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card review Misty's Tears: Onions and Censorship and Longevity, Oh My!

Card Review
Misty`s Tears: click to enlarge
Misty's Tears

Card text:

Discard 1 of the other cards in your hand in order to search your deck for up to 2 Water Energy cards. Show those cards to your opponent, then put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Type: Trainer
  • Number: 118
  • Resistance: 0
  • Hit Points: 0
Energy Symbols:
C = Colorless = colorless energy
D = Darkness = dark energy
Fr = Fire = fire energy
Ft = Fighting = fighting energy
G = Grass = grass energy
L = Lightning = lightning energy
M = Metal = metal energy
P = Psychic = psychic energy
W = Water = water energy
Misty's Tears
Onions and Censorship and Longevity, Oh My!

written by cyan1d3
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General description:

カスミのなみだ (Kasumi's Tears)
The Misty's Tears (Gym Challenge #118 /132) Trainer card from Gym Heroes / Challenge that was not scandalous.
(See Misty's Tears)


For collectors only; Since the card is no longer tournament-legal for decks.

Strategies and game play:

Discard 1 of the other cards in your hand in order to search your deck for up to 2 basic Water energy cards. Show those cards to your opponent, then put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

In Japan only, this card was also included in the Hanada City Gym theme deck.

Combos with other cards:

- Power Plant (Aquapolis #139/147) : If need be, exchange the Water energy cards gotten from Misty's Tears for a different basic energy card in the player's discard pile. Versatility is the key here.

- Misty's Tentacruel (Gym Heroes #10 /132) : has the attack "Jellyfish Poison" which uses 2 water energy cards and 2 basic energy cards. The attack has the potential to poison or confuse the Defending Pokémon depending on a coin flip. Its base power of 30 is nothing to sneeze either.

*{The same is true for Misty's Poliwrath's (Gym Heroes #31/132) attack "Water Ring" but Misty's Poliwrath can hit benched Pokémon too}*

Since it drains the player's hand of basic energy cards, Misty's Tears is a great way to find the energy that the attack requires.

*The Hanada City Gym theme deck has 26 water energy cards*

- Misty's Starmie (Gym Heroes #56/132) : the power of "Water Gun" is contingent on how many water energy cards are attached to it. Misty's Tears can provide the water energy cards needed to give the attack its maximum base power of 30.
*{Misty's Politoed (Theater Limited VS Pack #003/018 ) has the identical "Water Gun" attack}
*{Marill (Wizards Promo #29) has the identical "Water Gun" attack}*
*{Poliwag (Base Set #59/102) has the same "Water Gun" attack, but it is worded differently}*

- Misty's Seadra (Gym Heroes #9/132) : "Knockout Needle" requires 3 water energy cards with the potential to inflict 90 hit points of damage for its base power. Misty's Tears helps the player stockpile the energy cards for the attack.

- Misty's Poliwhirl (Gym Heroes #53/132) : "Water Punch" is also contingent on the number of water energy cards attached to Misty's Poliwhirl. The player flips a number of coins equal to the number of water energy cards attached to it. For each heads, the attack's base power increases by 10 hit points of damage on top of the base power of 30.

- Misty's Gyarados (Gym Challenge #13/132) : the "Tidal Wave" attack has a base power of 70 - that is if
Rebellion lets it hit the defending Pokémon and not go back into the player's deck. Either way, it costs 4 water energy cards. Need I say more?

- Omastar (Masaki Promo) : "Tentacle Grip" lets the player flip a number of coins equal to the number of water energy attached to Omastar and he draws 2 cards for each heads. Use the water energy cards from Misty's Tears to draw more cards.

- Misty's Corsola (Theater VS Pack #004/018 ) : the PokéBody
Self Healing allows the player to remove 1 damage counter on Misty's Corsola for each water energy card attached to it from the player's hand. Also very self-explanitory.

- Milotic ex (EX Emerald #96/106) : Using "Reflect Energy", the player can move 1 basic energy card attached to Milotic ex to 1 of the player's benched Pokémon. Good to use in conjunction with Misty's Tears if more water energy cards are yet to be drawn.

- Crawdaunt ex (EX Holon Phantoms #99/110) : "Power Blow" does 20 hit points of damage times the amount of energy attached to Crawdaunt ex. While the attack is not limited to water energy cards, Misty's Tears is helpful to raise the attack's base power.

- {x2} Energy Link (Stormfront #83/100) : Attach it to a Pokémon. The player may move an energy card attached to that Pokémon to another of the player's Pokémon with Energy Link attached.

- Power Tree (EX Legend Maker #76/92) : Once during each player's turn, if the player has no Special energy cards in his or her discard pile, that player can search his or her discard pile for a basic energy card, shows it to the opponent, and puts it into his or her hand. Alongside Misty's Tears, Power Tree helps keep the basic energy cards flowing.

- Island Cave (EX Hidden Legends #89/101) : Whenever any player attaches an energy card from his or her hand to water-type Pokémon, fighting-type Pokémon, or steel-type Pokémon, remove any Special Conditions from that Pokémon. As if Water energy cards were not useful enough before!

*{Dawn Stadium (Majestic Dawn #79/100) is similar to Island Cave, but Dawn Stadium is only applicable to water-type and leaf-type Pokémon in play and 1 damage counter is removed}*

Ways to counteract it:

- Misty's Tentacool (Gym Heroes #57/132) : the "Crystal Beam" attack, a coin flips heads, disallows the opponent to attach energy cards to the defending Pokémon during his or her next turn. So the water energy cards gained by Misty's Tears will be stuck in the opponent's hand for another turn instead of being attached to the defending Pokémon.

- Misty's Golduck (Gym Challenge #12/132) : "Super Removal" provides that if a coin flips heads, 1 Energy card attached to each of the opponent's Pokémon is to be discarded. This is good to counteract the water energy that Misty's Tears provides if it is attached to a defending Pokémon.

- Super Energy Removal (Base Set #79/102) : Though it is banned in Japan for being too good. If used at the same time as Energy Removal or more copies of itself, the opponent can lose up to 12 energy cards at once.

*{Super Energy Removal was later replaced with Energy Removal 2 (Expedition #140/165), which requires a coin flip}*

- Energy Removal (Base Set #92/102) : Same above, but Energy Removal only allows 1 of the opponent's energy cards to be discarded.


- Misty's Wrath (Gym Heroes #114/132) : For Misty's Wrath, the player must look at the top 7 cards of his deck. Then the player must choose 2 of those cards and put them into his hand. Discard the rest. Misty's Tears only makes the player discard 1 card versus the player discarding 5 cards for Misty's Wrath.

- Energy Ark (Neo Discovery #75/75) : To get any basic energy cards from the deck using Energy Ark, the player must rely on 2 coin flips at 1 energy card per heads. Misty's Tears is less of a gamble.

- Energy Search (Fossil #59/62) : Only allows a search of the player's deck for 1 basic energy card and put it into his hand while Misty's Tears allows for 2 Water energy cards.


- Max Revive (Vending Machine cards Series 2) : The player must discard 2 energy cards from the player's hand in order to put 1 basic Pokémon from his discard pile onto your his bench.
*{The player of Misty's Tears is the same player of Max Revive}*

The two cards cancel each other out, unfortunately. At least the player gets a discarded Pokémon back.

- A card is discarded, rendering the discarded card useless

- Energy Pickup (Legends Awakened #132/146) : Better than Misty's Tears as the energy card being searched for is recycled from the discard pile instead of being pulled from the deck. But Energy Pickup is not a guarantee.

- Energy Restore (VS Expansion #140/141) : Even better. It is like Energy Pickup x3

- Energy Recycle System (EX Dragon #84/97) : Even even better. The choice is either show 1 basic energy card to the opponent and put it into the player's hand, or show 3 basic energy cards to the opponent and shuffle them into the player's deck.

- Energy Amplifier (Neo Destiny #98/105) : Similar to above, but contingent on coin flip being heads.

- Energy Returner (HS Unleashed #74/95) : Best! The player may search his discard pile for 4 basic energy cards, show them to the opponent, and shuffle them into to the player's deck.

- Energy Charge (Neo Genesis #85/111) : The player shuffles up to 2 energy cards from his discard pile into his deck. The energy cards do not go straight into the player's hand the way Misty's Tears does and relies on a coin flipping heads, but again, those 2 energy cards are recycled from the discard pile - not the player's deck!


- The English version of Misty's Tears is Uncommon while the Japanese version is Common.

Artwork and aesthetics:

Poor Ken Sugimori's original artwork (see "General Description" section) was rejected for all of the international prints of Misty's Tears. While the international print is much more adorable with Squirtle, it is a shame that people can look at Misty's silhouette and think that it is suggestive. Misty does not even have a Squirtle. The Japanese print has a Staryu, which Misty actually HAS.

Overall rating:

The Misty's Tears card is still as useful now as it was when it was first released in Japan in October of 1998. Few older Pokémon cards are still marginally effective on the newer cards. So without further ado, Misty's Tears gets a 9 out of 10.
Long live the Trainer cards!


Modified on July 1, 2012 07:37 am

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