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card review Gaial King Dragon, Raging Dragon Lord: The Inferno King

Card Review
Gaial King Dragon, Raging Dragon Lord: click to enlarge
Gaial King Dragon, Raging Dragon Lord

Card text:

*  When this creature attacks, destroy all of your opponent's creatures with less power than this creature.

*  World breaker (This creature breaks all your opponent's shields)

*  Link Release (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return 1 psychic cell to your hyperspatial zone and flip the other cards instead.)

  • Collector Number: P15b-Y10
  • Rarity: Promotional
  • Type: Psychic Super Creature
  • Race: King Command Dragon/Hunter
  • Power: 25000
  • Cost: 24
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: Hisanobu Kometani
Gaial King Dragon, Raging Dragon Lord
The Inferno King

written by LV31
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Digi Xros!!



Dragonic Pippi



Why am i using a Digimon reference again, you might ask? I don't know, i just felt that it was appropriate. Hey guys, It's me Shuriken6 with a another review. I'm taking time from the Avatar reviews and im just testing something out when it comes to reviews (some of you might already know why i'm doing this) Anyway, Gaial King Dragon is a very unique creature in that it's currently one of 5 creatures, dubbed Psychic Super Creatures, the others being:

Gallows Devil Dragon

Tearing Packunga, the Greedy

Don Marshmallow, Hand of Temptation

Gaial Violence Dragon, Zero Fighter

And the newest edition: Volg Tiger, Thunder Beast

Each of these Special Super Psychics are unique as they are made up of two or more specific Psychic creatures. Personally i think that this is a combination of

A) Vortex Evolution
B) God Link

the Evolution part because you're taking creatures and they combine to make a stronger one; the God Link is self-explanatory, creatures linking together to combine their powers.

So in this review, I'm gonna go into detail about this King of Dragons, and the three parts that make him the way he is. So, starting off is the Big guy himself...

Double Kill, Triple Kill, Overkill, Killtacular, Killtrocity, Killimanjaro, Killtastrophe, Killpocalypse, Killionaire
OK So we know with a complicated summoning strategy, this guy must have some killer abilities:

*When this creature attacks, destroy all of your opponent's creatures with less power than this creature.

Well, considering the fact that this creature has 25000 base power... That army of blockers your opponent has, or that army of dragons that are being summoned by that "Innocent" Cocco Lupia, or anything that's irritating you at the moment. All you have to do is tap your card, and they disappear. It's as easy as *snap* snapping your fingers.

* World breaker (This creature breaks all your opponent's shields)

Well this is self-explanatory. World Breaker is the step above Quad-Breaker. This isn't Quint-Breaker (Which would mean that you break all 5 shields) this is World Breaker (Which means no matter how many shields your opponent has, they're all gone.) So this is perfect for any creatures who have the "Shield Generation" Ability. (An ability i nicknamed after i did the Wise Starnoid Review, when the creature has the ability to add shields depending on the situation)

* Link Release (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return 1 psychic cell to your hyperspatial zone and flip the other cards instead.)

Combination of The Release ability, and the situation when a God Creature leaves the Battle Zone. Some Awakened Psychics can use the Release ability to return to their normal states if they're targeted by an effect that'll remove them from the Battle Zone. God's when linked, are chosen by their owner, which side leaves. So for example, if the God is chosen for a Terror Pit attack, the owner would choose which part leaves. Same situation here with the Super Psychics. one part leaves, and the whole creature falls apart, reverting to their original forms.

Now then, Let's go into more detail on what makes this guy Tick.

The Three in One Destruction Machine
OK let's start with Gaial Kaiser.

Let's the Flames Begin (Gaial Kaiser)

Gaial Kaiser is the Main part of the Psychic Creature, that and he's one of the three Current Victory Rare Creatures (Higher rarity than super rare). Gaial Kaiser can be summoned Via Hyperspatial:

Gaial Hole

Shooting Hole

and Storm Hole.
Each have the ability to summon Psychics costing 8 and over.

You also have creatures that can summon Gaial Kaiser specifically such as:

Psychen Pippi

Gaial Kaiser will avenge me... You guys are in for it! (Psychen Pippi)

And his updated version

Super Psychen Pippi

I'm back, and better than ever! Super Psychen Pippi

Each can summon Gaial Kaiser if they're discarded during your opponent's turn. Speaking of discarding, Gaial Kaiser has the ability to rebound from a shield break. And when i mean rebound i mean it like this:

Now Introducing... his partners in Crime

Kaiser May rule the sky, But The Ground is where I Go Wild; ROAR! (Boost, Crimson Lord)

Boost, Crimson Lord is a 5 cost Psychic, that can be summoned by the 5 costing Hyperspatial spells, of any civilization, so the difficulty of summoning him isn't a problem, especially if you're using more than one civilization. Not only that, but once he's summoned, he destroys one of your opponent's creatures with less power than he has. So that's gonna be 2500 power or less most of the time.

Hunters come in all shapes and sizes. Remember that as i blow you away with my Flamethrower-infused Wings, you Aliens! (Dragonic Pippi)

Dragonic Pippi is small but ferocious, having it's power boosted for every hunter you have, through the Hunting Ability (Exclusive to Hunters)

Gaial Kaiser can summon his friends, by discarding the broken shields, if their cost matches theirs. So if two shields break and one has a 5 cost and the other has a 3 cost, throw them into the grave. From that, Boost and Pippi can be summoned, as Boost costs 5 and Pippi, 3. Recycling

Now then, how can we use this information to bring out the big-bad Flame King?

Welcome to Hell...

Whenever there's a dragon in need... I'll be there... (Cocco Lupia)

Keep in mind this is a theory and has yet to be tested. Cocco Lupia reduces the cost of all of your dragons by 2. So that would make all of the dragons in your hand, battle zone, grave and mana zone 2 less. So if it can do that, this should reduce your dragon psychics as well. If that's the case, then this will give you the chance to use Cheaper hyperspatial spells to summon Gaial Kaiser. But like i said, it's a theory, so don't go after me claiming I don't know what i'm talking about for saying this, because it hasn't been proven yet.


The other unique thing about the two psychen twins is the fact that they serve as Savers for Victory creatures (Psychen) and Hunters (Super Psychen) respectively. So if a Terror pit is sent after the big guy, The Pippi's here will take the fall.

Race you (Super Go-on Pippi)

A fire Bird that gives your Dragon/Hunter Creatures Speed attacker (And this only works on creatures with both races, not one or the other) That's useful in some situations.

I'm not one to be messed with. That goes for you too Psychen(Antionette, Beautiful Battle Dragon Princess

I learned this tactic from a vid from Youtube. When Antionette is destroyed, you have either one of two options: Return a creature to your opponent's hand, or discard your hand and redraw what you lost. Psychen Pippi's a perfect discarding creature; Gaial Kaiser can come out of it like this, since it can be summoned via: Psychen being discarded during your opponent's turn.

The King of the Psychics... Has Arrived! (Storm Genji XX the Super Temporal)

Just because. I figured that if you wanted to just savor the moment, and kill your opponent slowly, evolve the king into Storm Genji. Then awaken it come next turn and waste him with the returning cast of Gaial Kaiser and crew. (You know, i realized that i've been talking a WHOLE lot of Kaiser;)

Can't forget about me, now Can You? (Gaial Zero)

I'll just say this: Subking is one hell of a critic; good and bad. I didn't add Gaial Zero because i never used this card before, thus i didn't know how it would help. But he told me that I needed to mention this. So my Response:

Very similar to Gaial Kaiser. The difference between the two, is the fact that instead of your shields breaking in order to summon your psychic, Gaial Zero Breaks your Opponent's shields. They reveal the broken shield. If the cost of that shield matches the cost of any of your Psychics, then you can summon it. And since he's a 2x Breaker, you have two chances of succeeding in this. And the shield of course is broken, and sent to your opponent's hand. If it's a Shield trigger, at least you have a few seconds to rebound after that moment and think of an alternative, granted you lose your psychic, or Gaial Zero. This of course opens the window to plenty of deck strategies, but this isn't a review on Gaial Zero, now is it?

Overthrowing the King of Dragons
The easiest way to kill something big, is to find it's weak spot. It's made of three parts, so determine what the threat is at the moment, and go after it, Before they can form. After the Psychic link, there's almost no hope at that point.

Terror pit can get rid of any of them, or even break the link. you just need to make sure that it's pieces stay as limited as possible. Imagine King Gaial Kaiser as Exodia from YU-GI-OH. Once all the pieces are together, it's an automatic Game Win.

Arrmageddon's pet dragon
The creature is by far one of the most powerful destructive creatures currently, that goes without saying. The ability to attack, not only wiping out all of your opponent's creatures, but breaking every single one of their shields, no matter how many they have. That's insane.

The King's Flaws
Other than the summoning conditions and making sure that each of the three stay safe until the start of your turn, there's no weakness concerning this creature. Slayers and blockers are nothing to this creature, as he can destroy them before hand.

(Unless of course you have Grand Cross catastrophe crossed onto one of your opponent's blockers or slayers for example)

Grand Cross catastrophe is a Cross gear that keeps your creature in the battle zone if it's destroyed; (TCO made an error w/ the translation saying the creature is returned to the battle zone)
Preview for great things to come

Look familiar? He should. This is the non-psychic version of the King of Dragons, Raging Dragon Lord. With 7 mana, and 25000 power, with no abilities, A lot of people questioned the fact that this card existed, but now we see why. He was the preview to this Guy.

So big he needs 3 cards to show everything
I like the Super Psychic Link Artwork, because it's unique. Each of the psychics has a piece to the Tri-puzzle and if put in the right order, will form the King of Dragons. Personally it's a really unique idea. As for here on TCO... Not so much, it looks unrealistc to be honest, but we're not focusing on that are we?

And Where does he stand?
10. This card is just too godly. once he hits the battle zone, his effect just cleans your opponent dry of everything but his mana. And especially with Gaial Kaiser, he plays the biggest role in summoning him, so that's a Big factor. All in all, with the right strategy and luck, Gaial King Dragon will be winning you a whole lot of duels.

K guys thanks for reading and i'll cya in my next review. ;)


Modified on June 27, 2012 07:31 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
Add your comments
Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: September 20, 2011 04:05 am Reply with quote Report content icon

look, there is Gaial Zero! It is quite an interesting card, especially if you can use something that makes it breaks more shield. Balzark Sword Flash Castle, Bajula's soul, whatever
Back to top  
LV31 United States send message

Avatar for shuriken6
Member since
July 1, 2010
Subject:    Posted: September 20, 2011 02:10 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from waileukwu:

look, there is Gaial Zero! It is quite an interesting card, especially if you can use something that makes it breaks more shield. Balzark Sword Flash Castle, Bajula's soul, whatever

Don't mention that or Subking will say that i didn't mention those either lol
Back to top  

Avatar for vladutz
Subject:    Posted: September 22, 2011 01:10 am Reply with quote Report content icon

just terror pit to counter it? you know not just destroying a creature means countering it.And for this creature there are better choice's for counters than terror pit, like naruto spiral or others cards that can get rid of 2 pars of the creature.This card doesnt mean instant win.It may be a instant loss.There will always be cards that must be destroyed to summon some necrodragon from grave, or an demmon command or a Steiner from grave .Ken Geki, Absolute Ruler ~Final Flare~ can make you loss the game.Its world breaker ability can be suicidal too against a memories of planetary dragon deck and a milzam.Btw you can awaken genji in the same turn is summoned .
Back to top Modified on September 22, 2011 01:14 am 
LV36 United States send message

Avatar for rks_blitzer
Member since
July 18, 2010
Subject:    Posted: October 4, 2011 06:39 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

"Cocco Lupia reduces the cost of all of your dragons by 2. So that would make all of the dragons in your hand, battle zone, grave and mana zone 2 less."

This is incorrect. Cocco Lupia only reduces the amount of cards in mana needed to be tapped to summon a Dragon. It does affect the actual cost of the creature.

Since psychic creatures can't be summoned (because putting into the battle zone via a hyperspatial hole or something =/= summoning), Cocco Lupia doesn't help.

Just because it's a "theory" doesn't mean I'm not going to come down on it hard.

Also, you should mention Shachihoko GOLDEN Kaiser and Yunlong Deis Lee.
Back to top Modified on October 4, 2011 06:40 pm 
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