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card review Envy, Copycat

Card Review
Envy, Copycat: click to enlarge
Envy, Copycat

  • Collector #: 9-110
  • Rarity: R
  • Card type: Ally
Envy, Copycat
written by redlotus
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General description:
Envy: Copycat is the wits version of Gluttony: Big Fists. Just as Big Fists allows you to fish out strength events to reuse once during the turn, Copycat brings wits events back from the discard pile for one last hurrah.

The best use for Copycat, particularly in light of the rules change for both him and Big Fists, is to mine pumps from your discard pile while using Copycat as a heavy hitter. Generally, avoid any cards which destroy your discard pile, like Lust: Woman With a Dream or Farmer’s Market. Instead, run a deck with lots of fairly cheap wits pumps that let Envy swoop in for the kill without having to worry about equivalent exchange.

To play a deck which uses Envy’s events grabbing ability to its fullest advantage, he can be paired with his brother Gluttony: Big Fists. Between the two of them, you should be able to reuse most search and battle events that a typical homunculus deck would have. Cards like Woohoo! and Simple Transmutation might also be advisable, as the rules change leaves Envy and Gluttony unable to recapture main or recruit events.

Copycat is more well-rounded from an attribute standpoint than Gluttony: Big Fists, and at 5/6/0 can do tolerably well in anything but alchemy. The ability to reuse events also greatly opens up the pool of cards you have at your disposal during a fight.

At an eight recruit cost, Envy is not available to the more powerful stage two homunculus leaders, and waiting until stage three is a major downside for those decks. Despite his attributes being well-rounded, he also lacks the wits to deliver a consistent knockout punch against leaders or stronger allies. Unfortunately, his six wits also means that some cards he retrieves from the discard pile are too expensive for him to play without equivalent exchange, which is also undesirable.

This card was released as a rare and chase foil ally in Blood & Water, as well as a chase foil in Alchemists’ Brotherhood.

Artwork and aesthetics:
Along with Envy: Homunculus, this card has my favorite art for any of the Envy allies, in no small part because they are among the only ones to show Envy’s “true” form. This card shows the homunculi’s reaction to being discovered by Cray as being behind the Father Cornello incident, and the expression of particularly Envy and Gluttony are priceless.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a solid 6 out of 10. Its ability’s power was hurt somewhat by the rules change, but what brought it down was its relatively high cost and its need for at least one more point in wits. It is still a very solid ally, and certainly belongs in wits beat-down decks, mostly likely as a backup for Doppelganger at the higher levels.


Modified on January 28, 2013 03:19 pm

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