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card review Envy, Doppelganger

Card Review
Envy, Doppelganger: click to enlarge
Envy, Doppelganger

  • Collector #: 69-240
  • Rarity: C
  • Card type: Ally
Envy, Doppelganger
written by redlotus
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The first in a series looking at the allies based on the homunculi themselves: the sin characters.

General description:
A classic, this card was released in the Premiere expansion. While its wits are fairly solid for a six command at five, what really makes this Envy shine is its ability. During the main phase, Envy can copy one attribute from one other card, effectively allowing Envy to tie for the strongest card at a particular attribute. The card Envy copies can be yours or your opponent, giving him much more flexibility.

Envy can be used in two major ways. The first is fairly obvious: copy the highest attribute being used for battle at this location and use Envy to beat down weaker characters. The second is a little trickier. Since Envy's ability lasts through the entire turn, he can be used to pick up enough of an attribute to allow you to win a location goal. For homunculi decks, this often means getting some alchemy on your team while allowing your other characters to control the field in wits.

Due to his extreme flexibility, Envy can run in any villain or morally unaligned deck, like Roy or Scar. Due to his weaknesses described below, it is wise to run him in decks with Antique Armor or Custom Work to protect him from surprises. Offensively, using him with Rose Thomas: Hapless Pawn allows you to steal your opponent's best attribute, then drain that character so that they cannot fight back, and all in the main phase.

His strengths are clear: he can fight in anything so long as another character is around he can borrow from. His wits are also high enough that he can play a fair amount of wits events if he gets into trouble, as well as helping you maintain active player status.

Like all cards that rely primarily on an activated ability, Envy has a huge Achilles' heel in that his ability can be canceled or worked around. Unless the battle is wits, losing whatever gains you made through activating his ability leaves Envy dead in the water with no strength or alchemy. Exhaustion, Over Your Head, Overconfident, and anything that changes the battle type are your biggest enemies. Over Your Head is particularly dangerous, as only a Daring Gambit can save Envy if he took any strength bonus. Furthermore, not having strength or alchemy severely limits the events he can play if you lose your bonus somehow. If you use Antique Armor like I suggested in the combos section, attach it to a different character in case Envy loses his strength and cannot pay Antique Armor's six strength cost.

This card was released as a common ally in Premiere, as well as a chase foil in Hero's Passing.

Artwork and aesthetics:
I always found Envy as Father Cornello a little creepy looking, and cannot say I am a huge fan of the card's art. For its place in the story, however, the choice of art makes sense.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a solid 7 out of 10. Its amazing ability, usefulness in multiple types and strategies of decks, and solid wits for the cost make it a very useful card. What holds it back is the number of cards that can cripple it, and its general inability to fight back when the tables are turned.


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