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card review Blazing Flare Dragon: Burn everything to the ashes!

Card Review
Blazing Flare Dragon: click to enlarge
Blazing Flare Dragon

Card text:

[AUTO](VC/RC):During your main phase, when an opponent's rear-guard is put into the drop zone, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.
[ACT](VC):[Soul Blast (5)] Choose one of your opponent's rear-guards, and retire it.

Dragons are eternal and our breath, infinite. The demonic fire, Immortal Flame!

  • Number: BT02-005
  • Rarity: RRR
  • Clan: KagerĊ
  • Nation: Dragon Empire
  • Race: Flame Dragon
  • Power: 10000
  • Grade / Skill: Grade 3 / Twin Drive!!
  • Trigger: None
Blazing Flare Dragon
Burn everything to the ashes!

written by dragonlance
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Blaze, my avatar! Swallow everything with your mighty flame! Blazing Flare Dragon!"

General description:
Talk about Kagero, maybe Dragonic Overlord and his crossride the End are much favored by players. Definitely their skills are amazing, strike and stand again, so giving hard pressure to your opponent. Moreover, with at 11k and even 13k power, you could defend your opponent's attack much easier.

But my favourite Kagero trump card is Blazing Flare Dragon. He have only 10k, but very powerful if you associate him with "combo" of other cards. He have superior ride, he have extra retire ability via Soulblast 5 (could retire any grade's unit!), he could power-up 3k by each retire! And he could even power-up at rear-guard!

Moreover, with Lizard Soldier, Conroe as starting vanguard, such pair make Blazing Flare more useful!

That's why this Blazing Flare Dragon is so amazing for me.

Better add to at least 3 (I use 4) if you plan to use him as main force. I guarantee, this card is really useful so long you're able to retire your opponents' units.

Strategies and game play:
Superior ride if you could (With Blazing Core Dragon as vangaurd, by CB1 and putting both Iron Tail Dragon and Gatling Claw Dragon to soul), not only you ride grade 3 faster than your opponent, but already stock 4 souls! With that, you just need 1 more souls to activate his "retire" skill.

So better add at least 3 (best would be 4) Gatling Claw Dragon, Iron Tail Dragon and 3 Blazing Core Dragon if you build the deck centered around him. Iron Tail have 7k boast without skill, fitting Blazing Flare very well (with skill, Blazing Flare have 13k, so just reach the magic 20k, could force your opponents at least 10k shield unless he have pg or his vg is 11k or more)

If you do not have Iron Tail or Gatling Claw on hand, you could use Conroe's skill to bring out any of them (though that cost you extra CB, but still worthy for superior ride!)

Once you have 4 souls. With Kinnala or Gatling in hand, and at least 1 damage face-up, you're able to retire opponent's two units at row (and even three if you want!)! Not only that, if you have those units with skill of "power-up each time by every retire" (include grade 1 Makoraga / Madonna, grade 2 Sutherland, and grade 3 Blazing Flare Dragon), you get the splendid power-up while devastatingly weaken your opponents at once!

Also, if you have grade 3 Duel Axe Archdragon (his skill is : When your opponents have 2 or less rear-guard, power +3k, both vanguard and rear-guard have that!) on hand, you could easily power-up as well!

Whether in vg or rg, Blazing Flare have his own use.

If you cannot superior ride, then you save up 1-2 CB for subsequent great use. Very likely you're unable to use his "retire" skill with so few souls (only two when you ride him over grade 2, you need another three then), but he's still powerful without superior ride.

Combos with other cards:

Those "power-up by retire" units are the must to maximize the strength of your Blazing Flare Deck.

Sutherland (grade 2, power 8k) : Power-up 3k each time by retire, a nice one even without boost. Suit well with Makoraga (which I will mention at below).

Makoraga (grade 1, power 5k) : Don't look down on this card merely because of his 5k. This could be a key card to carry out the devastating blow to your opponents. By each retire, he power-up 5k. So even with one retire, you already get the 10k boast. And if retire your opponents' units more than one, that's thrilling! Especially you have Sutherland or Blazing Flare on front row! So every time you retire, you could have 8k power-up!! That's the wonderful combo.

Madonna, Joka (grade 1, power 6k) : If you don't like 5k base-power of Makoraga, then you could try this. It guarantee you 6k boast without retire anything. This card is also quite devastating when pulling out a string of retire, it already reach 12k just by retiring 2 units, and 15k by 3 units! It's definitely the ultra-powerful grade 1 like Makoraga if you pay him well.

Now introduce those cards with "retire" skill

Berserk Dragon (grade 2, power 9k) : Could retire any grade 2 or less rear-guard, a nice skill to cut off intercept (while power-up your units as well)

Kinnala (grade 1, power 6k) : Retire any grade 1 rear-guard, a useful card to shatter your opponents' strong boast. Not only that, you increase the soul prepared for the skill of Blazing Flare Dragon!

Gatling Claw (grade 0, power 4k) : Maybe not very useful for "retire" since your opponent rarely put grade 0 on field except their starting vanguard. However, he is the component of superior ride, so plays a vital role as well

Another nice combination would be using this :

Flame Edge Dragon (grade 2, power 9k) : This card is very useful to getting the souls you need for activating Blazing Flare's "retire" skill, especially when you fail to superior ride! His skill is : Soul-charge when you hit opponent's any units. You can activate Flame Edge's soul charge even by hitting your opponent's rearguard, making your aim for gathering souls much easier.

Yet the experienced player might be highly aware of this, and block them heavily as they could. And it's just a blank 9k grade 2 when you have gathered enough souls (5 or more) for activating Blazing Flare skill, so there is pros and cons for using this unit.

Then talk about Lizard Soldier, Conroe (grade 0, power 5k) this starting vanguard. This card is really good. Bring out any grade 1 mean that you could fill any useful cards you want but do not have! You could use him for superior ride (bring out Iron Tail / Gatling Claw), for strong boast (bring out Bahr / Makoraga / Madonna), for retire (bring out Kinnala). So many multiple options you have with this card. This is definitely the best starting vanguard for Blazing Flare Dragon deck.

The "combo" of this deck is simple : Destroy your opponents' powerful units on field, then greatly power-up your units simultaneously, that's the winning tactic of the deck centered around Blazing Flare Dragon!

Ways to counteract it:
If your opponents have hand advantage, then he could easily replace the cards you retire; Or he keep perfect guard on hand to counter your "power-up" offensive.


Greatly cripple your opponents' RG while strengthen your attack power at once if you play nicely.

If you have nothing for retire, then no power-up as opponents could keep up strong field; You cannot gain any advantage without retire your opponents' units.

I don't know about that.

Artwork and aesthetics:
A scary dragon hold the gatling gun and blazing flame, looks like throuded with flame. It's amazing!

Overall rating:
I gave this card 8 rating for his powerful use, but his weakness is also quite obvious.


Modified on March 18, 2013 04:32 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for dragonlance
Subject:    Posted: January 24, 2013 06:05 am Reply with quote Report content icon


Add "Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka" and "Flame Edge Dragon" to the section of "combo of cards", since I found that those units work even better in my Blazing Flare deck.
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