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card review Supernova Apollonus Dragerion: Noone challenged him and lived to tell the tale! -The Phoenix's story part 1/6

Card Review
Supernova Apollonus Dragerion: click to enlarge
Supernova Apollonus Dragerion

Card text:

■ Galaxy Vortex evolution—Put on top of 3 of your Dragons.
■ Meteorburn—Whenever this creature attacks, you may put a card under this creature into your graveyard. If you do, this creature gets "power attacker +15000" and "World breaker".

■ Whenever your opponent would choose this creature, he puts all of his cards in his mana zone into his graveyard.

■ Triple breaker

  • Collector Number: S4
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Phoenix/Tyranno Drake
  • Power: 15000+
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Fire
Supernova Apollonus Dragerion
Noone challenged him and lived to tell the tale! -The Phoenix's story part 1/6

written by tudordan
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Hello everyone,my name is tudordan coming up with the first part about my favorite Phoenixes,one of them being.............

Supernova Apollonus Dragerion

Coming up from.......

DM-22 The Dragonic Nova (S4/S5 - Super Rare) (as you can see,he's featured in this pack's cover artwork)

DMC-44 Endless All Delete (10/37 - Super Rare)

Supernova Apollonus Dragerion is an Galaxy Vortex Evolution Creature with 6 mana cost,15000+ power,Triple Breaker,Phoenix/Tyranno Drake races and Meteorburn.
We will try to divide him into sections:

Galaxy Vortex Evolution with 6 mana cost

Consider this a pretty good restriction.Galaxy Vortex Evolution is usually seen on Phoenixes,and for a good reason.
Most of them are powerfull enough to decide a game and win by themselves.(including Apollonus Dragerion) In order to balance this out,they have this Galaxy Vortex Evolution mechanism along with a moderate cost.(from 4 to 8 )
Supernova Apollonus Dragerion requires any Dragon as Evolution Bait.Making a Dragon deck is not hard (even I can do it,and my deckbuilding skills are below average),but that's not the problem.The problem is that most Dragons have high mana cost,even if there are some low cost Dragons waiting to be used.I wish this Phoenix was a Dragon instead of a Tyranno Drake so that it would be more logical.

15000+ Power,Triple Breaker and Meteorburn

As I said before,most Phoenixes are good by themselves and can decide a game alone,Supernova Apollonus Dragerion does it using brute force from his Fire Evolution Orbs!
15000+ power is pretty good on a Creature with 6 mana cost,even with the Galaxy Vortex Evolution mechanism.Most Phoenixes have pretty high powerlevel,even Galaxy Lupia.
Triple Breaker is expected at 15000+ power and makes him quite powerfull when it comes to destroying shields.This comes up with a great weakness that will give your opponent some usefull Creatures and eventually a nasty Shield Trigger.There are some Creatures that will take care of Spells (most Shield Triggers are Spells) and Shield Triggers in general.
Phoenix/Tyranno Drake races opens up the door for a lot of support and protection,all for him coming up from Brave Spirits and even other Tyranno Drakes.Did I forgot to mention that Phoenix got awesome cards too?(The Universe Gate and Ultimate Galaxy Universe for example)
It's Meteorburn ability is what makes him a Juggernaut:

Meteorburn - When this creature attacks, you may send a card under this creature to the Graveyard. If so, this creature gains "Power Attacker +15000" and "World Breaker". (Creature with "Power Attacker +15000" and "World Breaker" gain Power +15000 while attacking, and can break all Shields.)

So what we have here is a slighty buffed (with some nerfs) version of Uberdragon Sunburst NEX.With Power Attacker +15000 we got a Creature that goes from 15000 to an amazing 30000 power.VERY few Creatures can kill him without effects.Next is World Breaker - few Creatures can destroy 5 Shields with 1 move.This is a double-edged sword with all this Shield Trigger fest (which is annoying),not to mention that your opponent would be overwhelmed and most likely summon some broken Creature that can cost you the game.You MUST know when to attack and what!
All of this comes when you sacrifice 1 Creature,so using Evolution Chargers or Creatures such as Time Changer,Space-Time Engineer is highly adviced,even if you can use this ability at least 3 times.This is one part that makes Supernova Apollonus Dragerion awesome,other part being...............

When an opponent chooses this creature, they put all of their cards in the Mana Zone into the Graveyard.

Having 30000 power when attacking along with World Breaker is already awesome,but this ability makes it overkill.
Supernova Apollonus Dragerion makes Shield Triggers less threatening than they look,but that doesn't mean he is invincible!Your opponent can still choose him and get rid off him,but he pays the ultimate price - losing all his mana!By the time you summoned this Phoenix,both you and your opponent should have enough mana to touch the lategame part of the match.A wrong move can slap your opponents for the rest of the match.However,what's even worse is that your opponent CAN'T let this monster live either!Ah,gotta love the "stuck between a rock and a hard place" phrase!The only problem need to force your opponent to choose Apollonus Dragerion somewhat.That and effects that affect ALL Creatures.Don't forget that attacking/blocking won't trigger this effect either.

There are so many Dragons that it takes me forever to choose the right bait!

No worries,we all know that most Dragons have high mana cost and are good by themselves,but here are some good examples of what Evolution Baits are usefull for our Tyrannical Phoenix:

Knights or weaklings?Does it even matter?They will have the same fate anyway! -Supernova Apollonus Dragerion

A perfect example of an Evolution Creature,coming from 3 Worlds and 2 Civilizations!
As long as you have Geo Goctra,Armed Dragon present,all your other Creature with 4 mana cost or more get his races (Armored Dragon/Earth Dragon/Samurai) along with +2000 power.He also comes with Samurai Generation,giving some usefull Cross Gears that can give you a win!Remember that if you use a crossed Creature as a bait for an Evolution Creature,that Evolution Creature is automatically crossed too.

+2000 power is just a bonus,for weaklings it can be pretty great,for a powerhouse like Apollonus Dragerion it can make a difference between life & death.Not only that,but it will finally make sense,as this Phoenix is now an Armored Dragon too.
6 mana cost is not that high with all these Fire Birds that fly around him and his other Dragon brothers,6000 power is decent (I wish that his ability could affect him too,giving him 8000) and Double Breaker should be expected.Also,Nature is quite usefull for speeding up the battle and summoning our Phoenix faster.

Samurais are just outdated,you can be an awesome Dragon without being a Samurai! -Geo Mastercha, Unrivaled Dragon Spirit

For those who think Light's unbreakable defences,Nature's growing strenght and Fire's fighting spirit can be combined to make an awesome mix,here is a Creature that agrees.
He works like Geo Goctra,yet he so different in many aspects.He cost more mana than him,requires better card pool with no Samurai Generation,but his ability also affects himself (leading to an effective Creature with 11000 power) gives +3000 power to everyone who has 4 or more mana cost,which makes even more difference.

Choosing between Geo Mastercha or Geo Goctra is all about your taste and your mindset.They both have their pros and cons.They're quite similar in a nutshell,but different when it comes to the core.

It is said that these souls search for Phoenix knowledge through the harsh battlefields. -Bolberg Cross Dragon

Creatures (or cards in general) that search deck for Creatures in general are highly adviced,especially if you can combine them with Geo Goctra/Geo Mastercha,since most of them have 4 cost or more.Necrodragon Dobolzack (the Darkness Creature) and Jack Raidou,Battle Dragon are perfect examples,because they are made for Supernova Apollonus Dragerion.Necrodragon Dobolzack proves it by searching your deck for a God/Phoenix,while Jack Raidou does it by searching your deck for an Evolution Creature that shares a race with him.(He's an Armored Dragon/Tyranno Drake/Samurai)
There are more examples than just these 2,but they either don't have Dragon race,or they cost too much/are hard to summon.Use these when you want to use Apollonus Dragerion as soon as possible and change the face of the battlefield.Even if you have Dragerion,you can still use these Creatures in case you want more Evolutions and your Phoenix is somewhat killed,even if the match would be over by the time you used Apollonus Dragerion.

Those who can't fight now have no reason to speak about the future of the Underworld! -Necrodragon Zekira

Speedy Evolution Baits are always usefull when you need the big boss himself FAST & EASY.
Necrodragon Zekira and Necrodragon Giland are examples here.They are a rare breed,since Dragons have 6 or more mana cost usually,even with their Fire Birds which can be done for pretty easily!However,Zekira and Giland are here to fix this,but even they have some slight problems:
- Zekira requires a Creature to be destroyed,if there isn't any,then he is destroyed.Make sure that you always have at least 1 Creature before summoning Zekira.
- Giland can hold on pretty well,but if he battles he's destroyed.Much better choice than Zekira if you ask me!Just don't attack with this Creature and everything CAN go fine.(I say can because the likes of Holy Awe can "fix" him,in a bad way)

My blade carries the secret that makes the 5 Evolution Orbs! -Innocent Hunter,Blade of All

For everyone who thinks that Dragons and Tyranno Drakes shouldn't be together,this is where the "Innocent" family approves.
The "Innocent" family is famous for it's versantility,it also makes multi-civilization decks with Evolution Creatures much more easier to use,as long as they don't get killed.
Supernova Apollonus Dragerion does NOT require baits with Civilizations,Blockers or Creatures with certain names unlike some Evolutions,BUT you can't use Innocent Blade as a bait alone,you need other baits as well!
Also try to summon this Creature when you're close to summoning Dragerion so that you won't find him killed,because of his 1000 power.

Waileukwu mentioned Gravity Zero Dragons,while they are usefull and cost you nothing,their conditions are somewhat high and can eat your whole hand!Here are some examples of Gravity Zero Dragons:

Valkerios Samurai Dragon

Valkerios Dragon

I could add Necrodragon Guljeneraid too,but he's not really a Gravity Zero Dragon.

This card must have some use and must have some strategy!

Of course,my reader,Supernova Apollonus Dragerion is used in Phoenix Decks,some Dragon Decks and Tyranno Decks as a Finisher,a Finishing Initiator or as a Fighter.His versantility allows him to be used in so many ways.
However,using him in general is a gamble even if you have some more Creatures that allow you to deal the finishing blow.And let me tell you why:SHIELD TRIGGERS!They are Dragerion's arch-nemesis,and my enemies too!(lost the count of lost matches that could be won if it wasn't for that damned Shield Trigger,but that's not the point of this review)
There are ways to avoid them,by using Creatures that restrict Spells (most Shield Triggers are Spells,but we should not forget Creatures that have this effect,such as Bukkomi Hedgedog or Aqua Surfer) or Creatures that restrict Shield Triggers in general!(they are very few tho,and one of them is even banned,which is sad)
Because of the above,Supernova Apollonus Dragerion IS NOT as easy as some people might think,he requires some thought about WHEN,WHERE and WHAT should be destroyed.Remember that he gets 30000 power when he attacks,so it is a good idea to take care of your opponent's Creature rather than breaking his shields.

I believe there are many combos here,give me some examples!

Remember that Supernova Apollonus Dragerion is good by himself,so combos aren't really needed,because the match is finished by the time you summoned him,but still,here are some cards that make matches even more fun.

Unleash the pain! -Dragirias, Explosive Dragonic Phoenix

You thought that Supernova Apollonus Dragerion is really scary?You didn't saw how overpowered is he with Dragirias!
Dragirias has quite a decent cost that makes him a bit slow,combined with Evolution mechanism.However,it is worth it!All his Tyranno Drake allies get their powerlevel DOUBLED,while those with 6000 power or more get Double Breaker.It is a free Powered Stallion that also affects himself as well,leading to an effective Double Breaker with 10000 power at only 5 mana cost!It is even worse when Supernova Apollonus Dragerion gets this effect,it means that even Heavy Death Metal,End of the Century will go cry in a corner.Also usefull as a finisher after you attacked with Dragerion.

You need only ONE Creature if you want an entire army! -Rothus,the Traveller

As you can see,Rothus is right!
Supernova with the Fists of Forever + Relentless Blitz will unleash hell over your enemies,killing them one by one!Fists of Forever will make one of your Creature untap everytime they win a battle while Relentless Blitz will make you choose a race,after that everyone with that race can attack untapped Creatures,being unblockable while doing so.
Remember that Supernova Apollonus Dragerion can be used to kill Creatures too with his 15000 power,which goes to 30000 power when he attacks.It is almost like you have a Ballom in your side.

These strategies................make me sick! -Cryptic Totem

Remember what I said about Shield Triggers before?
If you do,then you know why I put this guy here.As you can see,he seals any Shield Trigger as long as he's tapped.His strategy is just as tricky as , say , Eternal Moon,The Enlightened White Knight ,but that's why you should use it at your turn if you want to make sure that your opponent won't counter.
A good combo would be to have both Cryptic Totem and Supernova Apollonus Dragerion along with 1 more Creature,so that you're sure that you will win that match.Also,you might have to put Cryptic Totem first so you're sure that you get that effect earlier.

Those heretics and their obsolete magic are the reason why I was born! -Light Divine Dragon Spell Del Fin

Oh man,Light Divine Dragon Spell Del Fin starts to be one of my favorite Dragons ever.
With his presence,your enemy can't play Spells and must play with his hand face-up!Not being able to cast Spells is a broken disadvantage by itself (quite useless against decks without Spells in them tho),but playing with hand face-up?And all of this without cheating?What's even better is that this Creature is not even restricted,so you can spam it and make sure your enemy is completely sealed.Also,for each useless junk (Spell) in your opponent's hand, he gets +2000 power.As I said,against decks without Spells,this Creature is weak,BUT NOT USELESS!If you can protect him there's no need for him to get power as long as he's here.As I said before,most Shield Triggers are SPELLS,so this Creature will make all of them useless.This is very good,but it can be a bit bad too: Supernova Apollonus Dragerion won't punish with his ability that destroys mana if he's choosed,unless your opponent would use a Creature with a choosing ability (which are plenty),that and Creatures with Shield Triggers are still a pain.

Let me show you a Phoenix's unleashed fury! -Supernova Apollonus Dragerion

For those who think that Darkness's tenacity and evil strategy combined with Fire's fighting spirit make an awesome team,here is a Spell that agrees with them.
Slash and Burn is a Spell that will burn 1 shield and 1 mana everytime a hostile Creature is killed.

It is Ridiculously overpowered if you combine it with Fists of Forever + Relentless Blitz combo.
As you can see,I don't have much to say here because it is pretty much straight-forward - attack and attack and attack over and over,until there is no Creature left.

I won't want to mess with this Creature,tell me something that helps me against him!

No problem,you thought I would make a review without putting a Counter section?NO WAY!
However,remember that countering Supernova Apollonus Dragerion can be tricky,because some obvious counter cards (Terror Pit for example) require choosing,and you don't want that!

Where's your power now? -Supernova Black Hole Thanatos

Supernova Black Hole Thanatos is the perfect counter to any Meteorburn Creature.
It is a Phoenix just like Supernova Apollonus Dragerion.having 8 mana cost makes him expensive and more costly than Dragerion tho,so you should've finished your opponent so far unless your opponent was at the late point of the game where he was close enough to summon Thanatos and change the tables.
13000 power at 8 mana cost is pretty decent,but not enough to completely counter Dragerion,despite his ability - Any Creature under any evolution Creature is sent into grave.
This is a big slap in the face,especially for our Phoenix.With only 13000 power,Dragerion should still destroy this Creature,unless there is some help on Thanatos's side.

No matter how hard I tryI just can't do it! -Last Avatar's enemies

Can't remember how many times I lost because of this Creature.
Last Avatar,Poseidon Dragon Spirit might not be strong physically,but don't underestimate his defensive power.
His first ability makes him awesome against decks with cards that put new Shields,such as Sundrop Armor.The only problem when it comes to this skill is the fact that everyone get's this effect,so this means it's owner will have to suffer.If you ask me,this doesn't sound synergistic at all,simply because Last avatar comes from Light Civilization,a place where Shields matter!

His 2nd ability is what makes him handy against harsh conditions where you need that second chance.Before you break your opponent's last Shield,he draws a card before breaking that Shield.After that,HE CAN'T BE ATTACKED!I hate abilities like this one as much as I hate Shield Triggers.It can change a game and can ruin your advantage.If you want to avoid this,then you have to kill Last Avatar as soon as he's up!Even if you failed,this ability is an one-way ticket to a chance that can save him or can make nothing at all.
He allows his opponent to draw 2 cards - 1 before his last shield was broken,and the other at the start of his turn.Killing this card might sound easy,but it is easier said than done.

Supernova Apollonus Dragerion,your soul is mine forever! -Eternal Meteor Kaiser

Another Creature that can give his owner a chance,coming from the Hunting World and exhausting your Creatures while rallying his allies.
With only 8000 power at 8 mana cost,he might look like he's not that worth the effort,simply because when it comes to lategame bigger monsters can come and beat him like a little child,that or Creatures with effects such as Aqua Surfer.
It is easy to say this than to make it.Simply because your Creatures come into battlefield TAPPED while his get Speed Attacker.Did I forgot to mention that he's both a Command and a Dragon?Did I forgot that he can be put into battlefield without cost if he's discarded?I think YES.
There is some hope still.Crush him hard as soon as you can,with everything you got,as long as he's gone for good.Brute Force,Slayer effect,Creature effect,it doesn't really matter,just get rid of it ASAP!

It is said that this Dragon has the power of absorbing even a massive siege! -El Levain,Lord of Spirits

It is right,this Dragon can absorb even Dragerion's World Breaker ability and make it a mere weak attack that only broke 1 Shield.
This Apollonia Dragon is called Ral Absorber,Light Divine Dragon and what lacks in strenght and vulnerability (Blocker),makes up in his ability - Ral makes all your Creatures break ONLY 1 Shield during every attack.This will reduce Dragerion's effectiveness when it comes to breaking Shields!
Having only 5 mana cost,your opponent can summon at least 1 Ral Absorber before you can summon Supernova Apollonus Dragerion,but 5000 power and Blocker leaves him prone to most tricks available.(such as the Genji Family)

Isn't it funny when Darkness corrupts your mind and kills you no matter what? -Marauder Deis Drive

We can't forget Slayers and their awesomeness,they're very effective when you want to get rid of a dangerous Creature.
In my opinion,I would get rid of Supernova Apollonus Dragerion as soon as possible,that's why I choosed Marauder Deis Drive!That or blockers such as Pierr,Psycho Doll.
As you can see,Slayers are dangerous IF they take you on surprise!Killing them without brute force shouldn't be hard,because most Slayers have low powerlevel.(it wouldn't make any sense if a Creature with 15000 power had Slayer,unless he would battle with a bigger powerhouse)
Both Marauder and Pierr have 1000 power,so they fall against small tricks,such as Rose Castle or Crimson Hammer.Pierr is weaker than Marauder because he has Blocker.

I'm still confused because I don't know his pros and/or cons!


- Powerfull Creature,especially with his Meteorburn ability.VERY FEW Creatures have more power than him.
- Supernova Apollonus Dragerion is the Creature with the highest Power Attacker level in this game at an awesome 15000.
- World Breaker when he attacks.(good finishing initiator)
- Basically unchoose-able!This makes your opponent think twice if he wants to escape.
- 15000 power (or 30000) at only 6 mana cost,even if Galaxy Vortex Evolution delays him a bit.


- No Meteorburn -> no awesome Phoenix -> a bit easier to kill.
- Galaxy Vortex Evolution is just outdated,everyone uses Psychic Creatures now.
- Tyranno Drake race yet he requires Dragons as Evolution Baits.

His artwork is awesome,what about you?

Well here are his card versions.

DM-22 The Dragonic Nova version.

DMC-44 Endless All Delete version.

Both of them are drawn by Toshiaki Takayama,the master.He is just awesome when it comes to drawing beautifull Creatures that are as powerfull as they look.Supernova Apollonus Dragerion looks like he's a God.A God that will doom you for eternity,a curse that won't give you a chance of escaping.Few Creatures tried to kill him and lived to tell the tale.

I heard this Creature has an Alien version of himself,is it right?

Yep,he really has.
He has a slighty weaker,Psychic Super Creature version called Red ABYTHEN Kaiser:

(he shares Supernova Apollonus Dragerion's ability that sends all mana cards from your opponent's side to grave,while having *almost* identical artwork and being drawn by the same artist,Toshiaki Takayama)

If combined with Black WILLOW Kaiser and White TENMTH Kaiser:

They make the awesome Psychic Super Creature called Shachihoko GOLDEN Dragon!

This card is awesome,what about you?

Yep,Supernova Apollonus Dragerion is awesome enough to get a 10/10.
A Creature with outstanding 30000 power if he uses his Meteorburn ability?AT ONLY 6 mana cost??YES PLEASE!
He might have some slight problems,but that doesn't mean he's not awesome.(most powerhouses have his weaknessess)
This Creature is even more awesome if you watched Duel Masters series,especially Duel Masters Flash and Duel Masters Charge (near the end).It is one of Zakira's signature Cards,and for a good reason!


Modified on March 6, 2012 05:50 am

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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: March 6, 2012 04:54 am Reply with quote Report content icon

once again, nothing on toshiaki tamaya as the artist of this awesome phoenix? ;-;

Yes, he drew both GOLDEN and this awe-smacking creature.

Also you can mention the multitudes of gravity zero dragons? :3
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Avatar for tudordan
Subject: @ waileukwu   Posted: March 6, 2012 05:39 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I will make sure I will add Gravity Zero Dragons,but I think that using Geo Goctra or Geo Mastercha is simply better and economical because GZ Dragons eat your whole hand.

As for Toshiaki Takayama,I already said a lot about him in my other reviews,I don't feel the need to repeat myself again

(and yeah,I'm not quoting your post because TCO's retarded spellcheck drives me insane)
Back to top Modified on March 6, 2012 05:39 am 
Hong Kong

Avatar for lostofx
Subject: School Man   Posted: October 27, 2016 10:47 am Reply with quote Report content icon

School Man is a pretty great counter against a stray Apollonus since it forces your opponent to destroy it.
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