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card review Curiosity Princess Prin: Not your ordinary Princess

Card Review
Curiosity Princess Prin: click to enlarge
Curiosity Princess Prin

Card text:

*  All of your creatures in the battle zone get the Alien and Hunter races.

*  Hunting (During battle, this creature gets +1000 power for each of your Hunter creatures in the battle zone)

  • Collector Number: 17
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Hunter/Alien
  • Power: 5000+
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 5
  • Civilization: Nature
  • Artist: Hisanobu Kometani
Curiosity Princess Prin
Not your ordinary Princess

written by LV32
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I Promise, I'll Make You Work!!:

Oh what can I say about this card...? Quite a bit actually. Nowadays, we're facing the current generation of duelist here on TCO who are so focused on the JP Metadecks, like N EX (Decks based on Cyber N World and Bolbalzak EX), Lambda Beat (Cosmo Cebu Lambda), Miranda Gift(Geo Miranda and Faerie Gift), Miramisu (Door of Miracle and Mystery) and so on. Gone are the days of the Dragon Meta; And despite the fact that I hated how overused dragons were, I really miss it.

Anywho, when I found this card, I just knew how awesome this card would be. Especially how in sets DMR-04 and on, we've been seeing more and more Hunter/Alien Hybrid creatures. Yeah it seemed kinda odd at first seeing former enemies now teaming up together, but with the rise of the Unknowns and the Zero Civilization, it's understandable why they decided to join forces. Now then, the reason why this section is named as such, is because I am the only one who thinks that she has any use. And if you guys know me, there are two things about this card that are perfect reasons as to why I will prove otherwise:

1) It's a Nature Civilization Creature

2) It's underrated.

And of course, I'm gonna make it my business to make this card useful. I Promise, I Will Make her Work!!

Aren't You Curious About What Makes Me So Special?
Well then, in order to prove this, let's go over the qualities of her. For one thing, she's an upgraded version of her younger counterpart: Pudding Pudding, the Eternal.

Cute kid, ain't she? - Eternal Meteor Kaiser

When she was a kid, she was a Cost 4, 4000 powered Alien/Hunter who gave both your Aliens and Hunters, the other's race, whether in your Mana Zone, Graveyard or Battle Zone. In addition, when she would lose a battle, she would stay in the battle zone. Once she grew up in her Teen years, she became a bit rebellious. Now she won't give your Hunters and Aliens the other race unless they're in your battle zone, and she's an actual target for a giant beatstick to smack her around. However, she does make up for it.

Her race gaining ability isn't restricted to Hunters and Aliens... All of your creatures gain, not one, but BOTH Races. In other words, as long as she's in the Battle Zone, all creatures you have currently in the battle zone, or about to summon, will be counted as Hunters and Aliens. This especially works because: She has Hunting so Army of Creatures + Her = Gigantic Beatstick when she swings. her razor-sharp teeth grin at your misery

The Princess Leads her Army with an Iron Wand
OK Then, let's get started with the cards that I feel would make this card feel at home; I'll divide this up between Hunters and Aliens so you guys can see the benefits from both sides.


In the name of the Unified Regiment: Charge! -Go Hunting Kaiser

This card was the very first card that came to mind. Go Hunting Kaiser is a Red Command Dragon/Hunter creature that gives all of your Hunters "Hunting", an ability that gives each Hunter +1000 power for each hunter (including itself) on your side of the battle zone when it attacks. So with an army of newly converted Hunters (Thanks to the princess) you'll have an army of Beatsticks ready to pummel down your opponent.

I hope your watching me, Master Genji; I will not fail you! -Genji Boy

Genji Boy is a creature who allows your hunters to destroy a blocker when they attack. your Hunter/Alien Hybrids shouldn't have trouble handling that.

This is the true power of Hunters and Aliens! - Gett, Infernal Friendship

Gett counts the number of Hunters in your battle zone and destroys one of your opponent's creatures with a cost equal or less than that.

Alright my new Allies, time to go Rage Mode! -Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~

Jin is a Hunter Psychic that pulls a hunter from either your HP Zone or Mana zone whenever one of your hunters wins a battle. However, the new creature must cost less than the winning creature.

Don't worry, I still got your back -Terradragon Lightning Rhythm

Almost forgot about him. Lightning Rhythm sends all of your destroyed Hunters into your mana zone, so they can still provide support.

Will the Unified regiment win this war? Of Course!
Will I Protect the Princess with my life? Of Course!
Will I-

Shut the Heck up? Of Course! Not (-_-)- Of Course Kaiser "Dragon" and Curiosity Princess Pudding

Of Course Kaiser "Dragon" Is a variant of EMK, who provides Speed Attacker for the Aliens, and creature invulnerability to your Hunters. mix that together and you get Speed Attacking rushers that you can't touch

Don't worry, I'm not alone; I even brought toys. -Aqua Jet

Ever since playing Kaijudo, I've learned about the importance of Draw Power, especially in Control decks. Aqua Jet draws a card for every Hunter you have present in the Battle Zone. if you have enough Hunters, you can draw as much as you need to.

Hunters have their own toys too you know -Gaial Kaiser

Galaxy Falcon, Counterattacking Fortress is a 1 cost Fortress card that turns your Hunters into speed attackers. Extremely useful nowadays (maybe even... Meta Worthy )

And as a side note, (as in this just occured to me) I kept mentioning how you would have an army of creatures out. Need a way to do that right?

Hogan Arrives to Help: Hogan Blaster!! -Cyber G Hogan

Hogan and his "Chain Gang" arrive to spam as many creatures as possible for the young Princess. How nice Giants can be sometimes...

Now then, let's move onto the aliens. Starting off are none other than: Her Parents.


Eternal Meteor Kaiser, Please protect our baby girl...-Mother Alien

In the DM Lore (if i remember correctly) Alien Mother and Father were betrayed by their Unknown Allies and reached out to Eternal Meteor Kaiser and his allies to protect their Daughter, Pudding Pudding (there are also signs of this in the actual anime as well)

Mother Alien is unique in that she Doesn't support aliens like her husband. She supports Hunters. Hunters can't be blocked, or can they be destroyed if they end up losing a battle. and she's also turned into mana if discarded.

Sorge you snake... You will pay for this!!! -Father Alien

Father Alien on the other hand provides Speed attacker and Slayer to your aliens. So with that said, combined w/ Pudding you'll end up with speed attacking menaces that will kill anything they touch.

And going along w/ the Lore, Father Alien who was dying alongside his wife passed a message along to the Unknown: Codename Sorge. Im pretty sure he didn't know what the Unknown's true plans were, but if he was alive, I could imagine his outrage.

Home sweet Home -Curiousity Princess Pudding

Death Pandora, Pandora Fortress is the home of the Pandora Dynasty. Its a Fortress card (Oh how we miss these) with the ability to bring out Alien Psychics if any of your current aliens leave the battle zone (Destroyed, converted to mana, bounced, etc.) But like Jin, they have to cost less than the removed creature.

There's plenty more cards that deserve mentioning, but I think I made my point. moving on...

Why kidnap her? I have a better Idea
Terror Pit, Spiral Gate/Aqua Surfer, Natural Snare. Obvious removal, won't get into detail. Easy way to make her useless: Get rid of her army.

Her ability is one that's more supportive than anything else. Her army comes first and then she benefits. She converts, they become hunters, then she gets the support back via Hunting. Kill the troops, then she's defenseless, simple.

You can't escape us... We'll ignite this entire planet if we have too! -Codename Ethan

The day the World Ended... A glorious sight indeed... -Codename Ethan

Codename Ethan is one of the enemy Unknowns that debut in DMX-06. His tap ability works in a similar fashion to the below card: Apocalypse Day. If there are more than six creatures in the battle zone, all creatures are destroyed, regardless of any abilities that would normally would keep them (Due to the fact that the strongest invulnerability effects have to do with "This creature can't be chosen by the effect of a spell or creature". Since this isn't choosing specifically, they get wiped as well. Not only does this clear the field, but it takes the Princess along for the ride.

The Next Queen of Pandora
The ability to Convert Non-Hunter and Aliens into them, and then benefit from the Hunting ability, should provide enough force to repel the Zero Civilization's invasion

Still has a long way to go
Downside is the fact that she loses the ability to benefit the Mana zone and graveyard, which is a major factor as to why she's underrated.

Slaying Unknowns in style

DMR-06: Victory Rush Card # 17/55

DMR-06: Victory Rush Card # 17m/55 (She upgraded to her Mode Change form)

Year 11 Promo Card #34 (Gotta look cute when you smash stuff w/ an umbrella right?)

Final Verdict
I'm giving her a 8/10. Love her, love how she can turn creatures into Hunters and Aliens, kinda hate the fact that she's vulnerable to attack and on top of that, can't use her ability in the grave and mana zone. But despite that (as I said, I play Kaijudo As well) this is a good way of balancing her out. by her self she's 5 cost for 6000 power, which isn't bad at all, and on top of that, she gains more out of every creature you have. You know, I'll change my ruling. 9/10 for her.

Well guys, thanks for reading my first review in a really long time, i hope you guys enjoyed


Modified on December 23, 2012 09:58 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for waileukwu
Subject: s it really underrated?   Posted: November 1, 2012 10:42 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Just as I trolled Kok, I guess it is now your turn

Card are underrated for a reason, but it really underrated?

The problem with your combos is that I can picture them working together...without even the slightest bit of necessity for Curiosity. The thing with Hogan is one should play it with Curiousity. In fact, in all cases you mentioned, at best, Curiosity is simply a dressing, not a core card that links the whole combo together.

I believe, the strongest combo with Curiosity is not with normal spamming cards, but with power ups and linked defense mechanisms that will ensure you wouldn't loose creatures. I will explain the 'not loosing creatures' part later, but first of all, why no mention of Petrova? I mean there are two and both works wonders with Curiosity. +3000-4000 power is pretty insane. Then you forgot about these series of cards?

They all makes Alien/Hunters amazing.

And then, no mention of Shachihoko? No Special Move? Oh come on, spells are as important as creatures too!

Onto the actual combos...The blunders ;-; I know, Shuri, you are not familiar with Aliens, but how can you review Pudding without knowing the greatnes of Aliens? The greatest failure rather, is that there is no mention of Alien Mother, ZE PSYCHIC! How dare you not introduced the power of Savers? You really think that Curiousity can survive by her own? She has no survival skills, nada, and yet we have to treat it as a core. What's better than Gladly? I mean you nailed father and mother, but the greatest combo of all times, with the Enchanting Dancing Alien, you gave no words. That is just painful...I could've made a story up about how she likes sacrificing converted Aliens to do the work of her parents...but no...

You have included Pandora, but again, no good psychics to bring out with it? So yes, that's it, you said you made a point, but you really haven't. You didn't understand the power of Aliens, the power to unite, the power to save each other, the power to unleash furies that people can't imagine, to win to destroy and to conquer.

And that paragraphs on her counters...really? Is it that hard to give counters that are not over used? Of all the wonderful things of earth, of all the racial removers, you couldn't think of any? Then allow me to remind you, you remember Aegis? Oh yes you do. And there are so many other mass removals that does wonders...need I remind you Aegis? Oh yes another Aegis, but this time as a codename. There, easy?

Lastly, how did you forgot that she changed form after the Unknown's destruction of Pandora Space? She did get back with her husband, and became Forever the Ruler, Forever the Princess.

And last lastly, you got your lore all wrong, here is how it happened:
Unknown Sorge was the one who wound Mother and made Father look for her in frenzy, and it was 13 who killed them both. Of course, Sherlock whipped out everything else >.>
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Avatar for nerafim
Subject:    Posted: December 23, 2012 09:58 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I'm with waleleiku on this one, this article does not directly address the real unique tactical advantage of this card (practically a replacement for the now restricted Surprise Ilusion) and at worst is a tad misleading.

This is one of those exclusive "combo cards", who's power/awesomeness depends entirely on the combo you can make it part of. But you just listed the standard Alien and Hunter synergies that are already good without her there and even moreso when shared with other Aliens/Hunters with other effects. It would just be a waste of turns and cards to detract and play Curiosity, and indeed it would be better to have Pudding Pudding, the Eternal if that's the case, purely for the lower cost.

What it actually allows is to give one of the unique effects of Hunters and Aliens (even from Spells like Attack Chance) to a field of creatures and have that certain unique effect combine very well with whatever weird abilities you choose to stack on those.

So in a practical sense, while playing you'd need to have ideally just 1 Hunter/Alien (usually high cost given the nature of the channeling effect), Curiosity and then 1-2 creatures with effects that will combo nice with whatever that Hunter/Alien gave.

Now that's the actual theory behind what it offers to the game, but practically speaking if you managed to stack 3-4 creatures on your field before using their combined advantages and you were not horribly removed so far, idk what kind of DM you are playing. ;p

And on top of that, it's only worth it if your creatures could not gain that effect some other way, like creatures in their own race, spells, gears or Fortresses.

The only logical step from these last two paragraphs is to just NOT play Curiosity, since it's the only card that doesn't offer anything immediately except weaknesses and dependencies. It's a VERY niche card at best, so I don't think it was underrated at all.

And that's basically my take on it. ^_^

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