to one, kinda kills the trap setting beauty of this guy, but nonetheless, is a great addition to this deck. Because 1: It's a Cyber Lord and 2: It's a shield manipulator.

*Does sets of hand signs* Water Style, Genius Disaster Jutsu!!
*summons tsunami, carrying a Braid Claw away during it's attack*
I gotta remember to thank Emeral for snagging me those Naruto DVDs (Genius Janit of the Hidden Blade)

Genius Janit, probably the most common, and my personal favorite Cyber Lord to date. He's a Shinobi (hence the "Naruto" Joke) With the Ninja Strike ability.

Each ninja strike ability reacts to the amount of mana in your mana zone. When the numbers match (for ex. Genius' Ninja Strike number is 4) it can be summoned during your opponent's attack or when he blocks. The Ninja Interrupts the attack, using it's effect, whether it's sending a creature back, or destroying it, or even giving one of yours blocker for the turn, by the end, the Ninja bids farewell and transports to the bottom of the deck, waiting for it to be called upon again. he assists in the Stalling of Rush decks, while you build on the components of the Starnoid himself.

I may be weak, but i have enough power to keep you standing still. (Cubela the Oracle)

Cubela is 1 mana and only has 1000 power. But that's not entirely bad. Not only does it serve as very cheap Evo Bait (Light Bringer), but when it dies, it paralyzes one of your opponent's creatures by Tapping it. That works well, with your opponent's heavy hitters and blockers.

Don't you just love the Irony between Wise Starnoid and I?(Majestic Star, the Electro-Apocalyptic)

When I discovered this card, I just couldn't help but think about the Irony this brings. This Creature serves as both races for Starnoid, and yet... It's not a Starnoid. It's a Cyber Lord, and a Light Bringer; Heck, it even looks like a Starnoid. This creature has the Freeze ability, which lets you tap one of your opponent's creatures with a little added power than normal. The tapped creature can't untap at the start of the turn, making it unusable for their turn, unless they have something to untap it. It's useful, because it not only stalls your opponent's creature, but it can serve as either/or Evo bait for Wise Starnoid. Heck, fuse two of them together and you can have it.

My mother always said, a good Offense, is a Great Defense (Alephtina, Spiritual Princess)

Alephtina's ability to Win the duel Via 10 Shields, is great support for Starnoid,who has a reason to keep adding shields. Downside to this creature is that her cost is inceased for every shield you have. So make sure you know what you're doing before you summon either of them.

No Powerhouses allowed!! (That means you Genji XX Blast Dragon) (Nariel the Oracle)

Nariel The Oracle is a perfect staller, as it keeps all creatures (including yours unfortunately) with power 3000 or more from attacking. It's restricted to 1 so, you better choose the perfect time to use it. Smart to use this as the base for Wise Starnoid, as it'll restrict him too otherwise.

Every Kid Needs a pet... I got him this dragon while visiting the Fire Civilization (Aura Pegasus, Avatar of Life)

Between Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon and Wise Starnoid, it's like a Kid and a Giant cannon. Every Turn he reloads the ammunition. Since Bolmeteus Samurai destroys a Shield to kill one of your opponent's 6000 or less creatures, Wise Starnoid can use it's shield regeneration to either: A) Replace the used shield or B) generate an extra shield for him to use.

Spells, Spells and More Spells

OK so we got the creatures down pact, now lets take a look at the Spells that will support Starnoid.

Hey Guys, watch me change Kooc Pollon into a Bolmeteus Steel Dragon.
*Hand signs*
Ninja Art: Rapid Reincarnation!
*Kooc Disappears into the light and reemerges as Bolmeteus*
Awesome, i can't believe that worked!
(Genius Janit of the Hidden Blade)

Rapid Reincarnation Is the Light Version of Soulswap:

Which is banned. Rapid Reincarnation on the other hand, isn't banned or restricted.
By killing one of your creatures on the field, you can summon another one from your hand, whose cost is equal to the total amount in your mana zone. If you kill cubela off, and if you have evo bait, you can make sure you have 5 mana. if you do, Vortex Evolution: Wise Starnoid!

What Every Kid is scared of...

The Dark of course. Terror pit and other Creature destroying abilities will take out starnoid without any problem. But then there's the fact that it generates a shield when it dies.

Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Gajirabute, Vile Centurion

And core-crash lizard,

To name a few, each have the ability to destroy your opponent's shields. Since Starnoid generates shields, get these guys to destroy them, rendering them useless.

Bolpheus Heaven , Holy Super Dragon

In combination with:

Invincible Cataclysm

Destroys more shields that Wise Starnoid generates.

All in all they're a bunch of big bullies beating down a young child's sand castle. (more or less)

Wisdom is a Powerful Strength
The ability to use his big brain to generate shields is a good quality about him

And yet you're so smart that you're too stupid to realize the simple things
While his Shield Generation is a great defense, there's the possibility of 'Decking Out'(Running out of cards) So that's something that's very important to look out for.

The "Frieza" of Duel Masters

Let's be honest; Most of us have seen Dragon Ball Z at some point in our lives. You can not sit there and tell me that he doesn't resemble Frieza in the slightest. The small child-like body, the horns, the dark intimidating eyes... Next thing you know he's gonna start blowing up planets left and right.

Conlcusion of Part 2:
OK Part 2 is completed. Next up i guess we'll kick it off with the Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate. yeah, She's up Next on my countdown. Hopefully she has some surprises in store.

As for the Starnoid, He gets a 9/10. Compared to Soul Phoenix, he doesn't have the Triple Breaker ability, being limited to a Double Breaker. Also he's a bit harder to summon than she is. Plus side, is that he's a Shield generator and can be a great asset to any deck that uses Shield triggers.

K guys, Thanks a lot for reading and i'll see u guys in Part 3

Link to the Fanfiction Duel Masters: Vortex Wars


Modified on November 2, 2013 08:47 am

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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: September 10, 2011 03:29 am Reply with quote Report content icon

wise is quite an interesting creature, in fact really much a living glorious heavensarm. What happen if you can cross it with glorious? Two shields per attack
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Avatar for hopeless
Subject:    Posted: August 27, 2013 06:05 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Getting started, I've tried all that you said with those weird cards like Rapid Recarnation and all that but honestly, IT DOES NOT WORKS OUT THERE IN THE BATTLE FIELD, I did not expected this from you, and I don't know how the idea to give the coordinates of a RYB deck??? instead you could have proposed an BUY deck, you have not mentioned the true power of water and light combo, you should have suggested card like Teleportation and Cloned Nightmare to annoy your opponent, if you won't believe me then get ready for my challenge or you can say KATTU DAI (correct the spelling please XD).
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