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card review Greatest Great, Zenith of 'Life'

Card Review
Greatest Great, Zenith of "Life": click to enlarge
Greatest Great, Zenith of "Life"

Card text:

*  When you summon this creature into the battle zone, you may choose any number of creatures from your mana zone or graveyard with a total cost of 7 and put them into the battle zone.

*  Quattro breaker (This creature breaks 4 shields.)

*  Eternal Omega Ω (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return it to your hand instead)

  • Collector Number: S1
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Unknown/Zenith
  • Power: 21000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 10
  • Civilization: Zero
  • Artist: Julie Dillon
Greatest Great, Zenith of "Life"
written by gorgonshack
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General description:

One of the three Zenith cards to be released in DMR-05, the Zenith of "Life" is often overshadowed by it's "Wisdom" counterpart, Radio Roses, Zenith of "Wisdom". Nevertheless, at 10 mana, it boasts a whopping 21000 power, can summon a multitude of monsters from either grave or mana zone, and is near indestructible once summoned.

The key to playing with all Zenith cards is to be able to boost your mana early in the game such that you could summon your big creatures as early as the 7th or even 6th turn. Thus cards such as Seventh Tower, Faerie Miracle and Bronze Arm Tribe are all recommened.

Strategies and game play:

The emergence of this card, along with the other Zenith, has a profound impact on the metagame as a whole. It basically means that the time when a player hits 10 mana, the game could be entirely changed. A duelist being swarmed could in fact, outswarm his opponent with the Zenith of Life. I also presume that the rise of the Zenith will boost all decks that aim to summon big creatures, either through intensive mana boosting, or through methods such as The Door of Miracle and Mystery. It might also increase the importance of discarding an opponents hand to get rid of the Zenith monsters.

Combos with other cards:
It is evident that this card is best used with Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar. By summoning this card, you get to make Greatest Great, Zenith of "life" a speed attacker and surprise your opponent by breaking his shields with the quarttro breaker effect. In fact, as this card manages to summon anything with cost 7 or less, you could use it for a multitude of purposes, either by summoning speed attackers such as Genji Double Cross, Blastdragon, or summoning

Ways to counteract it:
Cards that discard your opponent's hand, such as Lost Soul or Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet to discard your opponent's Zenith before it comes into play. Otherwise it could be bounced by cards like Spiral Gate, and then discarded. Remember that this card returns to it's owners hand, so don't waste your

- Can summon a plethora of creatures for no cost
- 21000 attack, Quattro Breaker speed attacker when combined with Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar
- Cannot be destroyed easily once summoned

High cost

No variations

Artwork and aesthetics:
Like always, Jullie Dillon never disappoints.

Overall rating:


Modified on December 11, 2012 09:49 am

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