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card review Eternal Moon, the Enlightened White Knight: The Angel's Invincible Soul! the Enlightened Saga part 4

Card Review
Eternal Moon, the Enlightened White Knight: click to enlarge
Eternal Moon, the Enlightened White Knight

Card text:

Ultimate Evolution: Put on 1 of your light evolution creatures.
Double Breaker
While this creature is tapped and you have no shields, you can't be attacked. (Your creatures may still be attacked.)

Appearing from a rain of light, invincibility incarnate.

  • Collector Number: S1
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Lunatic Emperor/Angel Command
  • Power: 11000
  • Cost: 8
  • Civilization: Light
Eternal Moon, the Enlightened White Knight
The Angel's Invincible Soul! the Enlightened Saga part 4

written by tudordan
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Read my
Rising NEX review
,Tornado Moon review and my Skull Moon review,if you did then go on.

Hello everyone,my name is tudordan coming up with the 4th part of the Enlightened Saga featuring........

Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight

Coming from:

DM-34 Cross Generation (S1/S5 - Super Rare)

Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight is an Ultimate Evolution Creature with 8 mana cost,11000 power,Double Breaker and Lunatic Emperor/Angel Command races.
If you've read my other reviews then you know what is an Ultimate Evolution Creature and what does it have.(a Moon Symbol,"the Enlightened Suffix",etc.)However,Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight is unique and different from other Lunatic Emperors:

- Instead of the Moon Symbol,he has the Normal Light Civilization Symbol under the card text.
- He features more words after "the Enlightened" suffix.
- He requires Light Evolution Creatures as baits.

Ultimate Evolution mechanism combined with 8 mana cost and Light Evolution Creatures required makes him even harder to summon than Skull Moon,the Enlightened,but that's because,just like Skull Moon,Eternal Moon has awesome abilities that make it worth the effort.
11000 power can is decent,can hold his own very well.
Double Breaker is expected,it also reduces the chances of a nasty Shield Trigger that lurks in a deceiving mask.(a problem that Tornado Moon has)
Angel Command race and the White Knight name gives him a lot of support to choose from,which is one of the differences between this Creature and Skull Moon.
Now let's take a look at his ability:

While this creature is tapped and you have no shields, you can't be attacked. (Your creatures may still be attacked.)

Light Civilization is known for having powers that , combined , will make the Creatures invincible.These are as following:

- Staying in battlefield instead of being destroyed.
- Can't be chosed by opponent's Creatures,Spells or both.
- Winning all battles.
- And last but not least,Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight's effect that makes his commander (you) invincible.

Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight proves it,but instead he uses a special,unique power that will make your opponent rage/die because of boredom.By being invulnerable yourself against Creatures,you know that you have all the time in this world to win yourself,something that would be impossible without this effect.
However,this comes at a great cost:Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight MUST be tapped in order for this effect to proc,which makes him a big target against powerhouses,Slayers and the likes of them.There are some Creatures (from Light Civilization obviously) who can help nullify this problem,we will talk about that later.
With an ability like this one,Eternal Meteor Kaiser goes and cries in corner.

What to evolve on?

I expected a question like this to pop.Here , my reader , you will see what kind of Evolution Baits can we use for our Lunatic Emperor,keep in mind 2 things:

-Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight requires Light Evolution Creatures,so Sarutahiko,the Great Hero is completely useless.(maybe,but you can't use him as Evolution Bait)
-We will talk here about Evolution Bait ONLY!

Justius,Lord of Spirits came with the brilliant idea to make electric chains that will kill any weak-minded Creature who dares to assault the Heaven! -Alphadios,Lord of Spirits

An Evolution Angel Command with 8500:5 ratio who can actually attack anyone not just Creatures?YES PLEASE.
Justius,Lord of Spirits is pretty useless against Slow decks where most Creatures have more than 5000 power,but Rush decks will fear this!5000 power or less Creatures are completely sealed - they can't attack at all.And all of this comes at 5 mana cost,which is pretty great.
Remember that there are some Cheap Angel Commands such as Ultimus,Spirit of Divine Law and Irohas,Spirit of Extinguishing,so this shouldn't be a problem.
When he's present he can give you some more time to evolve him into Eternal Moon.However,Justius has defence on his own,and "Blocker" mechanism can leave him vulnerable against someone like Genji XX,Blastdragon.

If this is an Angel Command coming from Pandora Space,then I don't want to see his other Aliens! -Alphadios,Lord of Spirits.

Gaga Last Misterica,Lord of Spirits is an Evolution Creature that introduces us a race which is quite interesting to us (for me it is at least): Alien.He get's support from Angel Commands themselves and some more power from Aliens,which is pretty great.
Now let's take a look at him overall:
9 mana cost is pretty big,but remember what I said about the Angel Command/Alien World and their support.
13000 power is pretty great,not many Creatures can take him out without effects.
His ability is what makes him pretty great.When you untap him,you draw your entire deck untill you are at your last 2 cards.From there,you may put any amount cards with Shield Trigger (Creature AND Spell) for free.If you don't have many Shield Triggers then this ability does nothing but backfire,but someone such as Cyber N World can fix this!
This Creature costs 9 mana,which is a little bit more expensive than Eternal Moon's cost,but you can summon Eternal Moon next turn.

My destiny is to become Eternal Moon himself,but I'm not really sure that he will really come and show me the path. -Ulferios, White Knight Infinity Dragon

Ulferios, White Knight Infinity Dragon is pretty much made for Eternal Moon!
He is not your generic definition of an Evolution Creature,he is a Super Infinite Evolution Creature,which has 1 or more Evolution baits to choose from.I highly advice you to use just 1 Light Creature as an Evolution Bait,unless you want to use the White Knight - Atomic Gainer Spell.His Meteorburn ability will take the top 2 cards of your deck and put them into battlefield if they are White Knight Creatures!Why use mana to summon Eternal Moon when you can use Water Cards that rearrange the top cards of your deck and use this Creature's effect?
This can be done in a turn by the way and you will put Eternal Moon tapped,in which you can use his effect if you have no shields.Summoning this Angel Command/Apollonia Dragon shouldn't be hard,unless you're up against moderate hostile control.Even if you have Eternal Moon into hand instead of the top off your deck,you can summon him at your next turn,because Ulferios costs 7 mana.

Eternal Moon said that my soul is waay to strong for him to control,now I think it is much better for him. -Bolshack Ulpheus,Holy Dragon

For Fire fanatics who want to witness Light's invincible powers along with Fire's fighting spirit,Bolshack Ulpheus can be a solution.
He introduces for us a race that's just as interesting as Alien race:Hunter.Hunter got some good support for themselves.Combine that with his other races (Angel Command/Armored Dragon) and you can say that this Creature can rush even tho it is a bit slow.Using his older brother,Bolpheus Heaven,can be a good solution,but Vortex Evolution makes Bolshack Ulpheus a better,versantile choice.Also it is pretty good by himself,so why waste Bolpheus anyway?

While Bolshack Ulpheus is much easier to summon than Bolpheus,he also has slight problems:
- -4000 power,pretty harsh.
- Double Breaker instead of Triple Breaker,not that harsh if we think about it for a second.
- Lost Bolpheus's ability that allows him to destroy weaklings at the cost of your shields.Again not that harsh.
However,he didn't lost Bolpheus's ability to cast Fire/Light Spells without cost.What kind of Spells can you use through this effect?Depends,but here are some examples in Shuriken6's Bolshack Ulpheus review.Even tho I would suggest the Spell called White Knight Gate,so that you can summon Eternal Moon immediately.

There are more examples,but there are from the top off my head.

How to use Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight?

Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight is used in Mono-Light decks and White Knight decks,even tho I saw him in some Rainbow decks with Light.He is used as a staller,in order to give you a chance of winning which you couldn't get without him,in order to make your opponent rage or very bored.
I would advice using him in a Light/Darkness deck so that he can meet that kitty called Ashliger,Holy Dark Beast,and obviously White Knight deck where he has support made for him and his other White Knight brothers.

What's the strategy when it comes to this Creature?

Strategy?That's pretty simple,but only do it if you have no shields:
Always attack with Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight whenever you have the chance!
Shields,Creatures or using his Tap ability given from some other Creature,it doesn't matter,just make sure he's tapped.
But make sure he will stay tapped.Easy to do - remember what I said about Light Civilization's powers that make the Creatures invincible if combined?Some Creatures have these kind of powers,but we will talk about that later.
Using blockers and savers can also be a good solution.

What combos are available with this Creature?

Well, my reader , there are a lot of combos that you can use with Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight besides the obvious support he get's from White Knight's:

No fair,they never die! -XENOM,the Reaper King

Probably one of the best combinations.
Light Civilization is known for effects like staying in battlefield instead of being destroyed.Mihail does it best.By staying into battlefield,you make sure that Eternal Moon won't be destroyed that easily,and you can use it's effects to create a perfect Stall.(almost perfect,but meh)
While 8 mana cost is pretty big and 4000 power at this level is pretty much sucky,his ability is what makes it worth it.
There are , however , some slight problems:
- Any Creature will get these effects except Mihail himself,this means opponent's Creatures will be also indestructible,and Mihail can be easily done with if he isn't protected.(that's why you carry 2 copies of him however)
- Cards that remove Creatures from field with ways other than destroying are hypereffective now,and these can be thrown into Mihail's face to break the lock.

While I will try to slowly rebuild these broken defences,Eternal Moon will hold these evil fools. -Alephtina, Spiritual Princess

Only use Alephtina if you have Eternal Moon in battlefield and no shields - that is the moment where she is cheap,with only 4 mana cost.I say that because her cost is increased for each shield you have.
Now here comes the hard part:
After you have both Eternal Moon and Alephtina,you need something to increase your shields again,this is done as soon as possible because Eternal Moon's effect would be useless if you didn't put enough shields.And you need at least 10 in order to win the game instantly!
I can think of 1 way that's going to do the trick:
You need Heaven's Gate and 2 Milzam,Spirit of Miracles.You can get Heaven's gate with Spells such as Logic Cube,while you can get Milzam with Spells such as Dimension Gate.If you succesfully did it,(can be impossible,especially against a discard deck) then cast Heaven's Gate and summon 2 Blockers with a cost of 9 by paying only 6 mana.After that,enjoy how you won without breaking too much shields.

Look,there's no such thing as "I can't do it,I need someone else",that's why I'm here! -Elupheus,Lord of Spirits

There are some times when your opponent won't try to attack with his Creatures,so most of the time you're forced to attack his shields instead.(there are some times when you don't want to do that either,you never know what secret is hidden behind that shield)
If your enemy thinks he's safe,then punish him with Elupheus,Lord of Spirits.When he's present,your opponent's Creatures come into battlefield tapped!This can give Eternal Moon reasons to use his effect and give you a chance.All of this comes with only 5 mana cost,which is pretty cheap if we think about it,but you need some Evolution Bait for Elupheus too.
With 9500 power , at his level , very few Creatures can kill Elupheus without using effects,which is pretty much great.He can be used as an Evolution Bait too,but only do it if you're really desperate and want Eternal Moon to help you as soon as possible,otherwise don't waste Elupheus and his potential.
For Fire fanatics,using Eternal Meteor Kaiser can be a good solution,but he costs more mana and Speed Attacker is useless on Eternal Moon.

This holy armor gives me the power to endure any evil magic! -Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight

Cards that make your Creatures not able to be choosed by your opponent are also very effective,they are one of the four powers that make Light Civilization invincible.
With this,you know that your opponent will be very annoyed when he realized he can't escape Eternal Moon's wrath.Shield Triggers such as Terror Pit are completely useless against him now,unless your opponent uses a Spell such as Martial Law.
Because of this,I kinda wished Eternal Moon was an Apollonia Dragon instead of an Angel Command,because Poppi Luck would give him this cool effect.

This Fortress has the power to give us unimaginable strenght! -Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight

Silver Glory,Invincible Fortress can also help if Mihail cannot.With this,your Creatures have the power to win ALL battles,so you opponent will think twice before attacking Eternal Moon.
6 mana cost is a fair amount,even tho I wanted it to cost more mana than just 6.(this card used to be banned)
Your opponent can't get rid of this fortress with brute strenght,which is very good.Using this with Water Cards such as Emeral can be very effective at crippling your opponent's Creatures.
However,there are Creatures such as Core-Crash Lizard or Bolmeteus Steel Dragon that can remove it,and Silver Glory can't do nothing against it!Bolmeteus Steel Dragon can be blocked,but not Core-Crash Lizard!

Tell me some counters for this card:

In this section,we don't count Eternal Moon and the card mentioned above,simply because if you have all of the cards above and the Lunatic Emperor himself then your opponent can't counter him.


Slayers are hypereffective against any Big monster.They are weak,but if they we're strong then their "Slayer" ability would be completely useless on them.Since Eternal Moon is tapped most of the time,he is a big sand castle waiting to be demolished by a baby.
How to counter a Slayer depends a lot on what Slayers are we talking about.For example,Marauder can be blocked easily,but Melnia cannot.I could use Melnia as an example,but if I we're you and see any kind of Lunatic Emperor on the battlefield,I would get rid of him as soon as he's tapped,this is where Marauder helps.

I love being a hero! -Bolshack Cross NEX

Powerhouses (Creatures with 15000 power and more) are also hypereffective when it comes to ruining Eternal Moon's plans.Bolshack Cross NEX is just an example.
However,Bolshack Cross NEX does it fast an easy.If he attacks then his 12000 power will become an incredible 17000!He has Speed Attacker,so he can attack your Lunatic Emperor when you least expect it.The last , but not least , is how he seals any Creature with 4 mana cost or less.This means that even if you blocked him you are unable to summon something such as a Saver.9 mana cost might seem big,but he's an Armored Dragon,he will get so much support is ridiculous.
However,this guy is just pure power,most negative tricks will get him and curse him for eternity.Also his commander (your enemy) can't summon Creatures with 4 cost or less either,so he seals anyone.

My disease will kill anyone , strong or weak , big or small! -Dorballom,Lord of Demons

The Ballom family can be usefull too,destroying Creatures that aren't from Darkness Civilization,Creatures that aren't Hunters or just destroying Creatures in general.
These effects can't be nullified by cards that give your Creatures the power of striking so much fear in your opponent's heart that he can't choose them,simply because they affect ALL Creatures,not just 1 or 2.Dorballom and Ballom Emperor are the most evil Creatures from all of them.(even tho Ballcadeias deserves a honorable mention too)
However, 3/5 of them have 10 mana cost which is even more than Eternal Moon ,all of them are Evolution Creatures,and some of them can backfire.

Useless Creatures have no reason to fight with us! -Auzesu,the Demonic Holy Spirit

Eternal Moon is most of the time tapped,so cards that destroy tapped Creatures are hypereffective against him.Auzesu is one example.
However,Auzesu does this at such an early phase of the game is almost ridiculous.Even with his Sympathy mechanism,he can be summoned very easily with cards such as Ashliger.
Combine that with the fact that he's both an Angel Command/Demon Command and we have some mean Creature that won't leave us alone.

He is way too weak physically against Eternal Moon ,but that means nothing,especially with Auzesu's ability.
However:no defence on his own can make him prone to most tricks.Also this card must be used as early as possible in order to counter Eternal Moon,otherwise he's just wasted.

No powerhouses allowed in my battlefield! -Nariel,the Oracle

Thank goodness this Creature is restricted,can't even believe there is a Creature like this.
If you want to know why I hate this Creature,is because it seals anyone with 3000 power or more.This means that Eternal Moon is completely useless now and can't activate his ability anymore,and not only him......
This Creature cost 4 mana,so he's pretty cheap.You might say that Creatures with 2500 power or less might be effective against him,but that's why Nariel's commander will also bring into play Noble Enforcer,to seal anyone who doesn't have exactly 2500 power.
This card still has counters,besides the fact that he's restricted to 1.He has only 1000 power and no defence on his own,Rose Castle or Spells such as Crimson Hammer will kill him immediately.

How many pros does this Creature have?

- The 2nd most unique Lunatic Emperor you can find (Behind Rising NEX,the Enlightened)
- White Knight,one of my favorite Creatures.
- Pretty awesome ability that gives you a chance to turn the battle.
- Double Breaker,not as affected as the Lunatic Emperors before him when it comes to Shield Triggers.

This card must have a weakness right?

- Pretty harsh summoning conditions.
- In order to use his ability,you must tap him,which is pretty annoying and risky sometimes.
- 11000 power,at his level he would be crushed by many Creatures,but it is still decent.

How many versions of this card are available?

Only 1,which is pretty sad.It is written in japanese:

DM-34 Cross Generation (S1/S5 - Super Rare) version.

Can you tell me something about his artwork?

One of the few Creatures that aren't drawn by Toshiaki Takayama,he is drawn by Hideki Ishikawa instead.This really proves how much years of practice and study did Hideki took.
Now let's take a look at Eternal Moon:

I think I've seen that kind of muscular body before,it reminds me of.....

Yep,when I've seen Eternal Moon,the Enlightened White Knight,I knew he was somewhat similar to my other favorite Creature,Cyber G Hogan.
Besides this,if we take a look at his hand,is almost like he keeps his Commander here,is almost like he has the secret of immortality in his hands.The circular ray around his hand comes from the enemy's foolish attempts of trying to break the secret,but failing...
That "ring" around his hand also looks like a galaxy.Does he know the Universe's secrets?Is he really that misterious?Noone knows.

Can you tell me your overall note when it comes to Eternal Moon?

He gets a 10/10 from me.
One of the most perfect Lunatic Emperors when it comes to playing defensively.His ability can make a difference between a won battle because of him,or a lost battle because you didn't had him.
Also pretty unique!He is not that much of a fighter,but he's still one of my favorite cards along with Bolbalzak X,Skull Moon,the Enlightened and Dorballom,Lord of Demons.


Modified on February 13, 2012 04:53 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: February 12, 2012 10:56 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

it is unique, but is it good? Sometimes the trick is to keep it tapped, and are there any ways to do that without actually have to attack with it? Savers always work well with it, but the problem really is that it really only works well without shields, no? Use ghastly drain on youself?
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Avatar for tudordan
Subject:    Posted: February 13, 2012 04:53 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from waileukwu:

it is unique, but is it good? Sometimes the trick is to keep it tapped, and are there any ways to do that without actually have to attack with it? Savers always work well with it, but the problem really is that it really only works well without shields, no? Use ghastly drain on youself?

Well,There was an evolution Creature that allows players to not untap their Creatures and if there is an untapped Creature,that one is destroyed.

I can't remember it's name tho,something with "Emperor of Death".
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Hong Kong

Avatar for lostofx
Subject: Please...   Posted: October 27, 2016 10:43 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Don't listen to this review, Eternal Moon is pure 100% garbage and i am not joking.....Just don't use him, honestly....
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