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card review Yabasgil Wrap: Possible The Most Valuable Darkness Card Yet!

Card Review
Yabasgil Wrap: click to enlarge
Yabasgil Wrap

Card text:

*  Choose one of your opponent's creatures. Your opponent may destroy that creature. If your opponent did not destroy that creature, you may put a creature into the battle zone from your hand or graveyard.

  • Collector Number: 58
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Type: Spell
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 4
  • Civilization: Darkness
  • Artist: Hokuyu
Yabasgil Wrap
Possible The Most Valuable Darkness Card Yet!

written by LV26
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General description:
This card is so good that it will probably be banned with in a few months so use it while you can. This card was released in the "Episode 2: Golden Age" booster pact; and with it several powerful high cost cards. With the introduction of Hardcore Judge cards, players are going to have more and more high cost cards in their decks; and Yabasgil Wrap can potentially summon them for just four mana. Every one has some card that they love to play, but in most cases it has a high cost, which means it takes time to summon it. This card can change all that and allow you to summon Great cards like these:

The one who created this magic:

Codename Yabasgil Skill

Despite Yabasgil Wrap being named after this card I wouldn't be in a rush to use Yabasgil Wrap for this card. This card is all ready part Dragon and they already have a ton of support cards to make summoning easier, Like "Cocco Lupia" for example. Yabasgil Wrap is better suited for cost 10 or above creatures or creatures that have specific summoning requirements like:

"When the devil god appears, all shall be covered in darkness."

Any duelist that uses a darkness deck should know and want to use this card. this card is not a mere game changer but a game end'er. But most of players end up using the less powerful "Ballom Emperor, Lord of Demons." The difference between these two cards is huge, Ballom Emperor has less power and a less devastating effect compared to Dorballom, so why don't people use Dorballom. Basically its because Ballom Emperor cost only 7 and Dorballom cost 10. In a game that can end before you get 8 mana that is a huge difference. This card isn't just for a darkness deck, it is also great for Dorballom's rival:

"The entire universe has been enveloped in the shining brilliance of the spirits! Now, the door to heaven has been opened!"

The game end'er for the light civilization "Alphadios, Lord of Spirits." Just like for Dorballom this card is one of the best cards for its civilization and just like Dorballom it is a pain to summon; and just like with Dorballom Yabasgil Wrap can make summoning it easy. Since I have all ready mentioned these two, I might as well mention this guy:

Ballcadeias, Overlord of Demons

I could have listed half a dozen high cost cards that Yabasgil Wrap could make summoning easier, but I just figured since i have already explained Dorballom and Alphadios, that i might as well use their ancestors fused form. The rest is self explanatory...

Picture if you will a duel, were you have a demon commander in the battle zone. Then you cast "Yabasgil Wrap," now you opponent is faced with a difficult choose; to destroy one of his/hers own creatures or risk letting you put any creature in your hand or grave into the battle zone. Lets assume that your opponent choose to NOT destroy their own creature; I could then put "Dorballom, Lord of Demons" into the battle zone destroying all your opponents non-darkness creatures in the battle zone and mana zone. Even if your opponent chooses to destroy their own creature you still have manage to get ride of one of your opponents strongest currently in the battle zone. Either way its a Win-Win!

Strategies and game play:
People like strong cards but strong cards are generally hard to summon quickly. This can be a significant problem in some cases. For example If your opponent uses a Fast Attack deck; the game may be over be for you build up enough mana to summon your powerful cards. You could fill your deck with nature civilization and their mana acceleration, but that can take up valuable space in a deck. why use up a chunk of your deck with cards that may or may not work with your deck; when you can just add 3 or 4 copies of Yabasgil Wrap. Then you could potentially summon strong and powerful cards for just 4 mana!

Combos with other cards:
Any cards that reduces the cost or spells like:

Essence Elf

Mil Armor, Mecha King Vizier
why summon powerful creatures for 4 mana when you can do it for 3

Also any cards that move cards to your hand like:

Cavern Raider

Bell Hell De Jackson, Monstrous Reaper

The other great thing about this card is that you don't need to summon the cards in your hand you can use the cards in your graveyard too. With that in mind you might want to add some cards that increase your graveyard like:

Primal Scream

Black Lucifer, Sorcerer of Darkness

Ways to counteract it:
The best way to counter act this card is for the opponent to destroy their own creature, it might not seem like it but the alternative could be much worse.

-Low cost
-Can potentially summon any creature in your hand or grave no matter how powerful
-worst case your opponent still loses a creature

The greatest weakness of this card is also its greatest strength, in that it is so easy to use. This card is so easy to take advantage of that any one and every one will, and sooner or later you will be facing an opponent who is using this card agents you.

There are no variations of this card

Artwork and aesthetics:
I have no clue about its "aesthetics" sorry.

Overall rating:
Overall I would give this card a 9 out of 10, I would make it 10 out of 10 but I'm almost certain that this card will be on the banned list soon. This card works in any darkness deck and any deck that has darkness cards in it. With the introduction of Hardcore Judge cards, players are going to have more and more high cost cards in their decks; and Yabasgil Wrap can potentially summon them four just for mana. So until this card is banned it is a must have!


Modified on January 30, 2013 08:42 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
LV26 United States send message

Avatar for monkeyking25
Member since
October 19, 2011
Subject: Fixed   Posted: July 29, 2012 05:26 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

To "l0lxd" I fixed the spelling, thank you for pointing that out
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LV32 Romania send message

Avatar for nerafim
Member since
January 14, 2009
Subject:    Posted: December 23, 2012 12:17 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

I couldn't possibly disagree with this more. Sure, the card itself IS good but you are overestimating its value. It's not broken and will most certainly not be banned any time soon. There have been and still are much more valuable Darkness cards. It can't possibly be too strong because even as a full combo it can be interrupted in many ways since this last set block there have been a lot of good anti-spell effects added. And then there's discard and so forth.

It's also not true that there are no "variations". For the summoning part there were the Inferno spells, but this card is basically just a 4 cost Dark destruction Spell and there have only been a bajilion of those in the game's history, shaping it since the beginning (Death Smoke much).

Flame Prison Smash was the more popular and good version overall, this is just an upgrade of that.

I understand you being fascinated with the potential of what the second effect can do since I myself love indirect Summoning cards, but any real opponent will just ALWAYS choose to destroy the creature instead of letting you have the second effect.

So most of the time this is just a 4 cost destruction Spell....

But there is something very clever about how that 2nd part is activated. If you choose a creature that can not be destroyed or removed your 2nd effect is guaranteed and THAT Is what makes this card powerful, since there are a lot of cards resistant to removal that opposing decks might have (such as Perfect Madonna, Perfect Galaxy, Immortal Boost). In a serious competitive meta, where all those threats can be met in a tournament this is a seriously strong card.

I think it may also work when the creature is sent to hand or mana instead (not sure) which is even more bonus points, and it also will activate if the opponent tries to use Saver on it, hurting strategies that count on that Save for the combo quite a bit.

Overall I'd say it's a 10/10 card, but for all the right reasons. ;p
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