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card review Gungan Energy Shield

Card Review
Gungan Energy Shield: click to enlarge
Gungan Energy Shield

  • Forfeit: 0
  • Deploy: 0
  • Side: Light Side
  • Rarity: C
  • Number: 90
Gungan Energy Shield
written by LV16
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General description:
This is probably the newest most powerful card ever released by decipher (before it went out of print). Not a card you would suspect is all that powerful, but encounter it in normal game play and it becomes painfully clear why this card is so important. Subtracting 1 from battle destinies is good, adding 1 to movement costs to or from your location very useful and the ability to protect all your characters from being targeted by weapons is priceless. Every one of this card's abilities is a potential game changer, by reducing attrition, making it harder for opponent to get to you or retreat and protecting your characters from weapons. Its free, destiny 5 and requires a Fambaa which is a super power creature vehicle. Over all i think this is the best combo card in the game.

Protect your important characters like han or leia with their respective objectives. Or ambush a location and make it costly for opponent to move away.

Combos with other cards:
This card does not work unless you have a Fambaa, so it will take up 6 slots in a deck to use it to its full potential. But if there was ever a combo that was worth it, its this.

Ways to counteract it:
Nothing. However you can kill the Fambaa with trample. Outside of that i am not aware of anything that can stop the Fambaa and its giant shield generator thing.

Deploys for free
Deploys on a location
Protection from weapons
Opponents battle destinies -1
Opponents movement +1 to or from same location
Can have 3 down
Destiny 5
Requires powerful creature (a creature you would have in your deck already)

........ i guess it could be better if it deployed on the Fambaa so it could move, but then it would be lost when the Fambaa is lost.

Artwork and aesthetics:
A picture of the shield generator. Odd that one of the most powerful cards in the game (in my opinion) has to do with the gungans, essentially one of the wussiest races in the star wars universe.

Overall rating:
10 out of 10. The only thing that would make this card any better is if it were built into a Fambaa, like "Fambaa with shield generator". But then it would be so powerful it would just be ridiculous.


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