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card review Infinite Orchestra of Love: Empress Of Doom / Bringer Of Dispair.

Card Review
Infinite Orchestra of Love: click to enlarge
Infinite Orchestra of Love

Card text:

(This card is put into your mana zone tapped.)

*  Super Infinite Evolution - Put this on any number of creatures that make up all of the civilizations as a whole: Light, Water, Darkness, Fire, and Nature.

*  Meteorburn - When this creature attacks, you may choose a card under this creature and put it into the graveyard. If you do, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. From there, you may put any number of multicolored creatures into the battle zone for no cost and cast any number of multicolored spells for no cost. Then, put the remaining cards at the bottom of your deck in any order.

*  Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)

  • Collector Number: S2
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Alien
  • Power: 15000
  • Cost: 5
  • Civilization: Light/Water/Darkness/Fire/Nature
  • Artist: Hisanobu Kometani
Infinite Orchestra of Love
Empress Of Doom / Bringer Of Dispair.

written by kaka
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Hey guys, Kaka here with another review of course And this time around, i'm gonna do it on one of my favorite cards.
well, I had started this but exams are on . So , now I gotta start it over…

I bet you people don’t use 5 civilization decks . Because , many of you thinks that those cards needs mana ,time , and a lot of luck .So you prefer to play dual civilization decks as they provide more chances to win , and less risks .that’s why , I decided to make this review , hoping that you guys will change your negative attitude about 5 civilization cards

What’s rainbow … is it that thing that appears in the sky ??

The Rainbow Civilization (多色, lit. Multicolored) consists of cards that each combine two or more different civilizations into one card.
Gao Monster
Lost Crusader
Rainbow Command Dragon
Soul Command
Spirit Quartz
Sumo Wrestler Command Dragon
World Bird
World Command
World Dragon

Yup , this newest set brought up a bunch of awesome cards , and I’m pretty sure that everyone is happy with them .

《絶対絶命 ガロウズ・ゴクドラゴン》[rainbow]
《勝利のガイアール・カイザー》[dark- nature -fire ]
《ミセス・アクア》[blue white]
《ケロディス・三郎》[black white blue ]
《燃える漢魂「四つ牙」》 [red green]
《激次元!グレンジュウ》 [ blue red ]

ther’s just one card , that is special … it’sInfinite Orchestra of Love (愛の無限オーケストラ)

effect :

Super Infinite Evolution—Put this on any number ofcreatures that make up all of the civilizations as a whole: Light, Water, Darkness, Fire, and Nature.
Meteorburn —When this creature attacks, you may choose a card under this creature and put it into thegraveyard. If you do, reveal the top 3 cards of yourdeck. From there, you may put any number ofmulticolored creatures into the battle zone for no cost and cast any number of multicolored spells for no cost. Then, put the remaining cards at the bottom of yourdeck in any order.

Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)
15000 power

Hmmm…. I don’t know how to start this ~_~

Ok ,Infinite Orchestra of Love is the first “ Super Infinte Evolution “ released in all the DMR sets ( from DMR-01 > DMR-04 )
and , it’s one of the 14 five-civilization cards in the whole game.
besides , it’s race is ; Alien (エイリアン) introduced in Psychic Splash.,and it was the main focus of the entire set block ( with hunters as well ) .
Now , let’s talk about the art ;
Well the card was released in set DMR – 04 (エピソード1 ライジング・ホープ) and exactly in March 24th, 2012 , it’s a set that introduces a new race of Gao Monster that has appeared, as well as many creatures featuring both the Alien and Hunter races due to their alliance against the Unknowns. and it became instantly popular, easily the best attraction of that set, because of its’ decktype. The card then had a very good run in the game..

I've never been one to pay much attention to the history of a DM card…especially , since all people want just the main things…whithout any introductions. That’s why, I will move directly to the art.

What’s that black thingy behind her face ??

The art of Orchestra benefited from a modern DM card image revolution ; It’s overly amazing and attractive . It’s a thing of Japanese pop culture, so the creature itself does NOT have a clearly defined shape, nor does the card image actually give an impressive pose to figure out what’s going on. You really have to meditate.
Wow , the artist of Orchestra , has a pure skill look at this one
link text

However , if we train our eyes , from what we can tell , Orchestra is a long haired princess , with a long pinky robe decorated with some green circles , and also , little boobs . >.>
Now , you can see orchestra’s 2nd form , it is the dark side of the white princess , which you can take to represent its powerful impact on the game state. Well , the double formed creature has some big hands like the octopus’s , or it’s something else ? hmm… really confusing picture lol.

So that’s pretty weird , and then there are all sorts of ripple pattern circles coming from her body .And around Orchestra , there are two creatures , they look like two aliens ; they are weird though. Anyway , one of them (the black alien) is catching a trumpet , and the other one ( the blue alien) is holding a sort of cello .

And yeah ,the name “ Orchestra “ isn’t random , because , in presence of all those decorations and musical instruments , the picture shows us all the details .. , so Orchestra is really rich in theme….!

To me , all this makes Orchestra looks like some sort of mixed elements , which I suppose makes sense for an alien evolution card of it’s main race . But it also makes sense because Orchestra’s effect is pretty much derived from the classic Hogan Blaster ( x 3 )

Le me doesn’t know how to play Orchestra … I need explanations >.<

The main way to use Infinite Orchestra Of Love is in a five civilization deck (that’s obvious ) , so you need to provide mana , as well as for multi-colored creatures to evolve.
There are many choices , since the DMR-04 set has introduced lot of rainbow civilization creatures.
Long effect ,story short: you play Infinite Orchestra , attack with it , send a card under it to the grave , then reveal 3 cards , from there you put /cast all rainbow cards.
One might be inclined to think that this effect would be resetting all the work you put in building up a field thus far, or that it’s a random benefit, but in practice that’s not really true because:
1) There are many creature choices , for example “ perfect fragerance “ that can turn all creatures you have into rainbow ones. So , evolving isn’t that big deal for Orchestra .
2) When you summon Orchestra , you will gain a lot of cards ( creatures / spells ) , so you will have a good control and focus on the dangerous cards you will gain.

食えばミラクル★いただきまつ! —Perfect Fragrance! Top Mushroom (DMR-04)

Run for your life !!

The possibility to gain instant combinations of very powerful effects on high cost creatures and spells in a single turn is quite simply beautiful. Especially because you can use Orchestra’s effect 1 per turn , so , you will pawn your opponent anyway.

But regardless, just looking at Orchestra isn’t enough to analyze her, because she’s just that kind of card. That’s why she is best understood when looking at the decks and tactics.
It’s kinda similar to some cards in term of “how to get the heavy weight cards “ such as for Hogan Blaster andDoor Of Mystery And Miracle .

What’s special about her ??

Before moving to the next part , let’s make a clarification on Orchestra as a creature herself:
Well evolution creatures pretty much have the best bodies and cost/power efficiency, so there isn’t anything special to be said here.

Her cost is pretty reasonable, the 5 mana figure being kind of a standard for big, bad, main card Evolutions with pwn/reorder the world effects, even if there is already added risk in the effect .(I mean , getting a non-multicolored cards when using her effect . )

Besides , the cost is definitely there to help , and give the player a chance to finish the game earlier , but ah well , practically the opponent won’t sit down and wait for you to take out creatures you want …

As for her power (15000) , that’s again, pretty sweet but nonetheless reasonable for these big finisher Evos. You have to understand that since the mana and creatures to evolve will be an obstacle anyway , her power on top of that is like a hammer on hot steel. Well , with her TRIPLE BREAKER , Orchestra herself is a big bad finisher . Whether you can attack in the same turn as her effect or the next one, Orchestra’s strategies will usually have the opponent helpless or without a field or much trigger chance, so her triple breaking, with 3 other creatures (maximum)/spells out from her effect pretty much means GG.
Also good to counter-attack, since aiming for Orchestra is something that leaves you open to offense.

Finally , ladies and gentleman , we are now moving to the most important part , combos and weaknesses :3 .

Let’s start with good things ; COMBOS :

Not much to talk about cost reducers , since the play-style in multi-civilization decks is mostly based on mana accel , and for this mission , you can rely on Faerie Miracle , also spirit reincarnation , and why not Romanesk, as they provides a huge mana boost .

The power of the five dimensions has the power to revive the earth and soil itself. (DM-27)

The Key to Orchestra !!

As we mentioned before , there are many creatures to evolve onto Orchestra , but the best one is definitely ; "Perfect Fragerance “ Since it’s effect says :
Space Charge: Multicolored (Whenever you put aMulticolored card into your mana zone, you may use this creature's ability)
This turn, all the cards you have in the battle zone and mana zone are treated as allcivilizations

Actually ,he is the key progression element because he makes all your creatures multi-colored, allowing Orchestra to be evolved on him the next turn.
Another one , is Perfect Earth ,Planetary Dragon .

The powers that the planetary dragon holds remain a mystery, but everything about it is simply miraculous! (DMC-55)

Those creatures are really freakin’ and handy especially with Orchestra !!

Oh well , almost forgot to tell you about a tiny liitle monster that has a wonderfull effect ; Balmy , Wind Fairy Courtney ; Controling this creature enables you to play Orchestra in a much easier way , which really represents an advantage for the player.

As a matter of fact , there is a pretty genius combo we gotta mention it ; First, use a card such as Emergency Typhoon or Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist to discard either Orchestra or even Perfect earth into your graveyard. Then, useFormation in the Springs while you have a Water or Nature creature in your battle zone to bring one of them into play.
Oh , wait , I think it would be great if you use Hell MISSOKATSU , after all he is alien , and can put aliens from grave , isn't that cool ; for more info please visit this link :

NOTICE : It doesn’t matter if you use Formation Of Springs or any other revival spell/creature , what matters is to get Orchestra out as fast as you can , because no one can presume what will happen lately in the game .

As we said , many cards serves to help us summoning/putting Orchestra, one of them is Sanctuary Of The Mother

Really awesome and tactical spell .

I bet many of you want to play Orchestra’s effect to it’s fullest , well yeah , it’s possible . Because there is some creatures that allows to you to expect what you cards you will get in this way . Not kidding really ; haha , it’s Pulpy Gobbie ^^ ( When you put this creature into the battle zone, look at up to 5 cards from the top of your deck and put them back in any order.)

What the…!!. Orchestra is boring ?? X)

By the way ,using powerful comes-into-play effects is funny
Examples of some of the best comes-into-play creatures’ effects.:

Codename Sorge (When you put this creature or another creature into the battle zone, you may choose another creature in the battle zone. If you do, those two creatures battle.)

Codename Sherlock (When you put this creature into the battle zone,destroy all psychic creatures.)

Dorvolan , The Battle Attacking Dragon Rider ( When you put this creature into the battle zone,destroy an opponent's creature with power 6000 or less. Then, choose an opponent's creature with more than 6000 and return it to its owner's hand.)

Example of some high cost + efficience spells.:

Miraculous Plague ( Choose 2 of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone. Your opponent chooses one of them, puts it into his hand, and destroys the other one. Then choose 2 cards in your opponent's mana zone. Your opponent chooses one of them, puts it into his hand, and puts the other one into his graveyard.)

Super Move Absolute Dispair !! (If there are 5 or more water cards in your mana zone, draw 2 cards. If there are 5 or more darkness cards in your mana zone, your opponent discards 2 cards. If there are 5 or more fire cards in your mana zone, choose and destroy 2 of your opponent's creatureswith power 6000 or less.)

Last Violence (Add the top card of your deck to your shields. Destroy 1 of your opponent's non-multicoloredcreatures. Your opponent chooses 2 non-multicolored cards in their mana zone and puts them in the graveyard. Search your deck. You may choose 1 multicoloredcreature from it, show it to your opponent, and add it to your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.)

Orchestra +….???? = nightmare

Well yeah , there’s one creature , which I think it can turn your opponent’s life into a deadly nightmare , lol. Now , imagine that we use our Orchestra effect , and we get good creatures (depends of course ) , hmm… Wanna have instant kill ?? Use Use Kiryu Jilves , Gaia’s Roar : offering mass Speed Attacker primarily, and also being a creature, however there are other benefits.

But , what if our opponent got a shield trigger , let’s say DNA spark , hmm… what are you going to do !? Well , it’s easy :3 … Use Statue Mutant This creature will prevent your opponent from using shield triggers , so he will hopeless . Then , I guess that this creature is a deadly. Not better than Queen Alcadeias of course .

Here is an example of one of Orchestra’s decks : ( Based on the method showed on top
Main Deck :
1x Dandy Eggplant [Grave Filler]
2x Sol Habaki, Apocalyptic Sage [Mana Syncronisation]
4x Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist [Grave Filler]
4x Perfect Earth, Planetary Dragon [Good Evolver ]
1x Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard [Mana Booster ]
1x Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves [Classic Spell Caster ]
3x Infinite Orchestra of Love [Main Card ]
4x Emergency Typhoon [Grave Filler]
1x Miraculous Snare [Cheap Counter Spell ]
3x Sanctuary of the Mother [Mana Syncronisation]
4x Formation in the Springs [Grave Revival ]
1x Hyperspatial Bolshack Hole [ PSY . Control ]
1x Hyperspatial Faerie Hole [ PSY . Control ]

3x Persistent Prison of Gaia [ PSY . Control ]
4x Hyperspatial Gotsusan Hole [ PSY . Control ]
3x Hyperspatial Guard Hole [ PSY . Control ]
Hyperspaial Deck

1x Untouchable, Temporal Hero [Good Assault]
1x Zabi Komusubi Flower [Genius Controll]
1x Kutt, Temporal Brawler [Good Psychic –Protector ]
1x Aqua Cascade (ZABUUUN Cruiser)
1x Jon, Temporal Explorer
1x Bolshack Dragon, the Temporal Blaze [Good Psychic ]
1x Dias Zeta, the Temporal Suppressor [Grave Control ]
1x Diabolos Zeta, Temporal Ruler [Finisher + Controller ]

link text

Empress Of Doom in 3 worlds(each explained as to why):
1. Powerful (3x Breaker and 15000 power)
2. Destructive (destroys certain amount of creatures if permitted)
3. Prepared (Once summoned, any multicolored creature or spell can be used without cost)

And belive me , even high cost deadly effect creatures can’t do anything about her ; because of it’s 5 civilization, neitherBallom Master Of DeathnorAlphadios the huge light monster can stop her . So, multi –civ advantage pretty much counts here .

Just one more thing , it’s how to use meteoburn effect more than once in your turn ; Use Fist Of Forever and thanks to Orchestra’s great power ,attack opponents creatures ( you can use Game On Charger / HP Red Green Hole ) and use the effect .Well Fits Of Forever effect gives you a chance to untap Orchestra when you win the battle ;It’s like BZ control + creatures/spells spam in the same time . wow !!

Or , you can just simply go for Metal Cook's Timer , a creature with a tap ability of its own, and that is to untap one of your creatures. Use this with Orchestra and you'll be able to untap her, allowing you to use her ability again OR protect her from being attacked next turn .

Our last deadly weapon , is Time Changer , Space –Time Engineer . This guy’s effect will help you to increase the number of cards under Orchestra , as a result , the possible number of creature/spells that will be played will be increased as well.All this , thanks to his effect (When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose an evolution creature in your battle zone. Search your deck for 2 creatures, reveal them, and put them under the chosen evolution creature. Then, shuffle your deck.)

Just one more thing ; In DM , you have to expect everything , and this includes destroying /bouncing your creatures . Yet , I’m gonna introduce you a creature that can save your @SSes in this kind of situations ; Say welcome to Eat Cycle Mushroom

Incredibly , it’s designed to save multi-colored from being destroyed …. What a card

Deck 2: Right. This deck basically encompasses everything there is to a typical Orchestra deck.
Main Deck
3x Infinite Orchestra of Love
3x Space Crawler [Mana retrieval]
3x Ophanis, Spirit of the Unified Five [Gravity Zero ]
2x Statue Mutant [Spell Control ]
2x Courtney, Fairy of the Summer Breeze [Mana Control ]
4x Yukigon, Mystical Beast Fairy [Tactical Card ]
3x Faerie Miracle [Mana Boost ]
2x Ground Giant
4x Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar [Finisher + Suicider ]
3x Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom [Drawing ]
2x Kirin Legacy, the Twin Meteor
3x Bolbalzak Ex [Good Assault ]
3x Hyperspatial Guard Hole [PSY Control ]
Hyperspatial Deck
2x Diabolos Zeta, Temporal Ruler [Finisher]

Orchestra….isn’t unbeatable !!

We all know that everything has a counter , and this what we gonna show to you :3

Well since Orchestra is a main/trump/key card type of creature, her weaknesses are not so much inherent, but depend on the deck.

Mainly this would be the fault of bad draws: acceleration not coming right(especially at turn 2/3), not getting baits, having your creatures go to mana or be trapped in shield

But generally, timely removal of Perfect Fragerance ( Rainbow creatures generally ) and mana burn are probably the main concerns.

For example If the player faces a mana burn deck , he will surely be in a big trouble , because mana in five civilization decks is very sensitive , so you need to be careful especially from mana Crisis :3

What about mill decks ? That’s not weird because people become addicted to mill deck plus , 70%of nowadays’ decks are based on spells , then this should be really funny way to stop Orchestra.And yeah ,Volgis the chosen one for this mission

For more info about mill decks check out Waileuk Wu’s card review about Zabi Mira link text

Speaking of removal , a wonderfull creature came to my mind , oh well , maybe “wonderful” isn’t fair enough to describe her freaking effect , read it carefully When any creature or cross gear is put into the battle zone, or spell is played, and cards in the mana zone are not tapped, the controller of that card chooses and destroys a creature in his/her battle zone
Guess who ? ? Magnum Allshot Puppet of course.

heh ? not good ? what the.. ?It’s such a powerfull mechanism against all “put in battle zone effects” .It destroys almost everything and hopefully it’s not banned or restricted .
"There'll be hell to pay if you don't make this fun for me." —Magnum, Allshot Puppet

Orchestra’s power is released T_T ……Am I in trouble ??
yes you are xD
The probabilities of stopping Orchestra when it comes to BZ are very weak ; slayers can’t do lot of things , because when Orchestra attacks , no one will know what crazy monsters will appear in this way. However , there stil there a chance to survive ( at least for 1 extra turn ) ; NINJA STRIKES

what’s this ??

Ninjas are so useful that almost all decks can use them. This is one of those 'almost all decks'.
For example :
Falconer , Lightfang Ninja can turn himself onto a blocker , and if you have a slayer let’s sayVorg , Ogre Puppet , you may give him the block ability to suicide with it and get rid of Orchestra
Plus , only 1 Ninja Strike ability can be used per attack or block. Which gives you more chances to survive.

My point of vue :
I love this creature to death, and honestly, Orchestra is definitely one of the most entertaining, interesting, fun to use as well as deadly cards to be overpowered and dominate the game.

Empress in her own right:
she is a One Turn Kill ( OTK) strategy almost, but it has a charm in that it’s not an assured one(in term of luck ) , but at the same time it’s also very likely to succeed.

Overall rating:
the major turnoff is the Cost and Power, which I can uderstand makes the card more balanced. Anyway, my final score on the card would be a 10/10, but if we are being perfectly fair, that’s probably just a score for the entire decktype/synergy really.As well as for the art. But hey, pay tributes to the Empresse’s reign !.


Modified on December 11, 2013 01:00 pm

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Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: May 1, 2012 08:49 am Reply with quote Report content icon

splendid review. In word counts...perhaps even more than my saint chan merrie :3 Love how you put decks on there (unlike me who stayed with jp names) and I think other than the fact you didn't give kudos to guard hole and ddz, there aren't much more to add.

The ways of evolution you mentioned very well, reformation + atstuto, perfect fragrance + sanctuary of mother.

Though...why not description of art? It is very well drawn...
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