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card review Tornado Moon, the Enlightened: He will rock you like a hurricane! the Enlightened Saga part 2

Card Review
Tornado Moon, the Enlightened: click to enlarge
Tornado Moon, the Enlightened

Card text:

Ultimate Evolution: Put on 1 of your Evolution creatures.
Quatro Breaker
Whenever 1 of your Giants are blocked, that Giant breaks 2 of your opponent's shields.

  • Collector Number: S9
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Lunatic Emperor/Giant
  • Power: 22000
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Nature
  • Artist: AMON
Tornado Moon, the Enlightened
He will rock you like a hurricane! the Enlightened Saga part 2

written by tudordan
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Read my Rising NEX review before this one!

What's up everyone,my name is tudordan coming up with the 2nd part about The Enlightened Saga,featuring........

Tornado Moon,the Enlightened

Coming up from:

DM-32 Evolution Saga (S9/S10 - Super Rare) and DM-32+1D Evolution Saga Plus One Dream (S9/S10 - Super Rare)

(*Had to use the DM-32+1D Evolution Saga Plus One Dream image instead of the Evolution Saga image because the Evolution Saga image is "broken".....really great DM wikia,however this is not the point of this review*)

Tornado Moon,the Enlightened is an Ultimate Evolution Creature with 7 mana cost,22000 power,Quadruple Breaker and Lunatic Emperor/Giant races.
As you know from my Rising NEX review,Ultimate Evolution Creatures require Evolution Creatures as baits,most of them have "The Enlightened" as suffix and most of them have the Moon Symbol.Because of this,most of them are hard to summon (despite their low-to-medium cost,such as Tornado Moon,the Enlightened who has 7 cost),but most of them are good by themselves.
Tornado Moon,the Enlightened is the most strongest Lunatic Emperor you can find,with an outstanding 22000 power,also the only Lunatic Emperor with Quadruple Breaker.
While Quadruple Breaker can make him a pretty good finisher,just by looking at his abilities we know that he has no defence on his own,so choose wisely when you want to break shields with him.
Now let's take a look at his ability:

Whenever one of your Giants becomes blocked, that Giant breaks 2 of your opponent's shields.

Nature Civilization is known for breaking shields no matter what since
DM-05 Survivors of the Megapocalypse (Avalanche Giant),but Tornado Moon,the Enlightened does it better than him,although at the cost of reduced range.This calls for a Giant Deck which is not that hard to do because they have their own unique support to keep going.
With this ability,blockers will ease the pain that Tornado Moon and his Giant army will dish,but it will still make them unstoppable and impossible to defend against without being crushed with a mighty Giant fist/foot and destroying everything else around.The only problem you might have is that any Giant would BREAK your opponent's shield,this ability doesn't work like Bolmeteus Steel Dragon's ability to burn shields until they're dust,it works like a Double Breaker attack,so Shield Triggers can still proc...even without ST you can eventually overwhelm your opponent's hand and give him/her some nice cards that can turn a game from Great to Worst.

Any strong soul will be blessed one day with my power!

Here we will talk about the Evolution Baits needed for Tornado Moon,the Enlightened in order to make an entire colossal army unstoppable:
(NOTE:We will talk here about Evolution Creatures ONLY!)

I started the Lunatic Saga and I will keep it going! -Sarutahiko, the Great Hero

Sarutahiko, the Great Hero was designed to give Tornado Moon and other Lunatic Emperors a chance.
You can take 2 Evolution Creatures or Ultimate Evolution Creatures from your deck before you show them to your opponent and shuffle them.He will start the Lunatic Evolution Saga,but in order to do it,he needs a Beast Folk or an Origin to start the Evolution Phase for himself.Also,in Tornado Moon's case,you have at least 2 turns to keep Sarutahiko up and running,without putting into account the Support you can get.2 turns will give more than enough time for your enemy to search for a dirty trick and throw it into our poor soul Sarutahiko which will end the Chain.

I will meditate and meditate and meditate.......untill I will achieve perfection and become a Lunatic Emperor myself. -Bishamon,the Great Enigma

I believe this guy deserves to be here.Eating 1 mana and having 7 mana cost might tell you otherwise,but he allows you to reduce your Nature Creatures's cost by 2 if he's present,which allows you to summon Tornado moon at your next turn or even as soon as he's up,if you have the support for it.The only problems he has is eating 1 mana with a 5000:7 ratio,so he shouldn't be used for attacking,making him a Death Smoke magnet,but he isn't slow in his Evolution Saga unlike Sarutahiko.It is kinda sad that his effect won't go on if he evolves.

Perfection is only gifted through endurance,perseverance and kindness. -Asura, the Great Enigma

Asura, the Great Enigma is almost like Bishamon,but instead of support he gifts you with a shield,a mana card and a card for your hand,which can prove usefull sometimes when you want that last bit of defence in order to keep going.
Unlike his brother Bishamon,he can hold himself long enough with 9000 power,can attack and will increase your mana instead of eating it,at the cost of having to Evolve on a Giant instead of any Nature Creature.However,no defence for himself makes him prone to most tricks.His ability is best used with cards that rearrange the top card of your deck!(Water cards usually)

Your sacrifices aren't in vain,we all know that Tornado Moon will be in a good mood if we do it now! -Hannya, the Great Enigma

Hannya, the Great Enigma is an alternative Evolution Creature if you want to stick to Giants,thus never use Sarutahiko.8 mana cost is something that requires 1 more cost to activate than Tornado Moon,but his ability can make it so that you will summon our Lunatic Emperor as soon as he's up!Any 6000 power or less Creatures is sent into mana zone to sustain,but you might need 7 Creatures with 6000 power or less.With enough support this number can be reduced,but you might have to put your Support Creatures and some usefull Giants in your mana,which might be not bad,but can make Lady Fate cry and leave you alone with Mr.Unlucky.I don't even want to mention your opponent's Creatures that will go into his mana zone in order to summon even more evil Creatures.

Any Samurai should be equipped and prepared for the incoming war,we have nothing to lose! -Halsa,the Great Enigma

Halsa is probably one of the best Evolution Baits for Tornado Moon and I will tell you why.
First,he has a great ratio: 9000:5 is Great even with the Evolution restriction,many Creatures at that level don't have that much firepower.
Second,is his Samurai Generation mechanism that allows you to put a Crossgear into battlefield for free,waiting to be crossed on someone.Halsa has a lot of Crossgears to choose from,but choosing a defensive Crossgear like Patrial Flame is highly adviced,because both Halsa and Tornado Moon have no defence on their own.Speaking of Tornado Moon,any Evolution Creature will be automatically crossed with that *random* Crossgear if the bait is crossed with it first,so Tornado Moon will have a Crossgear attached to him for free.Halsa's Accelerator ability is just a bonus.

You don't need to be a Giant in order to become a Lunatic Emperor! -Quatro Fang,Super Gang Leader

I believe Quatro deserves to be mentioned here.While he forces you to put Beast Folks and Hunters into action,it will be worth it,because this guy can generate 3 mana on his own -2 with his presence,1 with his attacks.This is more than enough to summon Tornado Moon at your next turn.Quatro has an already *cheap* cost of 6,but he can get some support from Hunters themselves.
Using his weaker version,Fighter Dual Fang,is a solution,but seriously what's the point?This guy has +1000 power,generates 1 more mana and has Hunter race in addition to Beast Folk.

There are many more,but these are from the top off my head.

My powers can't be used everywhere and by everybody!

Tornado Moon,the Enlightened might make some Creatures go *RAGE MODE* and be unstoppable no matter what,but remember that only Giants are affected by this,so this makes him only usefull in Giant Decks,or Multicolored Decks with Giants in it.It is used to CRUSH any helpless Blocker who didn't done his job properly.Don't worry,Giants got their own version of Cocco Lupia in the form of Kirino Giant,who also tries to save sometimes.

My strategy is sound:We go straight to the objective and kill everyone who stands in our path!

Tornado Moon,the Enlightened is pretty straight-forward,but in order to use him efficiently you must make sure that your opponent has no nasty Shield Triggers (easily done with Water Cards that let you look at your opponent's shields).His ability is indeed awesome,but pretty risky.Of course,Nature Civilization is known for nullifying Shield Triggers,but the card who really proves this is banned (Cursed Totem) and Cryptic Totem is only usefull if you want to end your opponent fast,so we have to take a look at others.
We get some usefull Creatures from Heaven (Light Civilization) that restrict Spells (thus restrict most Shield Triggers) such as Light Divine Dragon Spell Del Fin,however Creatures with Shield Trigger can still prove themselves painfull (Aqua Surfer)

I've brought some friends to the party,let's "feast"!

For me,war is just like a scene,a Dramatic scene where the hero will rise in order to bring peace! -Kankuro,Peerless Brute

Kankuro,Peerless Brute is really great in combination with Tornado Moon.
He has the "Revenge Chance" mechanism which is Gravity Zero proc'd when your enemy has a Creature with 11 cost or more/18000 power or more.This makes him an usefull Creature if you want to end your opponent fast before he does it to you with his powerhouses.
With 19000 power and Quadruple Breaker,few Creatures can take him out,and few Shield Triggers can hurt him if he's spammed.With Earth Dragon/Giant/Samurai races and Wild Soul mechanism,he gets support from 4 worlds,which can make a match almost unfair.
If you really want this Creature to be effective,then spam him and unleash Tornado Moon and his Kankuro loyalty!Just make sure that you have something to protect both,because they have no defence on their own.

Light Magic or Dark Magic,is all the same!And all should be gone! -Light Divine Dragon Spell Del Fin

Remember what I said in the Strategy section about how can Del Fin help Tornado Moon,the Enlightened?Well here I will say how can he do it.
When he's present,your enemy plays with his hand face-up.This is one of the most awesome gifts that you can take,seriously what's better than knowing what tricks does your opponent have in his sleeve?And this is completely legal.
Now here comes his other abilities:Your opponent is completely sealed as long as Del Fin starts to wander free,he can't cast any magic anymore.And like this wasn't enough,Del Fin will grow stronger and more scary when your opponent starts to have Spells in his hand.
Now you , my reader , might ask "Why do I have to use Del Fin and Tornado Moon,the Enlightened in the same deck?",which is legit because they both need different support (which asks for better card pool) for their insane summoning conditions.However,you need all the protection you can get for our Lunatic Emperor,and Del Fin can be a good start.Creatures with Shield Triggers are still meanies tho,such as Aqua Surfer,but it will be very tough for your opponent to choose a Creature.
Speaking of Del Fin,I've done a separate review for this Dragon long time ago,so if you want to know more about this card then feel free to take a look.

You DEFINITELY don't want to meet my big friend,so don't ask for it! -Eternal Meteor Kaiser

Eternal Meteor Kaiser is probably one of my favorite cards.A Red Command Dragon/Hunter who forces enemies to come unprepared (tapped) while his are more than prepared (Speed Attacker)?YES PLEASE.
While Speed Attacker won't make a difference on Tornado Moon,there are some times when killing some of your opponent's incoming hostile Creatures is better than breaking his defences.This is where Eternal Meteor Kaiser can prove himself worthy,making hostiles nothing more than cake waiting to be eaten by a big Lunatic Emperor.
What's even more awesome is that you can summon this Dragon for FREE if your opponent discards it,which can be a pain for most discard decks.The only problem you might have is protecting both Eternal Meteor and Tornado Moon,since they both need different support.

Just because we're Giants does not mean we aren't fast enough to become Samurais! -Saigou Giant

I think that Saigou Giant really deserves a honorable mention here.Think of him as a taunting,"victory" version of Avalanche Giant
When he's present,he taunts any blocker,making them block whenever they can.This can halve your opponent's shields broken by Tornado Moon,but who cares blockers are crushed,and I mean crushed HARD!
Not only that,but whenever his Giant brothers (himself included) win a battle,1 shield is going down the road.This ability actually STACKS with Tornado Moon's effect,because it says "Whenever 1 of your Giants WINS A BATTLE" not "Whenever 1 of your Giants IS BLOCKED" which is a big difference.So when your Giants win against a Blocker,then 3 shields are broken,which is 3/4 of Tornado Moon's shields broken by him and 3/3 of Saigou's shields broken by him.
With 13000 power for himself,Saigou can hold his own butt against many Creatures,but 9 mana cost makes him a bit hard to summon.

You really want to ask for it?Very well,wait for my friends and we'll start the show! -Vilem Arc, the Brute Dragon

Vilem Arc is pretty usefull Creature you might consider.
His presence will fascinate at least 1 Dragon,1 Giant,and/or 1 Samurai to come and prepare themselves for war.The effectiveness of this ability depends on what kind of Creatures you might pull out from your deck.If you don't have Tornado Moon in your hand and you desperately need him,then what are you waiting for?

A smart move would be pulling out 3 copies of Kankuro,Peerless Brute (Kankuro has Earth Dragon/Giant/Samurai races),but only do this if you have Tornado Moon in battlefield.Another smart , but funny , move would be to pull 3 copies of Vilem Arc himself,to pull even more at your next turns.
Just remember to have support ready for him (he gets support from 3 worlds,pretty wide range if your ask me,but he has 9 mana cost,which is high) and protect him,because at his level he would be crushed.

Most enemies end up being dead when I cut their flesh out with my weapons,but some really know how to resist!

No one commands me!! -Kankuro,Peerless Brute

Yep,Kankuro is really that Dramatic when it comes to wars.
Remember what I said about his Revenge Chance mechanism?This affects Tornado Moon,since he has 22000 power.Because of this he's usually spammed,which makes some situations even worse.
While this guy has no chance against Tornado Moon with only 19000 power,he can be used to break your defences instead,with his Quadruple Breaker,which can end you really fast at your opponent's next turn.Just like Tornado Moon,he comes with support (savers,cost reducers,etc.).Pray that you have some Shield Triggers that can , at least , delay him,such as Holy Awe,or else he will be merciless and *literally* end your life in a single sword slash.

NO FAIR,how can a Fortress like that live? -Tornado Moon,the Enlightened

I am pretty sure that Silver Glory,Invincible Fortress should stay banned for eternity ( it used to be banned),it's allies have the power to win ALL battles,which is just like what a Slayer would do,but the Creature with this ability won't self-destruct,it will stay in the battlefield.Heaven (Light Civilization) is known for Creature Tapping,which gives Tornado Moon,the Enlightened a lot of trouble and can make him a big delicious cake waiting to be eaten.
What's even worse is that this Fortress has the ability to make it's controller choose on of his other shields whenever the shield that's fortified with Silver Fortress would be broken.This can be annoying,and can trigger some unexpected Shield Trigger.Remember that Tornado Moon's ability doesn't work like , say , Zero Phoenix.
However,I can think of 3 counters against this Fortress:
- Creatures that burn shields until they're dust.(Bolmeteus Steel Dragon)
- Shield destroyers.(Gajirabute,Vile Centurion)
- Your own Silver Glory,Invincible Fortress.(If 2 Creatures that can win all battles fight each other,both stay in battlefield)

Anyone who touches my cursed flesh will share my fate. -Melnia,the Aqua Shadow

Slayers are also hypereffective against powerhouses,going and killing kamikaze style.While countering a Slayer depends a lot on what Slayer are we talking about,most of them have the same weakness: not-so-much power.
As you can see Melnia has only 1000 power,making him prone against even small tricks such as Crimson Hammer.But he's an unblockable Slayer with such a cheap cost (2) that almost drives me insane.

You have no chance against my unholy disease. -Dorballom,Lord of Demons

The Ballom family really knew how to use dark magic (or "disease"),they are all evil Demons who can either destroy non-Darkness Creatures,non-Hunter Creatures or just ALL Creatures,along with some more fancy effects that can give your enemy an unfair advantage.
However, 3/5 of have 10 mana cost,which is insane even if we compare it with Tornado Moon and his Ultimate Evolution mechanism,but Dorballom and Ballom Emperor are still bad for our sanity (Dorballom for destroying all non-Darkness Creatures AND non-Darkness mana,while Ballom Emperor for being the cheapest Ballom shown,so he can use his effect at such an early phase of the game),all of them are Evolution Creatures (no Evolution Bait,no fancy effects and devastation) and all of them are too weak to withstand Tornado Moon himself.

Even tho you we're close,you still lost Lunatic Emperor! Terradragon Diruga Vejida

Not much to say here,one way off killing a powerhouse is by using a bigger powerhouse.Terradragon Diruga Vejida is one example.
However,Diruga Vejida is maybe one of the most annoying powerhouses ever , in my opinion , because he's basically unkillable,and by unkillable I mean that he won't go into grave,he will just go in your enemy's deck,shuffled afterwards.He has an outstanding 23000 power,a little bit more than Tornado Moon.The only counter I can think off that can delay him would be using blockers,but even Sasha,Chaneller of Suns can't stand a chance against him

Strenght is what flows through my veins!

- The only Lunatic Emperor with Quatro Breaker and the strongest Lunatic Emperor available,this brings up some uniqueness.
- Pretty good ability that makes his Giants unstoppable.
- 22000 power,few Creatures can take him out without effects.
- Giant race,got his own support.

I wish I reached invincibility,I am a Lunatic Emperor after all....

- Ultimate Evolution Creature,pretty hard to summon in moderate conditions with all this tricky madness such as Slayers or Creature destroying
- His ability might be awesome,but it has such a narrow range it only affects Giants.
- Quatro Breaker,sometimes is better to get blocked than to attack directly because of the BIG chance that you will get some nasty Shield Triggers in your face.
- No defence on his own,making him even more vulnerable to Shield Triggers.

I think I am not the only Lunatic Emperor without shapeshifting,am I?

I think this card is really underrated,he has only 1 copy that you can get:

DM-32 Evolution Saga (S9/S10 - Super Rare) version.

Even if I can't shapeshift,I don't need to!

A colossal Giant that really looks like an Emperor?Pretty awesome.
Not only that,but by looking at his big weapons , we know he's not to be messed with , and if you do this mistake,then you shall be prepared to be crushed so hard that big earthquakes will follow.AMON really made a Giant monster.No wonder he got a crushing ability like that.
For some reason,this Creature reminds me of a Hindu God with 4 arms and all those weapons.

I'm going higher and higher until I have my place with the Gods,but I need to pass their judgement first.

He get's an 8/10 from me.
Awesome artwork,awesome power,awesome ability,awesome weapons......yet his ability affects only Giants (I think they're pretty underrated at the moment),his Ultimate Evolution can make him hard to summon and can eat one of your otherwise-usefull Evolution Creatures and Quatro Breaker has his side effects,even tho it is kinda funny because Tornado Moon was designed to crush shields no matter what.


Modified on February 13, 2012 05:02 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: February 12, 2012 10:47 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

you only mentioned poor kirino giant once....why....also Xenon is a good bait?
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Avatar for tudordan
Subject:    Posted: February 13, 2012 04:59 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from waileukwu:

you only mentioned poor kirino giant once....why....also Xenon is a good bait?

Kirino Giant is pretty obvious,one of the reasons why I don't Mention Cocco Lupia in my Dragon review either (anymore).
As for forcing blockers to really block: Saigou Giant does it pretty nicely,and he's here.
I would put Xenon too if he affected Evolution Creatures too,otherwise not really usefull as bait.
Back to top Modified on February 13, 2012 05:02 am 
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