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card review Gallows Cebu Kaiser/Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon: The Strangler of the Deep

Card Review
Gallows Cebu Kaiser/Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon: click to enlarge
Gallows Cebu Kaiser/Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon

Card text:

*  When one of your opponent's creatures attacks, you may draw a card.

*  Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

*  Your opponent can't cast spells or summon creatures without cost.

*  When this creature attacks, choose up to 2 creatures in the battle zone and return them to their owner's hands.

*  Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)

*  Link Release (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return 1 psychic cell to your hyperspatial zone and flip the other cards instead.)

  • Collector Number: V1
  • Rarity: Victory Rare
  • Type: Psychic Super Creature
  • Race: Cyber Command/Alien//Devil Command Dragon/Alien
  • Power: 6000/120
  • Cost: 6/24
  • Civilization: Water//Water/Darkness/Fire
  • Artist: Adachi Yosuke
Gallows Cebu Kaiser/Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon
The Strangler of the Deep

written by waileukwu
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First of all, this is a comprehensive review of the Psychic Super Creature. While you look at the picture to the left of this, pleas know that this is the TCO of decapitating great Psychic Super Creatures.

For your information, he is used by the antaganist Onsen in Duel Master Victory.
" />

I. General description:
Duel Masters had never been as disturbed as the psychics came into play, and since DM-36, more and more mechanism had been added to the game, many of them opening up new options of plays and strategies, or otherwise strengthening the advantages of each civilisations.

DMR proved to be a new milestone, as two game changing element has been added into the game. Victory Rares and Psychic Super Creatures they are called and each are stronger than the next. If you want to seem them all, go see Nolan's Ultimate Guide to Gaial Kaiser. I am not going to try to post them all. Though it does kills me inside to see Gallows Cebu Kaiser hanging up there like a trophy.

Well, water had long been the civilisation that specialises in being mysterious yet all knowing, organised, perfected, and just pure annoying. Along with fire, which loves dealing maximum damage as fast as possible, and darkness, through direct absolute removals. These three together forms the machine that would end up crushing a foe through the pushing through the shields, battlezone, and hands like a tsunami.

DMX-King of Duel Roads gave a glimpse into the new worlds where Aliens and Hunters fought in an eternal battle. From this side set we got a dragon unlike any others - Dead Sea Dragon.

Then in DMR01-First Contact, Takara Tommy brought us, a creature by the name of Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon. It is indeed made of three parts, and like gods, once they link, they become a whole new dimension of awesomeness.

Here is what the super psychic creature does:

Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon
24/Water+Darkness+Fire/Devil Command Dragon+Alien/12000
Psychic Super Creature

* Your opponent can't cast spells or summon creatures without cost.

* When this creature attacks, choose up to 2 creatures in the battle zone and return them to their owner's hands.

* Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)

* Link Release (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return 1 psychic cell to your hyperspatial zone and flip the other cards instead.)

P.S. Remind you of great creatures that now lives in the past? Fear King, King Alcadeis, Quen Alcadeis, Aqua Sniper, you can all rest in peace. We have ourselves a new favorite.

P.S.S. But we are not done! This is the only the beginning of Gallows Devil Dragon! We have to introduce the founding members of the ultimate fusion first.

Gallows Cebu Kaiser
6/Watere/Cyber Command+Alien/6000
Psychic Creature

* When one of your opponent's creatures attacks, you may draw a card.

* Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Hydra Gilsaurus
5/Fire/Rock Beast+Alien/5000
Psychic Super Creature

* When a player summons a creature or casts a spell without paying its cost, that player chooses a card in his mana zone and puts it into his graveyard.

Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel
4/Darkness/Living Dead+Alien/3000
Psychic Super Creature

* Whenever one of your Aliens are destroyed by your opponent's spell, destroy one of your opponent's creatures.

* Whenever one of your Aliens has its power reduced to 0 or less by an opponent's spell, destroy one of your opponent's creatures.

* Psychic Link: At the start of your turn, if you have a Gallows Cebu Kaiser and a Hydra Gilsaurus in your battle zone, flip this creature and those creatures and link them.

II. Uses:

A creature's usefulness is manifested in four ways: its civilisation, race, cost, and abilities. A psychic's usefulness is determined by its awakened ability, how easily it is awakened, and its smaller component(s), which in this case, is the three of them. Let's look them all first.

Gallows Cebu Kaiser
Whenever your opponent declares attack, you may draw a card. That is quite matching to its civilization since water speciallize in drawing. Itself being 6000 in power meant it is quite squishy, even some higher power fire spells can take care of it. Double Breaker is nice to have, though Gallows by itself can be a good creature to have on your side when you are facing oppression from like rush (provide that u can summon it in time, and you have a lot of ninja strike).

Hydra Gilsaurus
Whenever a player summons or cast without paying its cost, then that player puts a card from mana to grave. A passive mana burn that works like Hundred-Strike Doll Magnum. Not bad. Can punish shield triggers and ninja strike easily. Note, for creatures, it is not 'put into battlezone', so for example Bolshack NEX can put a lupia into battlezone from deck, it doesn't trigger this effect.

Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel
The biggest and bestest anti-spell creature for the race alien, I actually thought by utility means, it is extremely useful. It is a passive effect, so only until your enemy cast a spell to destroy an alien, do they have to destroy a creature of their own. So, even if you are not planning to use Gallows Devil Dragon, you can always use this seperately to protect your precious aliens.

When you have all three of the creatures above during the start of your turn, you get to turn flip them over and turn into one giant creature.
Gallows Cebu Kaiser


Hydra Gilsaurus


Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel


Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon

Then end result is the might Dead Sea Dragon in its psychic form. Not bad right? Of course, if it is bad, who would use Gallows? It bans spells and creatures summoned without cost, which means no ninja strike and no shield trigger. There will be no hanging on for dear life. Then it returns two opponent's creatures to hand, which can mean easy removal of blockers. It still doesn't ban 'put into battlezone' effects, which means yes, the opponent can summon psychics using hyperspatial spells, but hey, it can bounce them back anytime. Triple breaking a bit weak for its status, I mean...come on, give me a quadro break, no? 12000 is still not that high. Light civilisation has the legendary heaven's gate, and that can easily spew out blockers that are at least 10,000+. Still, as a Psychic Super Creature, it does have a form of Release, which is called Link Release. Just like Godlink, you only need to return one part into hyperspatial zone when it is destroyed. Easily preserved for another round of ownage.

III. Strategies and game play:
I will cover the summoning basics here, on what spells/creatures to use to bring about the raise to power of the Dead Sea Dragon.

The traditional way of spamming psychics.

Hyperspatial 'DM36' Holes - These DM-36 spells are the first in this era. They can summon the likes of pretty everything other than the super big psychics. So, with Bolshack, Shiny, Revive, and Faerie, you can summon the smaller parts of Gallows Devil Dragon, while with Energy Hole, you can get to summon Gallows Cebu Dragon as well. A note to Dravita Hole, not that it is not good enough here, it is just that with the restriction, it is unlikely for the two parts of Gallows Devil Dragon to be summoned this way.

Hyperspatial Gallows Hole - The featured hyperspatial spell that Gallows loves. Yes, it does feature Gallows in it, bouncing an opponent's creature back to hand and then puts a water/dark psychic creature into battlezone. Can be more useful than energy hole at times, at least a bit more versatile.

Hyperspatial Mother Hole - Can summon a 6 cost water/light psychic from hyperspatial zone. It doesn't look like much, but it is also Heaven's Gate reincarnated. You can put a light blocker from hand into battlezone. How is that for a change? Power spell ability, weaker summoning psychic ability. If only I can summon 7 cost light/water psychics, then Dravita, Chakra, and King Galaxy domination wouldn't be far.

Hyperspatial Vice Hole - The best of all hyperspatial spells to date, other than summon a 10 cost dark psychic, it can also summon up to 2 psychic of any civ with a total cost of 6 or less. Wonderful. You can even use it to summon Gallows Cebu Kaiser. What more do you want?

The three 7 cost Hyperspatial spells we have are not at all good enough to use for Gallows. Romanoff to summon Zabi Rigel? Storm to summon Hydra? Guard Hole to summon....?

The advantage of using creatures to summon is probably when the cost of casting spells are too high, or they are banned by the likes of the Alcadeis family. So here are some creatures that would nicely give way to gallow's reign.

Geo Crashing Mirandal, the Dimensional Force - An useful alien that allows you to summon a light/fire/nature psychic with a cost of 6 or less. Can use if you find it hard to summon Hydra.

Cebu Algol, the Electrical Vanguard - What? A 5 cost blocker that only has a power of 2000? Weak? Yes, but it also can allow you to put into battlezone a psychic of light, water, or darkness in origin that cost 5 or less. A summoner of Zabi Rigel.

Zabi Demona, Dead Sea Treasure - Surprisingly it is a shield trigger creature that when put into battlezone, allows you to destroy a creature of darkness or fire in origin to put a psychic of darkness or fire with a cost of 4 into battle zone. An Alien that can easily summon the likes of Zabi Rigel. (in the coming DMR02, you might even get to spam this with the new fortress)

Zabi Implosion, Lord of Demons - A very nice evolution that allows you to put a psychic of fire, water, and darkness that cost 7 or less. Yes, exactly that of the parts of Gallows Devil Dragon. It itself is a nice 8000 power double breaker. Not bad at all.

Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman - This creature is made for Gallows Cebu Kaiser. When you summon this baby, you can destroy any number of your creatures (other than Zabi Mira himself), and then put that many psychics that cost 6 or less into the battlezone. If you can afford it, you can summon 8 psychics in one go. Can you imagine 2 Devil Dragon on the battlezone at the same time? Of course, you would need a lot of luck to pull this off. And it cost 8 too.

Temporal Foundations - I will not mentioned the exact names of these 4 cost suicidal creatures. They can individually summon a psychic when they are destroyed. Two of them can pair up nicely with Zabi Demona, and they all go extremely well with Zabi Mira.

IV. Combos with other cards:
Will be divided into four parts, Gallows Cebu Kaiser, Hydra Gilsaurus, Zabi Rigel, and Gallows Devil Dragon

Gallows Cebu Kaiser
Gallows Cebu Kaiser is naturally born in a hot spring it seems, so it came with a special spell:

--Hot Spring - Invincible Time:
* Draw 2 cards.

* Until the start of your next turn, whenever your "Gallows Cebu Kaiser" would leave the battle zone, it stays in the battle zone instead.

* When your "Gallows Cebu Kaiser" would leave the battle zone, you may discard this card instead.

This is the first spell that is the equivalent to Instant's in Magic the Gathering. What happens if your opponent slams your Gallows with a Terror Pit? If you want to keep Gallows alive, you can just discard this spell from your hand. Gallows Cebu Kaiser will live for another day. If cast, it retains the original function, but allows the effect to carry on until next turn. Very awesome, and you get two extra card. If you have get another Hot Spring, then you can use it again next turn.

--Hyperspatial Mother Hole
+ Balforce, the Demonic Holy Spirit= If you summon Balforce and Gallows and it so happens that your opponent has a lot of creatures, to the world. How many cards can you draw?
+ Lord Reis, Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom + gravity zero of Webius, Bloody Shadow + Zabi Mira= This combo can easily make everything happen. You lose a bunch of small blockers, you gain a bunch of new refreshed aliens, but it mostly fulfills Gallow's ultimate goal

Hydra Gilsaurus
As a passive mana burner, it doesn't do much. It does make all shield triggers a bit sad, but 1 mana is a good price to pay in some circumstances, right? Of course, when you have 4 of these. It will be extremely painful. Here are some cards that can make that punishment even harsher.

--Hundred-Strike Doll Magnum...this is one queer creature. After you make them pay with their mana, you can make them pay with their creatures as well. Of course it does do the same to you, so don't play fire with fire.

--Reap and Sow, Mana Crisis. These are two great mana destruction cards. Used just to destroy that mana zone even further!

--Necrodragon Guljeneraid: Why did I put it here? Well, Hydra can put mana into grave. Why not use this chance to put some of these into grave, then when your Devil Dragon perish, you can spring them from the grave like spring onions after a spring drizzle?

Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel
Now the Dark Lupia of Aliens is born. Well, even if it is only against spells, it is already an extremely powerful ability. Can you imagine a Terror Pit killing more of the caster's creatures than the opponent's? Well, With Zabi, all is possible. In fact there are so many Aliens out there one single release of DMR I don't even want to count. With the coming of DMR02, and probably 03, more and more Aliens will descend upon us. So...What should I say? Stuff a deck full of Aliens and then rush. Killing triggers will only turn into pain for your opponent with all those Zabi's and Cebus and Gils swarming the battlezone. So, I guess, no examples needed.

Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon
Now comes the biggy. Its ability basically bans all Shield Triggers, which meant pure joy. In a way, all that needs to pair with this creature are big hitters and unblockable creatures. So here is one.

--Storm Genji Double Cross, the Super Temporal/Last Storm Double Cross, the Super Awakened
This is something that can looked into. How many Gallows Devil Dragon does it need to bring out a Storm Genji? When it awakens into the Super creature, it is ready to go. Then if you are lucky, next turn, you can get all of them in the battlezone, and then next next turn, 1 Storm Genji XX, 2 Gallows Devil Dragon.

There is a something I forgot to mention. Its second ability involves returning two creatures. It doesn't have to be your opponents. That means, good news, you can spam creatures as you like now, especially those with a critical put into battlezone ability.

--Jenny, Jenny, Bronze Arm, Chief DeBaula, Olzekia, Hanzou, Hogan. So actually, you can recycle great utility creatures like Jenny, Bronze Arm, and Chief DeBaula with each attack and then summon them again. And then you can have Olzekia for the sake of killing things, Perfect Galaxy to re-Shield Force, Gal Volf/Gajibrute to destroy the shields. Though for me, I prefer to use Hanzou with Gallows Devil Dragon. You summon Hanzou, destroy a creature, then bounce it back to hand, then wait. If the opponent blocks, you can use Hanzou to ninja strike. Beautiful. If you are having fun, you can Ninja Strike Hanzou, attack with Devil Gallows Dragon, and bounce Hanzou back to hand. You opponent will hate you after this though, so use it carefully.

Final Note:
Since it is a Psychic Super Creature made of Psychic Creatures, cost reducers for the spells or creatures that summons it are also a critical make up of a good psychic deck with Gallows Devil Dragon. I picked 4 creatures that you will most often encounter or use in such cases. Most importantly they only cost 3-4 each, and they are a perfect bait for Zabi Implosion or Zabi Mira's destruction effect.

--Mil Armor, Mecha King Vizier: Ever since it appeared, it had a dominate root in light blocker decks that rely on heaven's gate. Now we can use it for the likes of Mother Hole and many other Hyperspatial spells.

--Franz the 1st, the Ice Fang: This is the most common spell cost, even more than Essence Elf perhaps due to its civilization and race of knights.

--Maxval, Electro-Fuuma: This creature reduces cost of darkness creatures, making it a brilliant choice for a Gallows deck.

--Ashliger, Holy Dark Beast: also functions the same way, but only for angel or demon commands. In this case, Zabi Mira would need plenty of help. It is rather fat after all

VI. Ways to counteract it:

Gallows is a Psychic Creature. Just stop it or destroy it to stop it from becoming the big creature. How? Let me introduce you to some of its mortal enemies.

Your mortal enemies-Part 1-Psychic creatures.

Need to say more about this? Once it wins a battle, it can become a six shield breaker plus destroying 2 6000 or less creature at the cost of your shields the very next turn. Super exciting. Its awaken form can own all the smaller parts, and its bigger form has more attacking power. If this appears first, then you can say bye to your Gallow Devil Dragon.

I am sorry. This psychic is the only creature that will own you like nothing else. First of all, it cannot be be chosen by creature's effects. That means as Devil Dragon, you can't touch it by returning it, and its power is 9000, which can be easily raised by other blocker's addition of power. Then when it awakens, it can easily destroy Gallows Devil Dragon by choosing one of the matching civ, and also destroy a few more by choosing other civs. If unlucky that the opponent has two of these awakened. One can beat you back to released form, and the other kick the remaining both back into where they came from.

Sorry you can't chose this or its unawakened form. No returning to hand.

Surprisingly, the awakened form, Severence, prevents other psychics to be returned to hand. Devil Dragon would found its second ability unable to be used on these folks from the same homeworld, or should I say, home zone?

Your mortal enemies-Part 2-Creatures.

Actually a lot, not talking about all those Slayers and big blockers, nor Olzekia and those creatures that only knows how to destroy, these are some critical ones that will make you suffer if you don't pay attention. I want to talk about Khancrow as well, but its revenge chance doesn't work against Gallows.

I know of one dragon that is the hater of all creatures. It can destroy everything, and probably because of this dragon, gods went extincted. Now, Psychic Super Creatures, inheriting the ability to Link together, found themselves in a new form of trouble. Yes. This is Sunburst NEX. And yes, it can destroy Devil Dragon then mince its remaining parts slowly.

I know of an angel who was lost, now she is back for revenge ever since his husband was shutted in a prison called Hall of Fame. She hates everything not multi-colored. Who is she? Do I even need to bother telling you? Yes, most of the Hyperspatials spells used now are mono-colored. Good luck if this appears on you.

I know of a beast that lived in the Greek Mythos. Its stares turns those living into stone. Now its stare turns the whole battlezone's spells into sluggish things. All spells cost 2 more.

Same as above. Just that only only your spells will cost 1 more. Kinda really sad, especially they have multiplies of these.

Hundred-Strike Doll Magnum...this is one queer creature. I placed it up there with Hydra, but I am going to put it here too. When you are playing a psychic deck, you don't want to play with it with one of these on the battle zone. If u have no creatures, whatever you put into the battlezone will be destroyed, if not you have to keep sacrificing ur minor creatures. No pain no gain? Oh, it deals more pain that what u gain.

I know of a beast hungry for revenge and he is Khancrow, Stalwart Unstoppable. With its Revenge Chance, which is a super gravity zero, it can be PUT into battlezone. That means Devil Dragon can't prevent it. Has 19000 power, which means that it will destroy Devil Dragon without hesitant, and even if you return it to hand, he can put it into battlezone again at the end of turn. If they have 3 of these in hand, they can put it into battlezone together and then own you easily by either destroying the dragon by beating it to a pulp, or just break all your shields and todameada.

Last but not least, I know of a lone Angel who roamed the world to find perfection. It instead found comfort in its home town, and once rooted, became invincible. I am sorry once the opponent got this out, and you only have Devil Dragon, you might have long struggle in front of you.

Your mortal enemies-Part 3-Spells.

Apparently, not a lot. Zabi Rigel owns all spells, and Hydra makes shield triggers spells pay. And then when it is awakened into Gallows, it bans shield triggers completely.

Still it is worthy to mention that it will be killed by spells such as the common Terror Pits and such, returned to hand by the common Spiral Gates, put into mana zone by the common Natural Snares, tapped by the common Super Sparks...ONLY when they casted as spells during the opponent's turn.

By the way here is a new spell to be scared of.

Why? This is Hades Death Gate. If this spells catches Devil Dragon (so always attack with it!) off guard, it can destroy the links, and then put a non evolution creature that cost less than 24. That is pretty much any non evolution creatures in this case. Imagine this with Olzekia. Enough to take the entire dragon out of the game.

V. What it counters:

Being a Psychic Super Creature, it naturally has something to be proud of. Other than being the Shield Trigger Killer, it can also trump many creatures/spells/abilities. Here are some notable ones.

Gaial Kaiser
A speed attacker with a defensive ability. This is one of those creatures that can every broken shield useful, and then not to mention it give raise to the super ultra gaial king dragon. Sadly, you own this dragon. Gallows Cebu Kaiser can draw when Gaial Kaiser attacks, and when Gallows Devil Dragon is out, it can easily return the likes of Gaial Kaiser to its Hyperspatial Zone.

Ninja Strike are summoning effects. They will enjoy the premium 'screwular' service.
Dark Sanji
These are just the beginning of the list.

VII. Strengths/Pros:

--Great Race, being a command and a dragon and an alien. Will get a lot of race support that I haven't mentioned.

--Gallows Cebu Kaiser can be a good drawer. A fine punisher.

--Hydra can be good Mana burner. A good punisher.

--Zabi Rigel proves great race spike protection from spell. A great punisher.

--Together they basically punishes everything your opponent does, kinda like Cheval awakened.

--Once awakened, a great removal machine, and who wouldn't love to break shields with it?

--Shield Triggers no longer triggered because of its existence.

--No fear of Ninjas.

--Perfect Finisher.

VIII. Weaknesses/Cons:

--In their parts, they not quickly summon-able, at most able to summon all by turn 6.

--When awakened, power is extraordinary low. 12000 = a mere Syrius.

--Triple Breaker only.

--Summoning require spells and creatures that are more like luxuries than utility cards.

IX. Variations/Artwork/Aesthetics: TO BE CONTINUED
Gallows Cebu Kaiser

Hydra Gilsaurus

Mode-Change Version

Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel

Mode-Change Version

Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon

X. Overall rating:
Gallows Cebu Kaiser
As one of the first Victory Rares of DM, it does have very nice V on the card. Still, compared to Gaial Kaiser, you would find this 6000 double breaker a bit lame. Its ability is a passive and activates when your opponent announces attack. So because of that, it gets a 8/10.

Hydra Gilsaurus
This is the fire part, which is rather awkward when it comes to forming a deck with the other two. Its ability punishes both players, which is really sad. Guess it only deserves a 7/10.

Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel
Zabi Rigel surprisingly gives support to all Aliens, and that is just pure awesomeness. 4 cost darkness psychic creatures are a bit hard to summon though, so it gets 9/10.

Gallows Devil Dragon, Dead Sea Dragon
As one of the first Psychic Super Creature, this merits a high score. A good finisher by all means and with Link Release, it will be the war machine you have always dreamt of. And by that, it deserves a 10/10

(8+7+9+10)/4= 8.5

so 8.5/10 is the final score!

XI. Sample Deck:
"Burning Gallows": A fun try to see that includes both Gallows and Gaial. Uses deck rearrangers and spell reducers for the massive amount of hyperspatial spells.

Burning Gallows Extend Format

And, well said, Dead Sea Dragon :'Evil is the way of this world. Those that survive are forever tainted.'


Modified on May 16, 2012 07:48 am

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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject: Guys...   Posted: September 18, 2011 05:41 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Guys...this is only half the review...why the haste to give it five? Then what can you give me once I finished it?

And Jun, your record will be broken

*edited* now it is done. Feel free to tread through all these.
Back to top Modified on September 18, 2011 11:33 pm 
LV36 United States send message

Avatar for rks_blitzer
Member since
July 18, 2010
Subject:    Posted: October 4, 2011 06:34 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Hyperspatial Gallows Hole doesn't summon light creatures, and Geo Crashing Miranda can only summon creatures that cost 6 or less.
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Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: October 5, 2011 06:55 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Hm, you are right, major mistakes. For Mirandal I guess I just copied the paragraph of Gaial Hole in another review of mine (G Cross Aini) and didn't cover the text with the right one. Thanks for reading through it
Back to top  

Avatar for sekai
Subject:    Posted: January 24, 2012 10:02 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Long review? Gallows Cebu Dragon and every of its parts. Explains well, and I like pictures. Why not mention the new parts of Gallows? He has many friends now. And no Onsen? He makes Gallows great.
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