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card review Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

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Card Review
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon: click to enlarge
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

Card text:

You can Tribute 2 monsters with 2000 or more ATK to Special Summon this card from your hand. When this card battles an opponent's monster, during the Battle Step: You can banish that monster and this card. Return the banished monsters to the field when the Battle Phase ends. If the monster banished by this effect was an Xyz Monster: This card gains 500 ATK for each Xyz Material that monster had attached to it when it was banished.

  • Number: PHSW-JP011h
  • Rarity: Holo Rare
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect
  • Monster Type: Dragon
  • Attack Points: 3000
  • Defense Points: 2500
  • Level / Rank: 8
  • Attribute: Light
  • Password: 93717133
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
written by LV46
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General description:
Greetings, I thank the borrowed attention, this time I bring them a small analysis of a card “new” in this game.

In question of uses, it can be included in any deck that is able to place two monsters of 2000 of attack or more in the field. But this card has a lot of speed in a deck dragon like Dragons Collide or a deck “Photon “(XD not you its official name).
At first sight it seemed difficult to invoke, but it stops that the combos they exist, but it advances I will explain some that I know.

Strategies and game play:
The card in if it can survive of possible destructions, clearing depending on the case that is presented, but not alone that but rather it is also able to increase their attack power, clear provided your opponent pleases him to play with monsters Xyz.

Combos with other cards:
Good here some how many ways to invoke it in a quick way and to exploit their effect to our benefit.
1.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Foolish Burial + Monster Reborn/Call of the haunted
I warp simple but I practice with foolish burial we send to GEPD to the cemetery and with monster reborn or in their defect call of the haunted we bring it to the field, although I prefer monster reborn since with since haunted a simple mystical space typhoon the monster he sends us again to the cemetery.

2.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Photon sanctuary
With Photon that easy Sactuary brings two tokens to the field with attack of 2000 each one, with that which coarse and he has more than enough to bring to the field a GEPD of the hand.

3.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Rescue Rabbit
With Rescue Rabbit brings to the field two normal monsters of level 4 or smaller as Alexandrite Dragon or Gene-Warped Warwolf, and we invoke the analyzed card.

4.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Photon Booster
If we control two monsters of light with the same name, photon booster allows us to go up its attack at 2000 and this way to carry out the invocation.

5.Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Photon Kaiser + Photon Sanctuary
It is necessary that he makes emphasis in this I warp since without the presence of galaxy-eyes photon dragon, Neo would be limited in its effect.
Using Photon sanctuary brings normal to Photon Kaiser and their effect allows us to bring another in a special way, then alone we lack GEPD in the field to bring Neo GEPD for that which we can use the I warp 1 or simply if we have another Photon sanctuary in hand we apply it and I list.

6.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Photon will Know Tiger + Photon Lead
Normal to Photon I will know tiger their effect it is activated we bring another to the hand and we apply Photon lead and we invoke it from a special way to the field and I list, we invoke the dragon.

[7.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Net-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
We can also use the effect of REDMD to bring to the field to the monster in question.

8.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Burial from to Different Dimension
This way your opponent's monster doesn't return to the field, if you use the effect of GEPD.

9.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Soul Absorption
To take out him profit to the effect of the dragon and power to increase your points of life.

10.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Dragonic Tactics
Compatible with a deck of dragons, a different way to invoke it in case it is not in your cemetery or field.

11.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Polymerization + Twin Photon Lizard
We use polymerization to fuse 2 GEPD in hand and to bring to twin photon lizard and power to use their effect to invoke the two GEPD used in the coalition.

12.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Photon Thrasher + Photon Crusher
We go down from a special way to Thrasher and after normal form to Crusher and this way with the two siblings in field invoke GEPD in a single shift.

13.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Cyber Dragon + Proto-Cyber Dragon + Photon Booster
For those that play with cybers there am here an I warp interesting, we invoke from a special way to Cyber dragon and in a normal way to Proto - Cyber dragon and we use photon booster to elevate the power from Proto to 2000, knowing that proto is considered cyber dragon in the field, and I list so that GEPD enters in scene.

14.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Photon Trident
With photon non alone trident we increase him the power to our dragon if not that we can even harm to the opponent if he/she has a monster in defense and to finish off him we either destroy a card of magic or of trap.

15.Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon + Hieratic Monster
Good as non common thing we can use the effect of certain monsters Hieratics to invoke GEPD, although their attack and defense would be 0 but even so we can use their effect and you could also invoke but easy to Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon if we have other two monsters level 8 in the field, the hieratics has a lot of speed for what one could have the three monsters level 8 in a shift.

16.Future Coalition + Twin Photon Lizard
This warps it is a derivation of the I warp 11, we use future coalition and we send two GEPD from the deck to the graveyard, in two shifts he falls to the field twin photon lizard and we use their effect to invoke the two dragons especially in our graveyard, if they destroy us future coalition before twin enters in scene we can use monster reborn to bring a GEPD in the graveyard.

17.Galaxy Expedition
Good but you form of harming to the opponent, with GEPD in the field activate Galaxy expedition and we bring to another dragoncito photon of our deck and with it to have two and to be able to make overlay range 8.

18.Galaxy Knight
Good this card is new but it allows you to invoke Neo since GEPD in a very easy way controlling a GEPD or another photon it allows you to invoke in a normal way without tribute to Galaxy Knight and this it allows you to bring another galaxy eyes of your cemetery and this way to have 3 monsters level 8 and to be able to bring to NEO.

19.Galaxy Queen's Light
This card allows you to invoke big monster Xyz for the reason that it elevates the level of all your monsters to but of 7, it is something very good especially to bring to Neo.

20.Galaxy Zero
A new option if you want to recover a GEPD of your cemetery, instead of using monster since reborn this limited one and not you as much as time him this so is good to have other alternatives.

21. Photon Pirate + Double Summon
we use double summon to bring to the field then a second photon pirate we use their effect and both monsters elevate their attack at 2000, with the banear cost a photon in the graveyard and with it is completed it the requirements to invoke GEPD.

22. Photon Pirate + Photon trasher + Leviair the is Dragon
we lower special to trasher and following the steps of the I warp previous we can carry out an invocation Xyz to bring to the field to Leviair and with it to be able to taer by means of their effect to one of the monsters removed by the pirate effect (provided it is of level 4 or smaller), supposing that the monster invoked by this effect has 2000 or but of attack, you could already invoke GEPD.

Ways to counteract it:
To counteract it you can use one of these cards
Thunder King Rai-oh
Imperial Iron Wall
Skill Drain
Torrential Tribute
Fiendish Chain
Effect Veiler
Solemn Warning
Bottomless Trap Hole
Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Vanity's Emptiness
The Turtle Eleven Called God
in short, many forms exist of to destroy it and to deny their invocation or special effect.

It possesses a good attack, separated that this it can be increased.
It can be invoked especially by any via.
It is very useful in almost any deck.
With their effect it can avoid certain traps like for example Mirror forced.
This of but to say that you can use up to three copies in a deck.

If it is invoked by their effect you would waste two monsters with a high attack.
Regrettably it can destroy it easily until a Man-Eater Bug the jode.
It wins it attacks for their alone effect if the monster of the opnente is a Xyz.


Artwork and aesthetics:
I like their image a lot because he shows to be able to and he really makes it see like a dangerous card, without a doubt its art is good to my point of view, I don't know if you find it same.

Overall rating:
My general qualification for this serious card a 9, I don't put him 10 because they have already destroyed easily it to me in bereavements XD, but once in field it is a true problem.


Modified on January 20, 2013 05:04 pm

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