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card review Codename Sorge: The door to annihilation

Card Review
Codename Sorge: click to enlarge
Codename Sorge

Card text:

(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.)

*  When you put this creature or another creature into the battle zone, you may choose another creature in the battle zone. If you do, those two creatures battle.

*  Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

  • Collector Number: S5
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Unknown
  • Power: 8000
  • Cost: 8
  • Civilization: Water/Fire/Nature
  • Artist: Filip Burburan
Codename Sorge
The door to annihilation

written by kaka
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I wanted to try a new approach of card reviewing.

*** A conversation between a little boy and his aged teacher who is a smart version of high technology Anthropomorphic robots that might give you any info you want (In fact, he is one of the 22th age’s greatest invention made by human). The boy was impassioned with an old trading card game called “Duel Master”. And his teacher carries a lot of information about the history of that game…The reason that pushed the curious little boy to have a talk with him. ***


“How the world would look like in the next 100 years”. People have always been intrigued of what the future will look like. Same thing happened with a 16 year pupil, called kaled, when he met with his old teacher.

“The answers are quite simple and here you have them for the next 100 years.” The teacher said while laughing.

“Hmm, I can’t get your point, Mr. Jose, please take off your ambiguous mask, and talk like normal peoples for one time in your whole life.” The pupil spoke with a weird tone.

“Ha-ha. I can clearly see someone who’s trying to look for the truth…! Ok then, in this case I shall tell you about it”

“Go on!!” The pupil said while smiling.

“Listen carefully…To be able to understand the future, you must know the past. What has taken us to where we are today and what has changed along the way!”

“Alright, this sounds interesting, even more than watching hentai during week-end. Okay, now tell me what happened in the past?”

“Be patient, and let me continue. It was all about Pandora Space”

“Panaa... Doora, what??”

“ a world that contains the same 5 civilizations as the normal world creatures live in, but has a fusing force that further unites the civilizations (Light/ Fire/ Nature/ Water/ Darkness). Pandora Space was always been the Fulcrum of the universe. Consequently, anything that happens in it might impact the neighborhood Galaxies.

“Alright, I’m not good at astronomy, so you might change the topic a bit?”

Despite the little boy’s demand, the teacher continued, and said:

“Mhmm…And this is exactly what raised Astronomy’s doubts for ages. Well, according to RM clan (RM stands for. “Revealing Mysteries.” And it’s a recently found astronomy group), the main changes in our universe are due to an unnatural power that comes out of that very old Via Lactea.
As a matter of fact, most of people on planet earth didn’t believe in what RM said. Well, it’s just because they couldn’t accept the idea of having extraterrestrial accompaniments during all these years.

“Wow, and the result of that big confusion was?”

“Please, let me continue. Within a short space of time, and after a few years of academic studies and investigations, all the previously mentioned uncertainties were totally banished from human's mind, and instead, replaced with true facts about the so-called “outsiders.””

“Interesting.” The pupil professed. “Oh, sorry again, continue please.”

“Hmm…! During these studies, RM clan’s Scientists were treated like rock stars after they successfully landed the Curiosity rover (CR) on Pandora Space. (Curiosity rovers are a set of newfangled spaceships equipped with huge and high definition cameras).”

“So, did RM clan really saw those Outsiders??”

“Yes, Indeed. The question of whether we were alone in the universe had haunted Homo Sapiens for generations, but even those believing most fervently in the possibility of life existing elsewhere in the vast reaches of space, had little idea that it would be discovered so close to our solar system, or that contact would lead directly to the founding of a great galactic empire.“

“Sweet. Now tell me, what exactly happened during all those years?”

“Well, it was known that Curiosity rover would take about 15 years to reach that huge place, which is distinctly- in accordance with RM clan’s scientists- a very long period of time. That’s why, they decided to set a group of satellites that were supplied with an important number of high resistance optical fibers that were able to send exclusive vidimus. This device had transformed Man’s attempts to explore his extraterrestrial environment, and the doorway to the stars was open.”

Amazed, the little boy stood, and while staring at his teacher’s pallid face, he said suddenly:

“So this-iss- hhow the- wwar- began?” Kaled said while swallowing his words.

“Not really. Though yes, the war in which millions of innocent people died, millions of pure green lands were devastated took place after that with a couple of years. And by the way, they were such wickedness opponents...!! “


“Of course, Hunters and Aliens. Hmm, let’s see;

>> Two different folks, the only thing that separated them was an enormous Hyper- spatial fence, basically formalized of Trioxide of Carbon, and Nitrogen. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the perfect barrier to prevent them from invading each another, especially since both of them had set up evil plans in order to take over each other’s resources…”

An epic silence prevailed. However, it was broken all of the sudden with the voice of the sage Teacher:
“Though, hold on, nothing in the whole planet could’ve enclosed them, except for the appearance of unknowns!” Jose said as though he was provoking the little boy intentionally.

“How though?... Õ, dear lord. Now I got it. So Unknows –who are the universe’s current leaders- were the ones who started all this mess?” Kaled commented .


“Oh noo!” A remarkable voice came from Kaled’s tiny gorge.

“Guided by the Almighty Codename Sorge , nothing could stop them, especially since another gang of powerful Unknowns creatures joined the party!”

“But who gathered all those info concerning the Big war between the Unknowns, and the other recently allied races (Aliens and Hunters)”

“Here we come to the most exciting part, who gathered infos? Alright, let’s come back to the Earth!”

And as the pupil settled down, a bizarre brilliance replenished his little eyes.

“It was all about WoTC, one of the most famous space companies, that was also specialized at astronomy, and exactly, in Spacecraft’s constructing. Anyhow; DM, DMD, DMX, and finally DMR ; were some of the Spacecrafts used to take pictures from Pandora Space. Honestly, those pictures helped scientists a lot, since they became able to come up with new theories about the secrets of the emergence of life in Pandora Space.” The teacher said while taking his big album of photos covered with dust.

“Yay! May I have a look?”


“Lovely. Thanks a lot, but please, tell me more about Unkwons, and especially, about Codename Sorge

“Here we are…hold on. Ok!”

"All of them are ours... Fufufu."

“Gosh, epic monster!.

“Oh well, you know about Duel Maserts right? I mean, the card game first originated in Japan and was Marketed by Takara Tomy?”

“Yeah, sure”

“Great. Well, that card game took inspiration from those Out space Creatures. And thus, the game creators accorded to each creature a special feature in order to bring them to life, or whatever (Power, ability, cost, mana number…etc.)
And Codename Sorge had this ability:

*Type: creature
*Race: Unknown
*Civilization: Water/ Fire/ Nature
*Cost: 8
* *When you put this creature or another creature into the battle zone, you may choose another creature in the battle zone, if you do those two creatures battles.
* Double breaker
*Power : 8000

Well, The first appearance of Unknowns was, in DMR-03 Episode 1: Gaial Victory “

【仁義なき戦争 鬼流院 刃】
【偽りの名(コードネーム) ゾルゲ】

“This set brought up a bunch of awesome cards, wow .And I’m pretty sure that everyone were happy with them . “ The pupil said.

“Effectively. However, there is just one card , that was special … it’s Codename Sorge 偽りの名(コードネーム) ゾルゲ.”

“Ok, do you mind telling me about the history of that card?”

“I've never been one to pay much attention to the history of a DM card…especially, since all people want just the main things…whithout any introductions. That’s why, I will move directly to the art. “

“No problem, hmm…! Wow, I’ve never seen such attractive card before.”

“Well, yeah, The art of Sorge benefited from a modern DM card image revolution ; It’s overly amazing and attractive . It’s a thing of Japanese pop culture, so the creature itself does NOT have a clearly defined shape, nor does the card image actually give an impressive pose to figure out what’s going on. You really have to meditate. “
“And here is the original version taken by the satellites:”

“Awesome. However , if we train our eyes , from what we can tell , Sorge is a large beast , with such long gears decorated with some blue Shock Waves , and also , shields everywhere.
Despite it being a card released in the later sets, its body structure isn't as convoluted and confusing as, say,Awesome Hotsprings Gallows . You can see a wild-skinned beast creature with prominent arms.” The pupil added.

“True that. So that’s pretty weird , and then there are all sorts of ripple multicolored patches coming from his body .”

“Yeah. To me , all this makes Sorge looks like some sort of mixed elements , which I suppose makes sense for an Unknown creature of it’s main race . But it also makes sense because his effect is pretty much derived from some classic cards, such as Tornado Shiva, Double cross and Xanatic X.

“But wait, sir!” The pupil said. “I still don’t know how to use Sorge, besides, I can’t find cards that can fit with it.”

“No problem, that’s why I’m here? Ok, listen:
* Obviously, you are not supposed to use Sorge in a specific deck type, since there are many possibilities to integrate it in any deck pattern you’d like to use him in. Primarily, rush and beat down decks would be left out, whereas, Five Civilizations , Hyper spatial Control and Assault decks are the most likely.

*You can take this deck example:
[A famous JP meta deck, called “Miramisu”, that uses Hogan Blaster/Door of Mystery and Miracle to get out high cost creatures/spells]

Five Civilization Deck:
4X Codename Aegis
2X Codename Bazagaze Ragon
3X Codename Sherlock
2X Codename Snake
4X Codename Sorge
2X Maximum the Max, Top of The Military
3X Radio Roses, Zenith of Intelligence
4X Dance of The Sproutlings
4X Hogan Blaster
4X Huge Bluesprint
4X Logic Spark
4X The Door of The Mystery And The Miracle

* Concerning Sorge's effect; it is quite easy to be understood: If you put Sorge or any other creature into the BZ, you can choose another creature in the BZ, and both of them shall battle. (of course, if they are tied in power, both will die.)

“Thanks. Still, it is hard to play Sorge's as its cost is too high.”

“No worries. If you can notice, DMR-05 Golden Age came with a large support to unknowns, from among we can find cost reducers in a diversified set of spells/creatures.

As for spells, not a lot of them are valid, though there’s a geniune combo that might help you: Eureka Charger+Rolan, The Oracle

“Impressive. Now this is what I call a good set block. Yet, I still want to know new things about him.”

« But before moving to the next part, let’s make a clarification on Sorge as a creature itself.
Well, Unknown creatures pretty much have the best bodies and cost/power efficiency, so there isn’t anything special to be said here.
His cost is pretty reasonable, the 8 manafigure being kind of a standard for big and bad Creatures with pwn/reorder the world effects.
As for his power (8000) , that’s again, pretty sweet but nonetheless reasonable for these big finisher Unknowns
Besides, Sorge's strategies will usually have the opponent helpless or without a field .”

The Teacher smiled, and continued. “Particularly, there’s a combo deck that uses a combo involving Codename Sorge, Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~, Volg Thunder and Game On! Kirifuda Family! To deck out your opponent.

“Oh, seems too complicated?”

“Not really. Long effect, story short :
> Have Crimson Rage and Codename Sorge in the battle zone.
> Play a creature with less than 7000 power and have it battle Crimson Rage with Codename Sorge's effect.
> Play Game On! Kirifuda Family! with Crimson Rage's effect.
> Play a creature with 5500 power or less, and have it battle Kirifuda Family!. Thus it will awaken.
> Have Volg Thunder fight Katsuta Kirifuda. Volg Thunder is destroyed by battle, and returned to the hyper spatial zone. And play it again and again til your opponent’s deck is empty.
This combo had a very good run in the Meta game
Sadly, it was banned exactly in 11th August 2012.

“Sorry, Meta? Hmm, what the hell is it?”

“Silly question, I’ll be glad to answer it nevertheless. Well, Meta is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter. Also, any subject can be said to have a meta-theory which is the theoretical consideration of its meta-properties, such as its foundations, methods, form and utility.”

The boy yelled: “This is awesomeness!! But wait a second, is there any counter to Crimson-Sorge combo, or, I will be dead either ways?”

“Of course there is; Magnum, All Shot Puppet

This card can be used well against Hyperspatial spells or Psychic Creatures.”
“Oh, almost forgot to show you an example of Hyperspatial Control decks that involvesCodename Sorge:

3X Codename Sorge
4X Courtney, Wind Fairy Balmy
2X Cyber N World
1X Falconer, Lightfang Ninja
4X Geo Crashing Miranda
4X Intense Spatial, Crimson Juu
1X Colorful Dance
4X Energy Stream
3X Faerie Life
2X Holy Land Rebirth
1X Hyperspatial Gallows Hole
3X Hyperspatial Red Green Hole
4X Intense Vacuuming Twist
4X Seventh Tower

“Interesting deck, Alien in it’s main race, and usesIntense Spatial that has a Space Charge ability that allows him to use his ability when a mana from a certain civilization is placed into your mana zone. “

“Yeah it is quite awesome, and clearly one of the best ways to push Sorge’s power to its fullest.”Then, the Teacher added: “What really made Sorge popular is that you can-theoretically- build any combo around it. For example, you can trigger some effects such as ”when this creature wins a battle.”

“Hmm, Bolshack Dragon, The Temporal Blaze have such effect, I believe.”

“Yes. Obviously, not the only one, because we have «Galaxy Falcon’s family”:

GF 隊少尉 飛剣のエース

GF 隊中佐 爆音のジャック

GF 隊総大将 無敵ング

[Appeared in DMR-03, a gang of 3 creatures that can be played without paying its cost if a creature with a certain name wins a battle.]

“So, we may use Sorge in a hunter deck, alongside with GF Squadrons, and get different possibilities to gain instant combinations of very powerful effects on high cost creatures in a single turn, that’s quite simply beautiful. Especially since there is a psychic creature called Intense Boiling! Hotspring Gallows, and thus, you will pawn your opponent anyway.”

[Appeared in DMR-04, as a Victory Psychic creature, it’s loop ability had simply made her one of the most popular cards in Water Fire Beatdown decks.]

"The awesomeness of DM doesn't stop at this reach. The awesomeness of DM slightly exceeds the simplicty of the human mind to actually create a new cosmos founded on enthusiasm and innovation. To simply prove my estimation, i shall introduce you to DMR-08 meanest creatures: Script.

[This creature' ability is holds a lot of synergies. The take and put mechanic is merely wonderful. Let alone combining it with Sorge's superb effect. Just imagine how smooth it is.]

“Just one more thing. There’s a special kind of Psychics that, combined with Sorge, can be very useful. I’m talking about those:





[Fulfilling the destruction condition of these creatures is never an obstacle. a bunch of creatures/spells are there to help. Take Deathraios as an example, you may destroy any one of those psychics and have your opponent destroy one of theirs. and after you trigger, say, Cheval Flute's ability, you get a free psychic out of nowhere, say, Diana and then guess what? yes, Sorge's ability is triggerd as well hence, in a velvet glove, you find out that you attained more creature presence in your battle zone, which represents the key to win in MOST of circumstances.]

“Great sir. And yeah, being an overpowered creature exposes Sorge to many risks, since there are a large variety of removal spells/creatures that are worth using to lower the opportunities to utilize sorge's power at its fullest

“That’s true, though you know what’s funny in all of this?”


“It’s that you can always find a way to break through”
Pure Cat!” The teacher added.

[Appeared in DMR-05: a cheap cost 2.5k power creature, able to protect your creatures with a cost of 7 or more by making them unchoosable by spells/creatures]

“Clever. Now tell me, can we guarantee that our combos will work?”

“As far as I know, yes”

“Interesting” Kaled said.

“Well, in some situations, you can haveSilver Glory, Invincible Fortress as it provides BZ Control, hence, you will be able to win the game easily.”

“Oh! This game is really wonderful, and I mean it, really!



“However, Sorge still is considered a way to not consider him unbeatable.

“Confusing, ehh..!” Kaled sighed

“I’ll tell you why. First, you gonna need to understand something; every card in Duel Masters has its weaknesses despite everything. And in our case, we do have many counters for Sorge. Rumble Lecter might be the strongest, yetImmortal Blade (slayers in general) can make a big damage also.



"In the other hand, we have power reducers, such asRose castle, Funk, Guard of Hope…etc.They are able to make opponent’s creature less strong, so you that might help you to avoid Sorge’s effect."

“Amazing. In the beginning, I thought that Sorge is invincible, though now, I really need to think again.”

“Yes you do, notably after what I will say.”

This is bizarre indeed. Although, one might be inclined to believe that some cards are someway over-powered, but in reality, they are totally mistaking. From my plain perspective, I see Duel Masters as though it is a sort of logically related elements, or a really complicated chemical equation....“

"Exactly, student. The thing with Sorge's ability is that it SPECIFIES the creature that will battle with the word "CHOOSE". and despite that being ultra advantageous to the player, it's quite the weakest point in the whole ability. And considering that there are a lot of means to provide an option for the opponent to help him make his own creatures unchoosable, thus Sorge will definetly face a serious isuue.and I may show you some pictures as well, boy:"

Petrova, Channeler of Suns not only makes the creatures that belongs to a specific race Unchoosable, but also, it promotes them with extra power boost. But you should thank your God that Petrova is restricted to 1

Since Colorless creatures are being commonly used these days, this creature is no doubt a puzzle for you to solve. Even though the cost of Fuwatto isn't really efficient, but again the 4K makes it easy to be removed

“Sorry because what I’m going to say will surprise you even more. Though, in DMX-08, DMX-05, DMX-01 a particular type of creatures appeared! The irremovable ones!”

我牙の精霊 HEIKE・XX



"And the flood of the appearance of this kind of creatures continues in the following set:"

真実の名 リアーナ・グローリー

偽りの名 シャーロック

「破滅」の頂 ユートピア・エヴァー

“Quite usefull. Now I think it’s time to sum up this long conversation.
Sorge’s ability, cost, power, art are pretty wonderful. Honestly, I love this creature very much. However, it’s not 100% balanced. But ah well, I must give it a full mark on the effect. Point is, he is awesome, he destroys almost everything, can’t get any better than that can you :3 ?”


~~Hope you guys liked my new idea and, more importantly, learned new things about this beautiful game Duel Masters, thank you very much.~~


Modified on July 16, 2013 11:40 pm

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject:    Posted: August 19, 2012 09:18 am Reply with quote Report content icon

spectacular approach to a review, one that I had thought about but never evil tried to do. Wonderful efforts, even if you forced some of the conversations. A bit too colorful, but the way you put all the pictures and descriptions are perfect. Good decks, other than a few strange no positron sign in the mira misu deck? U really would want that.

Impressive, kaka, you have made a worthy review for card of the week.

welcome to the realm of reviewing cards.
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Avatar for gkumaran
Subject:    Posted: June 6, 2013 10:12 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

A very different an attention seeking review ! Congrats !
Back to top Modified on June 6, 2013 10:19 pm 

Avatar for kaka
Subject:    Posted: July 11, 2013 04:12 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

lol, when did the presentation became a fundamental componant in a card review so that you can base your vote on it?
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LV24 Finland send message

Avatar for eltp
Member since
January 22, 2009
Subject:    Posted: July 16, 2013 11:40 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

A fresh perspective for reviewing a card.

One thing though, Petrova isn't restricted, at least not yet.
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