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card review Envy, Causing a Fuhrer

Card Review
Envy, Causing a Fuhrer: click to enlarge
Envy, Causing a Fuhrer

  • Collector #: 33-140
  • Rarity: U
  • Card type: Ally
Envy, Causing a Fuhrer
written by redlotus
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General description:
One of the cheaper Envy allies to recruit, Causing a Fuhrer provides insurance against irritating train decks, all while having middle of the road attributes.

This Envy, while capable of fighting, particularly early on, will not make too many decks for his muscle. Rather, he should be used in homunculi decks that emphasize ally control. The list of possible cards this can cancel is quite long, but cards like Edward Elric: Body of the Sanctioned, Abandon Your Friends, Left Behind, and Train to Aquroya are some of the big ones. Even better, his ability is free, and extends to both events and abilities.

This card is most worth playing in homunculi control decks. Playing him with Russell Tringham: Edward Elric, Run, You Coward!, and like cards will allow you to manipulate what characters your opponent brings into battle, while Envy makes sure that your opponent does not mess up your strategy with trains or other ally shuffling cards.

Though his attributes are not terrible for a low cost ally at 3/4/0, his ability is the main reason he will make it into decks. Though cancel events exist which do the same thing as this card, namely Stand With Your Friends, what makes this card a little more useful is that it can be used every turn, rather than being used once and heading to the discard pile.

Its attributes are solidly mediocre, particularly compared to some of the slightly more expensive Envy allies like Doppelganger, Just a Rumor, and Copycat. These low attributes, combined with his need to be in a search party to use his ability, makes him a prime target for opponents’ attacks, and his survival chances may be in jeopardy if he proves too big a nuisance to your opponent.

This card was released only as an uncommon ally in Alchemist’s Gate.

Artwork and aesthetics:
To go along with its slightly un-politically correct name, Causing a Fuhrer depicts Envy disguised as Pride (or Wrath, if you are a fan of the manga). The art is not bad, mostly because Pride himself is a great character.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a middling 5 out of 10. Its ability is good in the right deck, and can play into a control strategy quite well. For those more interested in using wits or strength to beat down your opponent, though, it is better to just include some cancels to deal with character moving cards and use stronger Envy allies.


Modified on January 28, 2013 03:26 pm

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