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card review To Champion: A hidden gem

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Card Review
To Champion: click to enlarge
To Champion

Card text:

Effect: Downgrade your Ultimate or Mega to Champion. Place this card face down on Power Port and place Champion from your hand face down on Digivolve Zone.

  • Number: St-55
  • Rarity: Set
  • Card Type: PO-Digivolve
To Champion
A hidden gem

written by machinedramon
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General description:

This card appears bad at first glance, but is actually very strong.


In a deck which switches colors when digivolving a lot, this can be good to bait opponents. It can set up you scoring a lot more points after your opponent digivolves as well. Its also nice to digivolve to a mega that scores points, then use this and work your way back up to score again with another one.

Combos with other cards:

The combo with this and counter attack comes right in the starter deck, but so many people miss it! It's

Ways to counteract it:

As a digivolve option, it is beaten by power freeze as well as option eater.

Overall rating:

It's a neat little combo card, though it is fairly situational. I give it 6/10.


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