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card review Envy, Voice of Reason

Card Review
Envy, Voice of Reason: click to enlarge
Envy, Voice of Reason

  • Collector #: 70-240
  • Rarity: U
  • Card type: Ally
Envy, Voice of Reason
written by redlotus
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General description:
Another Premiere expansion Envy. While Doppelganger increased flexibility by opening up the attributes available for battled, Voice of Reason makes decks more flexible by making Rebel faction allies easier to recruit. At 4/4/0, he can fight early in the game, but is not really good enough at any one attribute to run exclusively for his stats.

The main strategy with Envy is pretty straightforward: making a multi-faction homunculous deck viable. Probably one of the most interesting options, as described in the combos section, is to pair Envy with Lust: Puppeteer and run an all-faction mob deck. If this card is to be played straight, though, it needs to come out early, probably as your first ally. Otherwise, you are liable to have a hand full of expensive rebels and no way to recruit them.

As noted in the strategy section, Envy would work well with Lust: Puppeteer as a leader. By bringing Envy out as your first ally, and selecting the Elric faction with Lust's ability, you could summon mob allies from all factions, along with all of the mob support cards typically reserved for rebel decks.

Besides a stat line which is passable in the early parts of the game, the only real strength Envy brings to the table is his ability to not let what should be cheap rebel mob allies get too expensive, thus preserving their role as cannon fodder.

Envy's main weakness is that he is not really good enough at anything to be worth playing. His stats are OK, but other Envy allies, particularly Doppelganger and Just a Rumor, are much better at fighting with better stats. While bringing rebel allies into the fold might be nice for a strength/wits deck, other options abound. Shou Tucker leaders make all chimeras, most of whom are high-strength rebels, homunculi. Lust: Puppeteer also can remove the faction penalty for rebels, albeit briefly. While an all-faction mob deck like one described in the combos section could be fun, there are too many rebel leaders which do a much better job supporting mob allies than the homunculi. Basically, for every one of Envy's advantages, there is another card which just does the job better.

This card was released only as an uncommon ally in Premiere.

Artwork and aesthetics:
Another Envy masquerading as Father Cornello. While he looks slightly less creepy than Doppelganger, I still am not a huge fan of the art which has Envy as Cornello.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a 3 out of 10. When it first came out, it had some utility for its ability to make rebels more usable. With the advent of Shou Tucker as a leader, as well as better rebel mob support leaders, this card has lost much of its usefulness.


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