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card review GENJI Double Cross, Blastdragon: 'Victory, in a flash!'

Card Review
GENJI Double Cross, Blastdragon: click to enlarge
GENJI Double Cross, Blastdragon

Card text:

* Speed attacker (This creature doesn't get summoning sickness.)

* Whenever this creature attacks, destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has "blocker".

* Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

file:kungfusoul.gif Kung Fu Soul

  • Collector Number: 3-55
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Armored Dragon/Flame Command/Samurai
  • Power: 7000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: Toshiaki Takayama
GENJI Double Cross, Blastdragon
"Victory, in a flash!"

written by naveed
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Been a while since I've done this. semester break means there is not much to do these days except play my favorite game on-line, so this is a nice opportunity to finally get used to the full JP format of Duel Masters.

This article also exists HERE

Genji, Double Cross caught my eye recently and I could tell that it's downright powerful even for full JP standard. Although later on even it got outdone by the mighty Shooting Hole + Gaial Kaiser combo, which in turn got outdone by Victory Gaial Kaiser for aggro decks. Just shows how fast the game is progressing now.

Genji XX is still rather formidable and a staple for assault decks. being a creature still means something and those slots in the Hyperspatial zone can be used for better things. Genji XX also covers the blocker-removal portion of the deck nicely, freeing up space for other cards. Shooting Hole can be taken out for more useful Hyperspatial spells if you have Genji in the deck.

Those familiar with the English game will realize that Genji is practically the fusion of the cards Metalwing Skyterror and Twincannon Skyterror, yet cheaper and superior to either one in almost every way. Metalwing was weak from the start but Twincannon was rather formidable in the old game as a finisher. The raw power of Genji XX shows the level of power creep in the game.

Probably because they are running out of Latin words to use, they decided to name cards using real-life personalities, or just common nouns in many cases. Genji is the name of the main character in the Japanese novel "Genji Monogatari" (The tale of Genji), written by Murasaki Shikibu in the 11th century and famous as the world's first ever novel.

Double Cross is said to be the successor to the NEX archetype, no idea what either one means though. At least in Genji's case we can say that double cross means being crossed with two gears, (Fire Blade and Boiling Blade). This doesn't strictly apply to other cards with XX in their name. What's important is that having "XX" in the name comes with a number of benefits.

Having two effects over the standard 6/7000 cost-to-power ratio, Genji doesn't fall behind in the race department either. He possesses THREE major races; Flame Command, Armored Dragon and Samurai. Each of these come with their own line of support. He also possess Kung-fu-soul, which has its own uses. Finally; his name grants him another bonus. Being of the Double-Cross Archetype is actually a big deal, as they come with their own support Firebird Archetype Aini. And i'm pretty sure having the name "Genji" would translate to some bonuses somewhere too.

To sum it up, Genji gets:
All the support associated with the dragon race, dragons even have an entire race dedicated to them.

All the support associated with the Command races.

Support for the Samurai race. They printed an entire set block on that, including gears of course.

Kung-fu-Soul support.

An entire range of cards supporting cards with Double-Cross in their name. Look for cards with Aini in their name.

Some cards specifically support Armored dragons and flame commands, Genji qualifies for all those.

Genji however is neither a Hunter or an alien. And is thus left out from the massive amount of support they receive.

Genji's role in the game is rather well-defined; a powerful and fast finisher for assault decks. He can function as an Aggro card with the right support (more on that in the combos section). He is also a good option for any dragon deck, particularly when used with Bolbazak Ex.

He is rivaled by the powerful Shooting Hole + Gaial Kaiser combo, which delivers the same firepower at a cheaper cost of 5 while losing only 1000 power; Except Gaial Kaiser also comes with an additional defensive effect.

Another card that replaces him in many decks is Ogre Kaiser "Destruction" which is the same thing except it destroys Psychics instead of blockers, Quite useful in the current meta full of Psychics. Ogre Kaiser also comes with both Hunter and Alien races, Genji Lacks either.

As explained in the race section a large number of cards in the game can potentially support Genji. Being a dragon he can be played t4 with Cocco Lupia. He also can function as a powerful removal card while Chitta Perolu is in the field. Chain Aini makes him un-attackable and Pitch Aini allows him to attack twice in a turn.

Genji is the type of card that doesn't really need much help. No doubt, he can be even more powerful with support but he already does so much on his own that it becomes more worthwhile to focus the card slots on other things. Genji is a staple like Bronze-Arm and Terror Pit, so his role is already clearly defined in the deck. No need to fix what isn't broken.

The only serious combo that comes to mind is with the old card Diablost, The Shady General. Diabolos comes with a tasty 5/6000 cost-to-power ratio and happens to come one turn before Genji. Diablost turns all the opposing creatures into blockers, and Genji kills blockers; quite simple really. With the help of t3 acceleration like bronze, the combo can executed very fast (at turn 5) to lock down or disrupt the opponent.


This is a rather old card that happens be still very effective considering the huge amount of dangerous speed attacks roaming around. Since Genji's is an on-attack effect, the blocker destruction is negated, at least for a turn. Following dione with powerful bounce tactics to hold back the opponent would be a powerful move, although it would still fall to Shooting hole + Gaial Kaiser.

The 5-cost light counterpart of Genji counters him almost perfectly. Give him a slight power boost through fortresses and he can survive the battle even. A very reliable blocker considering the large amount of removal and blocker-hate.

Joan of Arc, goddess of victory:
This card is dangerous, and something every assault deck should be prepared for. It completely negates the destruction effect of genji and still has more power than him. It's tapping effect would also prevent your other creatures from attacking (if they even survived joan's tapping effects beforehand).

I probably missed the whole picture here since I myself am still learning the format. The part regarding his role in the game is mostly from my own observations, and subsequently formed opinion of the game, and thus might not be entirely correct. Please point out anything i might have missed. Any input from more experienced players will be highly appreciated.

I would rate this card a 10 out of 10 as there is nothing really wrong with it, it does what it does and it does it well.


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