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card review Aldebaran, the Earth Breaker: Natural snare over and over

Card Review
Aldebaran, the Earth Breaker: click to enlarge
Aldebaran, the Earth Breaker

Card text:

*  Evolution - Put on one of your nature creatures.

*  Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)

*  Space Charge: Nature (Whenever you put a Nature card into your mana zone, you may use this creature's Spacecharge.gif ability)

Spacecharge.gif Your opponent puts one of his creatures into his mana zone.

  • Collector Number: S4
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Gaia Command/Alien
  • Power: 15000
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Nature
Aldebaran, the Earth Breaker
Natural snare over and over

written by dawriterman
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This is my first review about Aldebaran, The Earth Breaker. Hope it helps you decide whether or not it is a good card.

General description:

Aldebaran is my favourite card though i am a fan of the Darkness and Fire civilizations. The main reason is the many uses of Aldebaran. First of all it is an evolution creature so it is a speed attacker. It has power 15000 and costs only 7 which is better than Uberdragon Bajula. And like Bajula it is even a triple breaker.

I eat mana so don't make me hungry.......Uberdragon bajula
Now Uberdragon has a very good effect of eating up mana but the thing is that Aldebaran has an even greater effect of space charge. In other words if you put a nature card in your mana zone then ur opponent puts a card from his battle zone to his mana zone.

Aldebaran, The earth breaker can be best used with a mono nature deck with some of the great nature cards which will be described below.

Strategies and game play:
This card can be put upon any Nature creature giving it a very big advantage. That means it can be put upon multicoloured creatures if just one of their civilizations is nature. It does not depend upon race. So the card can be put upon a


I wanna be stronger....Gonta ,The warrior savage

2)Fire bird

Evolve me fast Please ...... Yattare Pippi

3)Armorloid/Wild veggies

Lets go ...Last Momotaro, The Brave

And any other card that has green in its civilization color.

Also for low cost summons you can use Fairy Gift

Come quickly .........Fairy Gift

Combos with other cards:
There are many superb combos possible with Aldebaran. First of all there are many cards which go to the mana zone when destroyed in the nature civilization.They make for some great combos as when the creature dies you get 1 + mana as well as you can send one of your opponents dangerous creatures to their mana if you have Aldebaran in the battle Zone.Some of these are

1)Shaman Broccoli

Even in death I am useful .... Shaman Broccoli

2)Mighty Shouter

See I told you I am not pink......Mighty Shouter

3) Iron arm Tribe

Better than my cousin ..... Iron Arm Tribe

And the best

4) Silver Shovel

Energy is the source of all troubles why not increase it ... Silver Shovel

Silver shovel is a great card to use with Aldebaran. When silver Shovel comes to the battle zone you can put 1 of your creatures to mana zone and your opponent will do the same. Now when a creature goes to your mana Space charge of aldebaran is activated meaning your opponent chooses 1 more creature and puts it in the mana zone.

Have a very strong enemy that even Aldebaran cant kill. Or do you want to attack the shields while simultaneously taking the creature out of the Battle zone. If you have an iron arm tribe / Shaman Broccoli/ Mighty shouter then just attack the creature you want to send to mana zone with them. SPACE CHARGE ACTIVATE. So some awesome combos are...

Aldebaran + Silver shovel (3 creatures are returned to mana if you count the mana put at the beginning of the turn)

Aldebaran + Iron Arm Tribe (2 Creatures returned)

Of course there are others like Aldebaran + Faerie LIfe/Jasmine the mist faerie

After all this is Duel Masters with unlimited combos.

Ways to counteract it:
Well there is 1 card that can counterattack any card which can be chosen by spells no matter what. It is the one and only TERROR PIT

You are not going to escape ....Terror Pit

Other ways would be

AQUA SURFER which returns the Base creature too.

Start all over from your previous life......Crystal Lancer

Most probably Aldebaran will be tapped so Black Ganveet can also destroy it.

How Dare you attack.....Black Ganveet


1) Can be put upon any Nature creature.
2)Triple Breaker with power of 15000 in cost 7.
3) Space charge with some right cards can clear out the whole battlefield.
4)High power stops it from getting destroyed by most of the fire spells.

It has very few disadvantages.

1) It can be chosen by a spell and a creature.
2) Comes a little late so rush decks might crush you.

I am only aware that there is 1 version of this card making the image and card unique. It is in the set DMR-02

Artwork and aesthetics:

The artwork is cool showing a bony giant with a yellow aura of light in his left hand. Brown colour suits Nature well.

Overall rating:
All in all it is a wonderful card and you must have it in you nature decks. A 9/10 from me.


Modified on June 19, 2012 01:28 am

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